Monday, January 10, 2011

Detectors Item

I saw a product that caught my interest being uniquely advertised in one social networking site. But what really surprised me was that the person behind the business is a friend whom I've known for quite a long time now. She started to build her own business in her own hometown after resigning from a company that she had worked for more than ten years. She worked for a company that sells bounty hunter metal detectors and gained few knowledge in this kind of business. She added few items but not exactly of the same product line as there are also great competitors selling the same detectors item nearby. I might visit the shop later to see what more items that the shop offers. If the price is lower, I might consider getting an item in bulk to be used by a hunter/mountaineer friend who just asked some help. I am no expert when it comes to this product but I trust that she'll give me only the best deal. Knowing her, she would only sell quality products and selected hunting materials.

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