Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girard's Salad Premium Dressing Giveaways

Yes! I am joining Girard's Salad Premium Dressing giveaways. I would want to try this Dressing but since I am not a US resident, I'll find one in our local supermarket should I win the prize for a non US resident. I do love salad and by just looking at this elegant bottle makes me think of including a salad recipe for our weekend menu. I think everyone will agree about my first impression about this salad dressings. Elegant!

For more facts about Girard’s:

Known for their premium quality and distinctive triangular bottle, Girard’s Salad Dressings are available in 18 unique varieties.

Girard’s has partnered with to create the Everyday Elegance, which combines recipes and cooking tips with guest entertaining and family mealtime advice while offering readers new ways to experience Girard’s beyond the tossed salad.

Please check out Happy Home Working ( for the details and mechanics of Girard's Salad Dressing Giveaways.

New Domain Name

I am happy that in recent page rank update, this domain blog got PR3 already. I am glad with the result of the PR before even celebrating its one year anniversary. I purchased my domain blog last year, February 8, and just renewed my registration last week. With new page rank result, I was inspired to purchase a new domain but I haven't finalized yet the details. I am still thinking right now and haven't decided yet on what domain name to purchase. I don't want to immediately place my order and then later regret when I want to change into another name. I exported all my food post into a new food blog but I am still thinking on the title that will go with the domain name whether a .net, .com, .info and more. When I'm done finalizing the layout, I will check the domain name availability and will place the order immediately. If you are planning to buy a domain, please check it out now. You can instantly check the domain and then purchase before somebody else take it away.

I'll post my update later. I am just as excited and want to seriously update my blog once the domain officially take effect into my food blog. Just like what other bloggers do for their baby blog, I will establish first my blog links, join a weekly food meme and post worthy entries to read.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nostalgia: Across the Miles

Sure, we receive emails, e-cards, SMS, and greetings from different social networking sites but nothing beats the personal touch conveyed by a card. Receiving cards across the miles just to reach our friends and family and the effort exerted despite the new technology is something really sweet. Thank you so much to Dhemz for remembering me on Christmas Day.

Looking at the picture of your happy family and the content of your newsletter bring inspiration to all. I am linking this to Nostalgia this week. Please visit other entries for more nostalgic moment. The host of this weekly meme is Beautiful Rose of Nostalgic Marveling.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Chambray Tiles

The first door of the apartment adjacent to us has been completely renovated. Two weeks ago, the owner decided to start the renovation of the next door. The whole construction last year did not meet the set time frame and I wonder how long will it last this time, maybe another three long months or more. I am quite disturbed because of the noise from the construction area and and the dust gets inside the house whenever the construction materials like sand and gravel were being dumped in front of our house. I haven't notice yet the tiles but most probably it will be delivered in the last month or when the laying of the floor tiles start. If I am the owner of the house, I would choose a chambray with light grey color for the bathroom tiles. It just looks so appealing for me.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taking Summer Seriously

Is it summer yet? I just read on many people's update about their summer plans. Oh well, I think it is not really too early to plan for it. Time flies freaking fast and before we knew it, summer has already gone. The first month of the year is almost over, see! Better yet plan your summer ahead of time and book an early flight to avail discount and other special package for family vacation. I can't afford a luxury one so I might just look for a local trip instead. Other people are planning to spend their vacations in Cottages in Cornwall. You know how we all love summer and I just can't wait for that time to come again. I'm seriously starting to lose weight and when I say I'm serious, I really mean it. One anonymous reader left a comment why I kept blogging about my diet but nothing really change for years. Ok, don't criticize me yet, I'm still working on my diet. You'll see me in my summer dress this time, in summer, I swear.

Flamingo Blinds

I took this picture a moment ago while we were having our snack in our living room. I always wanted a sleek and colorful blinds and until now I have yet to buy one for our window. I want a flamingo venetian blinds, a modern and sleek type that will compliment the color of the wall in our living room.

During weekend, I always bring down the curtains and collect all the dirty laundry like beddings and comforter as part of my general cleaning in the house. If only I had these blinds, then it would not add anymore to my tones of laundry and will not be doing this over and over again every weekend. You all know that my washing machine has not been working for more than two weeks now and this just adds to my very tiring household chores. Sigh.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nostalgia: Box of Goodies

My PILs never failed to send us box of goodies every year. They may not be present every Christmas but my two lovelies contented themselves by talking for hours with their grandparents via Skype. Thanks to Skype. I am linking this to Nostalgia as my way of thanking them for everything that they send us, big or small stuff. Sure my kids love receiving goodies especially the chocolates. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

My entry for Nostalgia. Please visit other entries for more nostalgic moment. The host of this weekly meme is Beautiful Rose of Nostalgic Marveling.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Promise Ring

A ring signifies many different things. When two people are engaged, they promise to love one another and committed themselves into a relationship. The man usually gives the engagement ring to his girl. So what would happen if they broke up even before they get married. Should the girl keep the ring and wear it? And what are promise rings? Have you heard about the news last year about the two young celebrities who promised to love each other so much until the end. I saw her wearing a promise ring that the boy gave her. Now that they are separated, I noticed that the girl still wears the same ring. Although they have agreed to have a separate career, their promise to be in each others side was not broken. So I guess, a promise ring means a lot of things. I have many promises too, to take care of myself and my family and to break my bad healthy habit. So, should I get one for myself?

Watery Wednesday

It was actually my first time to visit Bonifacio High. A blogger friend Jes and I attended MUD workshop that day but before we headed to a workshop at Serendra which is just few meters away, we dropped by at Nuffnang office to pick up her bassinet. I saw a lot of foreigners and celebrities and was totally amazed at the elegant sculptures and fountains at Bonifacio High. The place is just right for those who are a passionate in elegant stores, bar and restaurant.

Shop, dine and enjoy the fountain at Bonifacio High.

More Watery Wednesday entry right here .

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pet Care

How do you treat your pet? We love our pet just like a member of the family. My younger daughter spoils our dog with toys and gives him a hug everyday. Two weeks ago, we visited the vet clinic for his grooming and nail clippings. Although I bought a nail clipper, I find it hard trimming his nails because he is too aggressive and seems like he tends to bite whenever I touch his nails. Pets become irritated when they have ingrown nails so a regular visit at the clinic is a must. The vet advised me that pets need to be pampered with toys too. I am now checking PetCareRx Reviews for other supplies and I'll see if I can find affordable toys online. I am also looking for a new dog house. The one existing is starting to rust and I am thinking if I could repaint it instead. I want a stainless steel dog house but I'll check first if I can afford and stretch my budget for the month.

Ruby Tuesday: Poinsenttia

I went to Serendra last Friday for MUD Makeup Workshop. The said workshop focused on smokey eyes and some tips on how to put mascara using only a brush that looks like a real one. I am not really a make up enthusiast but that day was awesome. I also had the opportunity to meet the MUD lead make up artist based in New York, RaivaCruze.
At Serendra. I thought of taking a picture of these fabulous poinsettias that blooms even if it's not Christmas season.

My entry for Ruby Tuesday.
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Flair Bartending Winner

Bar tending is one of the top events I have attended last year. And because I have attended a crash course in bar tending many years ago, flair tending was not really new to me. I grabbed the chance to be present at the said event to see more on bar tending. Fifteen finalists nationwide showcased their talents. Everybody's mood was festive that night as contenders from different schools showed their talent in bar tending. One finalist emerged from the rest and took home one of the customized plaques that night. He was given that award as a recognition for the perfect 10 performance aside from the cash prize that he received. He was also my bet from the start. The winner showed his talent confidently in front of the cheering crowd and performed passionately that captured the heart of the judges who where present at the event. I salute the company for helping these young students achieved their dream to become a flair tender.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My New Zodiac Sign

I have been a Virgo all my life. For .. years of existence, I all thought I'll die of the same zodiac sign. I was totally wrong. Everything changes right, so is zodiac sign.

Zodiac Sign has been in the trend in social networking site lately and I read the updates everywhere about their new zodiac sign. I know I'm late in posting this but I want it be known that I am now Leo and not a Virgo anymore. I hate it and still want the personality of Virgo people. And what makes the zodiac signs change? Here's the theory.. the moon’s gravitational pull has made the Earth “wobble” around its axis in a process called precession resulting about a one-month bump in the stars’ alignment.. Mark Mazurkiewicz the Planetarium’s Director said that the earth moves every 25,000 years and it’s a very very slow wobble, but enough to shift the sky. In a twitter update, though I found it funny, it says that “Nuclear bomb Tests shifted the Earth, Earth shifted Zodiac Signs, and Zodiac Signs shifted Personality.”

Whatever, I honestly am not really a zodiac sign believer but I hate it to be Lion. I grew up as a Virgo so even if I am now a Lion, my heart still belongs to Virgo. :)

New Zodiac signs 2011 are:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11 – April 18
Aries: April 18 – May 13
Taurus: May 13 – June 21
Gemini: June 21 – July 20
Cancer: July 20 – Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10 – Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16 – Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 – Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23 – 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 – Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 – Jan. 20

“13th sign” – Ophiuchus – to the Zodiac.

Now I have to do my research about personality of Leo. Can I just be "Ophiuchus." I wonder what are the personalities of being Ophiuchus.

So what is your new zodiac sign now?

Chef and Wine

I always find it amazing seeing chef cooking a special variety of food. I am fond of watching a cooking show online and on TV. It is easier to learn now because everything is available online. You can cook the chef way too. You don't have to go out and dine in a special restaurant to celebrate and taste a special recipe in celebrating special occasions. I was trying to cook the other day with the new recipe I found online with white wine as a special ingredient. Occasions will never be complete without white wine too. Most people prefer white wine served straight from refrigerator. You can also put the wine in an ice bucket before serving. White wine becomes more classic after storing it for years. No wonder goddesses are known to be lovers of wine because of its classic and unique taste.

The Diaz Family Spot Giveaway Contest

I just joined a contest hosted by The Diaz Family Spot. The contest is open from January 13 to February 3, 2011. Please check the Giveaway Contest and follow the mechanics. Winner (US/Canada) will get $65worth of promotional gift code from which you can use at their online shopping store while non US and Canadian winner will receive $30 via paypal.

Join now! Please click the above links or the badge for more details of the contest.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Appetite Suppressants

I woke up late today as my usual Sunday routine. And since I prepared a late lunch, my older daughter had a heavy brunch, at least four slices of thick wheat bread. She told me she would just skip lunch because of breakfast she just had. So I thought she's following her diet plan too. But after seeing that I cooked her favorite viand, she sat down on the table and said she was not really serious on her plan and was already feeling hungry. She craves just by smelling the food from the kitchen. I wish I can give her otc appetite suppressants right away. She just couldn't resist eating.

What I am worrying about today is how to balance the food and her daily activity. At her age, I need to monitor her daily meal since I am concerned a lot about what she eats for lunch while away from home. Junk food might keep her tummy full but it cannot sustain the minerals needed by her body. I should monitor her healthy diet too and it must be on the right process.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ahava Skin Pampering

I seldom go for facial treatment. I feel that I don't need it and I concentrate on other part of my skin. Yesterday was a different experience. I was totally wrong before about not considering any treatment for my face because after that facial treatment, I noticed a big difference on my skin. My skin is much softer and smoother now and wrinkles are not visible anymore. It feels good. The Ahava Facial Treatment that I had for my face was great.

Ahava is a cosmetic company that specializes in skincare and cosmetic products. The company produces cosmetics using Dead Sea salt, minerals and mud natural substances extracted from Dead Sea. Ahava waters of the Dead Sea contain the highest concentration of minerals in the world.
The staff who attended to my facial treatment educated me how to apply facial treatment by myself. She used the toning water first. Ahava toning water is alcohol free lotion that revitalizes your skin with delicate refreshment. It is perfect to use in your daily cleaning routine. Then Mud Treatment was applied for my normal skin.

Purifying Mud Mask is an ideal gentle action cleanser that performs deeply through surface skin cells to draw out impurities. It is rich in the mud and energizing minerals found only in the Dead Sea. I felt my skin was reborn and all the impurities like blackheads and wrinkles disappeared.

Apply generously once to twice a week on your face, avoiding the eye area. After 2 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Follow with Mineral Toning Water and Smoothing Moisturizer or Skin Replenisher.
Facial massage as final stroke. I was completely relaxed at the end of treatment. I never felt my skin as smooth as this before. And since the staff educated us on how to do it, I'll do my treatment with Ahava skin care products regularly. I won't have any fear anymore of wrinkles, other skin impurities and signs of aging. What a great way to pamper your skin!

You may check Ahava skincare and cosmetics at the following store:

Ahava Manila Flagship Store
2/F SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City
(632) 470-3925

Ahava Skin Store
G/F Glorietta 4,
Makati City
(+63939) 616-7624

Ahava Kiosk
2/F Shangri-La Plaza,
Mandaluyong City

PureBeauty Store
2/F Serendra,
Taguig City

Detox Day

Forgive me but it was a sinful day. I just ate a calorie loaded meal yesterday. I just can't resist food. It seems like a monster in me pushed me to eat and I was just a human to give in to my cravings. Friday is not supposed to be a steal day for me but it is Saturday where I can eat anything I want. We ordered Pakbet and Lechon Kawali. (good for three to four person) Did I say it was me and Jes alone at the restaurant for a lunch date? And how could my salivating mouth and growling tummy say no to these food. Pinakbet is a vegetable loaded recipe but it was also filled with meat and salted shrimps. It was a food trip and we ended up eating like there's no tomorrow. Now I have to look for a colon cleanse that works and I will go back to my healthy diet. Arrrgh again. So today is not a steal day anymore but a detox day to take away all the calories I've acquired yesterday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Healthy Diet

I am almost sure about this that I lose about 6 pounds in a month. I had a sore throat and that refrained me from drinking soda that contributes much calories in my body. So therefore, it was not my healthy diet plan that helped me to lose weight but my sickness. Arrgh. Anyways, this year, one of my resolutions is to keep myself fit and healthy. I'll take it more seriously this time and that includes proper exercise, healthy diet supplements and balance meal. I'm almost near to my goal I swear. To maximize my diet program, I'll try to eat salmon and vegetable only for this month. Definitely no fats or any food with too much calorie.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nostalgia #35: Christmas Greetings

A card from no other than the host of Nostalgia, Rose.
You are really very thoughtful and sweet for always remembering me despite your busy schedule during holidays. Everyday is always a big surprise for me and I thank God I found a real good friend in you. I'm posting this Nostalgia entry to thank you for the friendship that has bloomed through blogging. This will always remind me of how beautiful person you are, a wife, a mother, a sister and a friend. Love you sis!My entry for Nostalgia. Please visit other entries for more nostalgic moment. The host of this weekly meme is Beautiful Rose of Nostalgic Marveling.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Modern City Home

I watched a late night show on TV last night and caught myself in awe when a local celebrity house was featured. It was stunning and the whole interior design took my breath away. The kitchen and bathroom was made of glass tile and it was gorgeous. I heard that the actress spent huge amount of money for the kitchen alone and wanted a more modern city home. She defined the kitchen as the heart of her home. I am no surprise anymore because she works hard for her dream house. I hope that she allows me to feature her life in my site and her house as well. The celebrity actress seems to be aloof and out of touch with the media and it is hard to get more info about her personal life. For now, I will content myself as a fan and follow her or maybe I'll send her a message about my intention.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I so Love Minute Maid Pulpy!

I just drank a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy. They say it’s got ‘no preservatives added’. Aw, c’mon…It’s bottled juice. Is that even possible? So I thought maybe... they are just saying it as part of their marketing strategy.

I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it’s got no preservatives added. So I read the ingredients (even the fine print) and everything checked out! It really has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED! That means it doesn’t have ingredients that may turn out to be allergens, or worse...carcinogens! Whew! Now that’s healthy goodness that tastes so good, I... must say this is the first bottled drink that is really natural.

So okay, it’s got no preservatives added. That’s really good, right? Not just because it doesn’t have those icky, harmful ingredients, but it also means... oranges are just freshly picked.
So far anyone who still has a hard time believing that Minute Maid has got no preservatives added - meaning it's THAT natural, it's almost like it's plucked straight from the tree, it's just as Mother Nature wanted your orange juice to be, it's got nothing but the good stuff yes, none of those potentially toxic stuff that can harm your brain, kidneys, heart; cause tumors aargh- the list of preservatives' bad effects just go on!!! Anyway, just to prove a point on just how good Minute Maid Pulpy is 'cause it's got NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED, I'm gonna include this in my healthy diet!

Feels good to know about the real pulpy deal, right? C’mon show me a smile on the comment box, and you might win yourself a Really Pulpy Deal! (That’s a chance to win a Minute Maid gift pack simply by commenting. Sweet! C'mon you just might be picked as the lucky 'commentor'!)


Mommy Nuts

Detectors Item

I saw a product that caught my interest being uniquely advertised in one social networking site. But what really surprised me was that the person behind the business is a friend whom I've known for quite a long time now. She started to build her own business in her own hometown after resigning from a company that she had worked for more than ten years. She worked for a company that sells bounty hunter metal detectors and gained few knowledge in this kind of business. She added few items but not exactly of the same product line as there are also great competitors selling the same detectors item nearby. I might visit the shop later to see what more items that the shop offers. If the price is lower, I might consider getting an item in bulk to be used by a hunter/mountaineer friend who just asked some help. I am no expert when it comes to this product but I trust that she'll give me only the best deal. Knowing her, she would only sell quality products and selected hunting materials.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

terribly missing..

If you used to be drinking soda in your everyday meal, would it be easy for you to withdraw soda in your life? Of course not! It has been a week already since I refrained myself from this soft drinks. I only drink warm water because of my sore throat and cough and it's getting worst everyday. I felt this itchiness in my throat since new year's eve. I've been taking carbocisteine since Thursday. I haven't taken any medicine yet for my throat other than this. It somehow helped. I saw in the news that firecrackers during new year's eve had caused more people to have sore and itchy throat.

When daughter was having her snack this afternoon, I can't help but be tempted with her iced cold softdrinks and poured my glass too with half full of warm water. :( It didn't taste good but somehow, as a soda addict, it eased a little feelings inside me for at least taste a little bit of aaahhh in it.

So this is my soda err, pale soda. See, I find my own way for my will. I only wish I get over with soft drinks and it continues even if my throat gets well. But that's impossible, it makes me miss cold coca cola even more. I just can't imagine my life without this. It just adds life to my meal. Aaaah coca cola!

Long Travel

My sister texted me this morning. She and her family will be going out to our home province later this afternoon. Sister is working 6day workweek but only works half day on Saturday depending on the demands of her job. I told her not to go home late for they have two kids and the weather nature is unpredictable today. If they have long travel kits, then it would be easy for them. I swear, I need one too. I long been wanting to drive but I have no car. I took a driving lesson and know a little about it in preparation for my supposed job that needed some serious driving skills. Anyways, husband asked me to refresh my skill so it would be easy for me to get a license in driving when we get there. Anyways, it is not in my priority list this time besides it is always easier to refresh if you have your own car.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nostalgia 34: Old Photos

Saw these photos in my archive which I scanned last year when my daughter used this for scrapbook project in school.

My two lovelies! My older daughter wore a dress she received as Christmas gift many years ago, while my younger one wore a wig here. She wanted to have a blonde hair. I remember those times when she thought that her hair would grow this way by just wearing it all the time. LOL.

My entry for Nostalgia. Please visit other entries for more nostalgic moment. The host of this weekly meme is Beautiful Rose of Nostalgic Marveling.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Rider Sandals

Such a lucky day for for me to win a Rider GC during Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party last year. Before 2010 ended, my children and I went to Bambu Store, Trinoma branch and used the GC that I've won from the party.

I go for comfortable shoes and with Rider, it is not only comfortable but fashionable and with great quality too. My daughter loves to wear comfortable sandals and this one is just perfect for her weekend activities.

My eyes rolled like a yo-yo when I saw these sandals in the store. You could already tell how comfortable wearing such sandals even without trying them yet. And I was right, it suits well and so comfortable on my feet. I love all the styles and wish I could take all the colors available at the store.

Thanks to Elro Commercial and Industrial Corporation for the GC. We'll go back to Bambu store sometime this month as my daughter is requesting for another pair of sandals and also a Flip Flops. It's a one stop shop for summer slip ons. It seems like we'll buy our summer get up early this month.

Bambu store is available at Glorietta 4, Trinoma and Alabang Town Center.

Massage Therapy

It has been a year already since I last had my body massage. I saw a massage center offering big discount as holiday promo the last time we went out malling. I want to have a massage therapy if only I was not in a hurry that time and my kids were not with me. I wonder if the therapists there are excellent, if not, I guess the management should look for massage therapy program online for added knowledge for their staff which is now available in just one click. Now that I am getting old, I oftentimes get a stiff body for small works at home. I should get a massage often now and definitely I would request to use organic essential oil and add more pressure this time.

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