Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Camera For Sale

Yes!   I'm  selling my  camera.  For details,  please contact me here or via  FB  Fan page account  that can be  found at the right side bar.  

Piano iPad

My daughter  is practicing piano.  Oops, she is practicing  piano using her  iPad.   It's actually  a game but I don't know   if it also needs some scoring.    It turned  me crazy  because she plays  like a real pro playing musical  instrument.  Imagine how it sounds when she puts the loud speaker on.  It's   easy  and  just needs to  follow  the lights and  touch the screen.   You just need to  beat the light  timely  to  create a good sound  like an instrument.  Aside from the entertainment benefits,  one would get  the feeling   like   having  her  own concert with the help  of  this  mini  gadget.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I need a life!

Because somebody needs life  and I know how much it  would mean  to them, I gave in.  I  lied when I said I won't  play around.   I want to enter  their world,  those who engaged themselves much  to this saga  so to understand how it felt like  living  in  wonderful, tasty  and sweet life.  And  there I tried until I fell  into trap that  is  candy crush.  Ooh,  you are just too sweet for my bites!

I need your help.

Please give me a life..

I mean more lives!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Xtreme Magic Sing for a True Concert Experience

Xtreme Magic Sing Diamond HD (ET 23KH)

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Xtreme Magic Sing Karat (NEW)

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Boracay Garden Resort presents best “lean season” rates

Book your rooms now and avail of Boracay Garden Resort’s most reasonably priced lean season package to date. Based on twin-sharing, pay as low as P6,648 per person. Guests are entitled to a 3-day stay in a Grand Room, roundtrip land and sea transfers via Caticlan and complimentary buffet breakfast and dinner. Travel period is until November 10, 2013.

The Grand Room has a queen-sized and single bed, sitting area, 32-inch LCD TV, safety deposit box, hair dryer, coffee and tea making facilities and personal refrigerator. The marble-clad bathroom has a spacious shower area with granite-top lavatory. Like most rooms in the resort, it also has a private balcony overlooking the garden and pools.


Boracay Garden Resort is the only property in the island where guests may take leisurely walks around the breezy tree-lined property. The resort has its own restaurant called Garden Café, where guests enjoy al fresco dining. The menu features an exciting mix of Filipino and international cuisine.

For inquiries, call Boracay Garden Resort’s Manila Booking Office at (02) 353-1111 or email

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Caves of Bolinao

Part of our  Pangasinan  Tour  is to  explore the caves of  Bolinao.  On the second day of our trip,  we headed to see these caves which  are  just a short distance away from each other.  We  were already tanned   but we made sure we're still  protected with sun block lotion  because  we're going around Bolinao.   The caves  naturally have fresh  water  and    serene so  we  expected a cooler  day  ahead  us, with   shelter to completely protect us from harmful rays of the sun.  And the  adventure continues..  

And so..  without further ado,  let me introduce  you the  three caves  that we explored,  their character,  looks  and beauty.   Sounds pageant, Huh.

Cindy's Cave

Upon entering the cave,   I  noticed  a  different  look of  a cave  that  I normally  see on  TV or  books.   It was already   cemented and developed   like you  are in the  park or  at the terrace of your  house.  The cave should look natural  but  not  this one  and all the caves that  we went to.   I told my kids that  the natural formation of cave  doesn't look  like  this and  what they saw  was not  the original cave because  the mystery and the natural charm was already  ripped off.

There's  a  part   of the cave where the owner told us not to go to  because it's quite deep and advised us  to be very  careful  with the electrical lights  with the ceiling that's too low.   He  shared us  a few  information,  rules  inside the cave  and  reminded us  to  take care  of  our belongings  just in case   other  visitors come in.

Nevertheless  even without  splashing  and playing inside the cave,    the kids  enjoyed  the cool water a lot, while we  kept an eye to them and reminded  to just swim in shallow water.

I asked the owner   about   the distance of  the cave leading  to the open sea and he said that  "Born to be Wild"  travel show already explored the cave in the  episode,  "Cave Diving,"   but the passageway was  quite narrow  to  squeeze themselves and   so they did not continue the  exploration.    If  people could explore  some unimaginable  space to be reached,   outer space or  some areas  of  the cave,   there is  certain part   of  the world  that  is yet to be  included in  the map  and  the nature  simply  wants  this part to be left  unexplored.

The high tide  that  night  washed away  the old water and  that turned the water in the cave  new  and  clear in time  of our  visit.     .

There is a public CR and a water pump for shower outside the cave.

Of the three caves, this is where we stayed longer where our kids got to swim in fresh water
Entrance fee to the cave is P50/pax if not swimming  and P70/pax if swimming  good for two hours. They have spacious parking area and you'll pass by a little trekking, I mean a pathway  about a  few steps away.

Wonderful Cave

Marian-like smile. My model for the whole cave  trip. :)  I was behind her  all the way and that results..  my cave photos are now watermarked with her charming face.  Now, this is natural.  Untouched. Unexploited.

Ooops.. be careful of the rocky ceiling..

Like the other caves, this one is developed too.    The stairs at Wonderful Cave are quite steep.   There were some tourists when we arrived.  When we asked the tour guide who own  the cave,  he said  that it's a  family owned property  like the Cindy's   and Enchanted Caves,   wherein they just discovered the caves  in their own backyard. 

Entrance fee to Wonderful Cave is P50/pax.  They only limit a number of person for 30 minutes during summer to accommodate  other visitors.

Enchanted Cave

Of all the three caves,  Enchanted Cave is the most developed.  As soon as we entered, we heard some people  screaming, I mean singing  with videoke machine at the picnic hut.. Oh.. in a place like this?  That scene  I've witnessed made me think the place less enchanting.     

Oops, careful again..  low beam..

There were some tourists swimming  inside the cave.  The  water could reach up to  14ft  during high tide in some parts of the cave.

Enchanted Cave has man made pool with the water coming from the cave too but it is strongly sanitized with chlorine as I could even smell it even from afar.

What makes me curious about the enchanted cave are the  rocks that surround the place. I  asked the tour guide  how these corals went up the hill.and he said that  it wasn't actually rock but dead corals.  The whole Bolinao  was believed to be  underwater  million years ago.  Now, that is enchanting!

See more corals...

I mean dead corals..

and  dead corals..

and a proof other than dead corals  that the province was once  under water is the giant clams found on top of  the coral  hill.

Giant Clams Fossils from coral mountain up 2KMS  away
Estimated age: 2-3 million years
carbon date: (not yet available)

The cave is enchanting as the name implies.    If not developed,  it could have been more enchanting. 

Just a little  note. It is best to bring aqua shoes, because the cave's floor is not sandy but rocky.
Entrance Fee is P90/pax if not swimming,  P120/pax if swimming.
There are tables available for rent outside the cave.  There are hammocks too,  I am not sure though if  they are also for  rent.   Above parking fees apply.

Of the three caves,  Wonderful Cave is the most appealing to me.  I based my opinion only on one criteria,  clear  water.    All the caves  were already  developed into tourist attractions  that look like  man made cave now,   thus  they  lost their  natural  beauty and  charm.  Honestly,  I  was  a  bit  disappointed  in this  cave trip  seeing  these natural wonders  in manicured path,  cemented  and  exploited.

Location:   Brgy. Patar Bolinao, Pangasinan

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bolinao Rock Formations

Rock formations,  a haven for landscape photography.

The sun down would be the best time to feel its majestic sight  but  those minutes when the sun is heading the horizon  weren't ours.    The sun was at its peak  when we reached  the place.  We  have other   sights  to  visit and  we're due to go back to Manila  on  the same day thus,  a quick glimpse is all we need.   Two more falls  were waiting  and  we need to go back to resort  to pack  our things before heading to next destination.


The fine white sand greeted  us but we came here for rock formations and not the sand.  Definitely  it has own magnetic charm  with young coconut palm trees,  not grown up but an added  attraction,  but we have enough  of   these  in  Hundred Islands  and Patar Beach.


And  this  main  view  startled  our  wandering thoughts.  This view of rock formations.    My imagination worked again with no limits  how  Bolinao looked like million years ago.  Picture this  in your mind.   A  view of  coral stones  underwater  with abundant fishes swimming and nesting  in  these  corals.

I was already tanned but my camera setting  was  in opposite color and the results were these bright photos.  The sun directly  hit my  body and  face and I couldn't stand  the hot temperature anymore. 

A  little bit to perfection  if only  with  sunset view  but I couldn't  wait  for  that majestic  time,  when the wind  creates  wave to crash the rocks and the sun goes down  the western horizon.   I wanted to stay a bit longer   and feel  the highlights  too.. fall in love again and be hurt to leave this place of  wonderful  sight.

Just natural. The blue corner over there looks likes  a man made pool.

I walked farther to investigate the seabed and found a few seaweeds that were abundant.  There were  some deep  holes in in some parts so I was  very careful in every step I  made.  Even very quick,  I did not let the chance pass  without stepping my feet,   with  the sun's zenith angle..  I touched,  felt and explored  a  place  believed to be the  seabed   during  ancient  times.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse  is the second tallest lighthouse  in the Philippines   with height of  101ft (30.8m)  and  351  feet above sea level  built by American, Filipino and Bristish engineers in 1905   located on top of the  hill of  Punta Piedra Point, Barangay Patar,  Bolinao.   The lighthouse aids  the vessels passing by the area and  overlooks  the South China Sea.     

All ours,  there was no one in sight.

With this empty road, so serene and so quiet,  you  wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to just get down the car and  walk the path leading to the lighthouse.

beautiful lighthouse up close..

We did not bother to ask permission  to climb up the lighthouse as we already knew  beforehand  that the place is restricted and no one is allowed to go inside.   The movie,  "The Promise"   was shot at  the lighthouse   where Angel  Locsin and Richard Gutierrez were the lead stars.

The  lighthouse of  Bolinao was   listed  only  as  our  side trip  on our way  to white beach and caves of  Bolinao  but   we realized  that it should be on the top list of  must-visit place  when  in  Bolinao.      Even if there isn't  much to do at  the lighthouse,  the beautiful  sceneries  from the viewing deck  is more than worth it to stop by.   With this spectacular sight,  this lighthouse is perfect for   prenup photo shoot and  location for movies.

just beside the lighthouse, you will see these beautiful fresh flowers,  siniguelas trees at the back..

and ruins..

I hope to get more information on the tale of this abandoned house.  When I searched online  about  the house beside Cape Bolinao,  I found this house   in good condition and the photo was taken in 2008.   I wonder  why  it was not  maintained and now  slowly deteriorating.

Do you ever wonder now  why many people fall in love with the lighthouse?

"There are no words to express the feelings that induce a sailor to offer fervent prayers when he sees this mark of sympathy expressed by his fellow men. Suddenly he sees that he is no longer alone in the midst of the ocean waves; he sees that people are caring for him with paternal solicitude."
-Lt. Lavrentiy Alekseyevich Zagoskin, on sighting the light house at Sitka, Alaska, in 1839 -Lt. Lav

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