Monday, September 30, 2013

Mitoy wins The Voice of the Philippines

Mitoy Yonting of Team Lea won the first ever The Voice of the Philippines last night, September 29, 2013  held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater. Mitoy got  a total of 57.65%  public votes.

Congratulations Mitoy!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The VoicePH Finale

The Voice of the Philippines.  This is it.  Tonight's the night! 

Who is your bet?

Such a lucky day for me.   I was on my way home from  iAcademy when  I saw Mitoy in front of his house  and  I screameeeed.  Sir MITOY,  pa- PICTURE please... 

In his humble abode,  he automatically said, a yes sure..


Mitoy is a vocalist of   Drayber's Band.   He has already performed here and abroad and he has an incredible talent.  He is a humble man and above all, he got the power VOICE!

It's about  time to give a break to a deserving artist!

So guys, are you ready? 

For truetone, text:

Download featured truetones on your mobile.
Each truetone download = 5 votes

 VOICET MITOY to 2366 "The Power of Love" by Mitoy Yonting


VOICET2 MITOY  to 2366 for "bulag" by Mitoy Yonting

iTunes Voting

To download, go to


Download "The Power of Love"
Download "Bulag"

Mobile Voting

To vote,  type   

VOICE MITOY,  send to  2331 Globe/TM/Sun,  
231 Smart/TnT


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Look-up Weekend at Island Cove

It's  not  always  the  place  sometimes  but  its the   people  you  spend  with,  however,  when the place is also good,  then that's another wonderful story.  It  is an  icing on the cake that makes the vacation  worth remembering.

It  was another   long weekend  for us (2nd week of August),   Thursday as  St. Dominic Feast  Day  and   Friday  as the  last day of Edil Fitr.   A vacation  that  fits for the season,  knowing August means unpredictable rain,  it would be  a  quick getaway  near Manila.  

Situated  just  south  of  Metro Manila  is a 36-hectare leisure park,  Island Cove.    With all its facilities,  Oceania Water Park, Animal Island, the Bayside Live Music & KTV,  the Adventure Zone, the Fishing Village and the Island Spa, nobody  will  have a dull moment during their stay.  Other  attractions are   outdoor  Giant Chess,  the Play Ground and Concert Ground and more.  Getting to Island Cove  only  takes about  30 mins  via  Cavitex. Of course, it depends where in Manila and the situation of   traffic  you'd be coming from.  

This is the room where we stayed before we messed up.  The after photo is not really  appealing  so  I am leaving    the actual  condition of  the  room  to  your imagination   when we left,   it looked like it just survived   from  the storm Maring.  Half  kidding.

From one of the paintings on the wall, this caught me by surprise.  Before you even ask me if it's mine, I would  answer you  "no." This is  not  my  painting.   I  could  draw, yes but only on a kindergarten  level.  The signature just looks like mine.   Joy actually saw this in  their first visit but she  forgot to take a picture so I did.

At iCafe.  Because we have no  pocket wifi,   we went to iCafe to connect to online world.  Awts.  They have strong  wifi   and even stronger wifi  at the pool side.   I don't have serious business, I just need some lives.  No kidding.

I rarely do this but since I  comfortably  posed like a tourist, then  I should include this  even  if it's not  really  related to my post.  Teehee.

Tram.  In a 36-hectare leisure park, a tram is a vehicle that  transport  the guests  of  Island Cove  from one place  to another.   Oh, the photo below  is not  the tram. We were at the station waiting for the tram but the electric tram  is not available at that time and still  needed time to fully charge. .

Fishing Village,  the  first place that we explored.

I hope you guys enjoyed the meal?!   I disclose the real  story  behind those smiles and laughters of  Mendiola couple.  "Okay, the food is great!  That's it." Haha.

Duirng high tide, the water can go up to 15 feet  and could even reach  the  floorings and on low tide it can go only  up to 5 feet  deep.  

We went to Animal Island but did not explore much of   the place. The kids just enjoyed the swing for a while and headed back the room.

Along the way we saw Makahiya leaves.  They were fascinated with the leaves and thought the leaves  have its own  life. Buti pa makahiya they are not thick face and easily hide themselves when touched. 

Swimming.  Borje Familly came later that night  coming from a family reunion in Cavite so I only have a few photo with them.  Nevertheless, they never wasted a time and enjoyed the cool water while us,  moms,   multi tasked and watched over them while doing our business online.

This is what I love waking up the next morning with a cup of coffee in a  different view,   far from my usual sight   at  home.    No matter where you are,  you should enjoy every morning giving enough caffeine in your body to start the day.   Now can you imagine, how lovely this sight is.  So calming.  And we're just a few kilometers away from Manila.

When sun finally went up,  we proceeded to  giant slides where the kids  enjoyed  the pool a lot.  This is not the best  pool for me because the  area is too big and couldn't see all the children in one look. They have enough personnel at the pool including the lifeguards who are very  attentive and alert.  I could hear the whistle from time to time whenever they see children not obeying the rules at the resort.   At least I know  the staff are doing their job well..

Us!  I was wearing a black shirt  from I have other personalized shirts with caption "PR3 ang Blog ko."  Sad to say,  I lost my site's PR3. :(  Thought I couldn't wear it unless I gain back my rank.  

Now this is the Tram.

Before we headed back to Manila we  stopped by at fishing Village again.  We were fascinated with a man holding a giant guitar and asked for photo ops, along then interviewed what those were.   They gave us  a  short song number of their own rendtion of :"Just give me a reason." though my ears were already  fed up hearing  the song over and over again,  I love their rendition and gave them the big applause that  they deserve.

And that was another wonderful weekend with family and  friends.  I want to conclude this post with a look-up shot inspired by Raiza Mae, and that's where I got my post title.  Haha.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Voice Final 4

Here's the list  of  The Voice contestants to advance to final episode next week.

Team Lea -  Mitoy
Team Sarah - Klarisse
Team Bamboo - Myk
Team Apl - Janice


Friday, September 20, 2013

Dimples Romana: Tips to Nurture your child’s gift

Having children is a gift—a gift that just keeps on giving and giving. Everyday brings a different surprise, a new discovery or sometimes a new milestone from your child. One day, it can be the wonder to see your daughter take her first step; the next, it can be the moment she discovers that she likes to sing; or the joy of hugging her close to you after seeing her sing well at home. Then it sinks in that more than being a gift, your child is actually an exceptionally talented child.

TV Host and character actress Dimples Romana knows this firsthand. A mother to a beautiful daughter named Cal; she also hosted a TV reality program that helped develop talented kids - Promil Pre-School’s i-Shine Talent Camp.“I watched hundreds of kids audition and participate, and it made me realize that there are a lot and I mean a lot of talented kids out there. It’s just a matter of encouraging and tapping into their inherent talents,” notes Dimples. However, she reminds parents not to pressure their children too much. “There’s a fine line between encouraging and pushing your kids too far.” Here are a few tried-and-tested tips straight from Dimples herself that you can use to help develop the talents of your kids and nurture them to excellence.

1. Take a cue from your child

Dimples says that sometimes it may actually be better to take the cue from your child himself and provide opportunities for your kids to work on things that they’re good at.

“If your son or daughter enjoys singing, then go ahead and enroll them in singing classes. And if you think they’re ready, signing them up for singing competitions or talent shows like Promil Pre-School’s i-Shine Talent Camp is a good way for them to improve their skills, meet new friends or be the next big child star,” suggests Dimples.


2. Introduce your children to new things and experiences

Remember: your children can only be interested in what they are aware of! Your daughter may be an opera singer or a synth player in the making; but because she’s not exposed to these things, that talent may just remain hidden forever. Make the effort to introduce your child to as many different experiences as possible – take him ice-skating one weekend, then maybe to basketball game or an art show the next. Not only are you creating fun bonding moments, you’re also taking the chance to discover what he’s really good at.

3. Nourish talents in your own home

Once you’ve gotten a lock on what your child can excel in, make sure that his talent can flourish in one of the most important places in the world: your home. If he’s into the arts, then having a steady supply of sketchpads and paint and colors at home is a good idea. If music or singing is more his thing, then having DVD concerts of his favorite singers or playing music all over the house will be something that he’ll appreciate.

4. Give him access to a balanced diet

According to Michelle Edelbaum, Digital Editor of, there’s more to gain from having a balanced diet than just a healthy diet. Eating right can help even out your children’s moods, sharpen their minds and stabilize their energy. Aside from the requisite go, grow and glow food, Dimples stresses the importance of milk, especially in children’s formative years. “Promil Pre-School has always been my top choice ever since, so Cal can get the essential nutrients that she needs to help nurture her talents,” shares Dimples.

5. Be sensitive and nurturing

For Dimples, this is probably the most important tip of all—children need to know that they’re appreciated and loved because of who they are and not because of their talents. “Yes, their talents are special; but they need reassurance that they are special, regardless of whether or not they win the Quiz Bee or get into the next round of the talent competition,” notes the mom and TV host. “This is especially important for talented children; because parents often feel it is important for those abilities to be maximized; often regardless of their children's feelings.” Dimples advice is simple: provide nurturing experiences for your child, but don't allow your drive for a brilliant and exceptionally talented child to overrule everything.


“No one won the last war, and no one will win the next war.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt, The Wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SYKES’ Glorietta 1: A Culture of Support

SYKES Asia Incorporated opened new doors for call center and young professionals alike in the heart of Makati CBD on August 14, 2013. While marking the start of a new era in the urban-economic BPO landscape, the launch also pays tribute to 16 years of continued growth and leadership in the Philippines.

Vibrant walls and floors rejuvenate the senses while comfortable sofas line the recruitment hub, lounge and common areas to encourage associations and exchange. Training rooms fuse utility with technological savvy- featuring movable individual stations and the latest effects in IT and computer technology; while huddle rooms reinforce communication, learning and relations amongst staff. Installed throughout the building is an energy-saving lighting system, specially designed to automatically adjust and supplement natural light in order to minimize visual stress; while ergonomic chairs across the floor not only support employees’ backs and lumbar systems, but also provides a vivid avant garde display.

Emphasis in the company’s consideration to its human factor was put forth in the structuring of resting spaces as well. The mothers’ rooms allow comfort for nursing women needing privacy; while the large clinic and sleeping quarters accommodate a number of employees needing medical aid, rest or relaxation.

With the launch of the Glorietta 1 site, the BPO giant, once again shifts the industry - with a structure designed for learning, advancement, productivity and collaboration of its thousands of employees. Foreseeing the future of the BPO to be highly dynamic and interactive, SYKES strengthens its pioneering position by aligning in-house operations with a workplace that highlights its intelligent culture of support.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

UAAP Cheerdance Competition - Congratulations NU Cheer Squad!

photo credit:

This is just a quick post. Please refresh for new update.

UAAP Cheerdance Competition Theme

FEU - Tron
UP - Zodiac Signs
UE - China
DLSU - Soldiers
NU - Genie
UST - Egyptian
ADMU - Blue Babble
AdU - Burlesque

Here are the  winners for 2013 UAAP Cheerdance Competition.

Samsung Stunner  Award:  Anna De Leon of DLSU Green Animo Squad

Samsung Group Stunt Exhibition
1st Place:  NU Cheer Squadron
2nd Place:  FEU Cheering Squad
3rd Place:  UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe

2012 Samsung Cheerdance Competition

1st  Runner-Up:  UP Pep Squad
2nd Runner Up:  DLSU Green Animo Squad

2013 Samsung UAAP Cheerdance Competion Champion:   

NU Cheer Squad


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tigerair Philippines joins 24th PTM

Olive Ramos (3rd from left), Tigerair Philippines President and CEO, shows off her big smile to those who visited the Tigerair booth during the 24th Philippine Travel Mart held recently at the SMX Convention Center. With her in the photo are (from left) Patrick Tan, Nick Gitsis, Marc Nelson, Delza Gochoco, Malou Pangilinan, and Bing Miranda.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Voice Live Show (September 8,2013)

Last night's  "The Voice Live Show"  was stressful for me. It should be the other way around,  while watching my favorite show on TV.    I felt so anxious waiting for the final  votes of  the contestants.  I wasn't able to update because my little daughter occupied  the desktop and I couldn't do mobile blogging and update because my connection was kind of slow.  I just focused myself on TV.

Even before  Daryll  went up on stage,  I already got a hint  to where  the votes of the public would go.    I would agree with the audience. He did well last night and  he  got the right choice of song in that  round.

Let me quote here a  message from a friend @joy..  "Voice-wise mas magaling si Mitoy kaya lang yung puso ng kanta pasok don ke Darryl."
And later she messaged me.. "ready kana ba ma out si Mitoy."  and I replied,   No! Tinodo ko ang boto ko." 

And my friend's opinion  was just one of  the many viewers  who  thought  of the same thing.  The song  is  really  napapanahon.  And if you are an emotional voter,  you'd probably vote for Darryl.  On my  part,  and I think this is what his coach probably wanted to say,  yes,  he did well, but not competitive enough to move to the next round.

Daryll was so relaxed and  sang "Balita"  which is  perfect for the quality of  his  voice  plus  the song  goes well  with the  current  issue.   I  had a goose bump  myself  too and if you love our county, definitely you'd be hit with the  message.  Go to You Tube and watch Daryll Shy's performance "Balita"  and feel it.   Apl was in awe, as  caught in the camera, especially on the part   "Duul mga kaigsuunan ugpami naw kamo Duna koy dala nga mga balita gikan sa banwa ko Gusto ko nga ipahibalo ang mga istorya Na naga gahitabo sa banwa gisaad na to"    Do you know the translation?    but as the song goes..  Mga kaibigan.. eto ang balita ngayon sa Pilipinas. .. Let me end  the issue here  as  it will only lead  me to  another topic. 

I  voted  for Mitoy and supported him all the way because I know that he  has  a lot more talent  to unleash in the next round.  He just showed his versatility even on Tagalog songs in that round.

Dear Mitoy,  

Please  rock the Resorts World  again next time.  Pick a song that fits you  like  Skid Row's  "I Remember You " or Aerosmith's "I don't wanna miss a thing, or any of Air Supply's hits."   What about  "Help?"     You  surely will hit  the high notes of the songs above but  do it in a more relaxing and classical  rendition.   And  yes.. with   your  powerful  guitar.   Please rock the Resorts World!   BTW,  I  like your  version of "Anak"  in You Tube.    Go and make history in your next live performance!

To all the bitter voters, please respect the decision and move on.

So here's the recap of last night's performance. 

Team Sarah 

Morisette Amon “What About Love” Hearts 
Maki Ricafort “Every Breath You Take” The Police

Team Bamboo 

Paolo Onesa “Skyfall” Adele 
Lee Grane “Losing My Religion” R.E.M.

Team Lea 

Mitoy Yonting “Paano” Dulce 
Daryll Shy "Balita"

Team Apl 

Thor Dulay “Lately” Stevie Wonder 
Penelope Matanguihan “Superstar” Carpenters


And the final results who will move on to the next round.

Morissette Amon  (110.41 pts)
Mitoy Yonting  (104.11 pts)
Paolo Onesa  (141.24 pts)
Thor Dulay   (119.72 pts)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Global Visas - Making Dreams Come True

Have you ever tried getting a work visa but felt so overwhelmed with the requirements and procedures that when you finally reached the in-person interview, you felt you gave a bad impression? Or even worst, has your visa application been rejected because you lack the necessary requirements? The steps to obtain a visa are tedious; the requirements are extensive. Each person's situation is different and there is no proper explanation or a single document, certificate, or letter which can guarantee visa issuance.

But with all these complexities and uncertainties, why do Filipinos leave the country in the first place? Why spend so much money applying for a visa when there’s an oft chance that their visa application might be rejected? The simple truth is that Filipinos have more job opportunities abroad. Other countries pay better and provide better benefit. The minimum wage in the Philippines is quite low compared to other countries while local companies do not compensate their employees well. There are also those workers who do not find their salaries enough to sustain them and their families. It is for this reason that Filipinos travel out of the country in order to get better compensations.

So what are the first steps for getting a visa?

Luckily for Filipinos who wish to work abroad, Global Visas Philippines offers step-by-step consultation and comprehensive solutions to your immigration problems that will enable you to work abroad and strive towards your future endeavors.

Global Visas offers insightful tips when getting a visa. First, figure out if you need a visa in the first place. Then, locate the nearest embassy, collect the necessary documents, ace the in-person interview and successfully navigate past immigration officials at the airport. To help ensure approval, emphasize crucial points throughout the process: the exact purpose of your trip; the duration of the trip; sufficient funds to cover expenses while abroad; you may also need to provide evidence of social and economic ties back home that would compel you to leave and return home in a timely fashion.

Whatever your reason for moving overseas, It needs to be noted that its equally important to be prepared for your new environment. That's why Global Visas Philippines do much more than simply arrange visas. Global Visas’ experts provide a complete relocation solution, removing all the stress and hassle from international relocation and allow you to adapt more easily to your new lifestyle. Global Visas’ experts also assist with preparing for employment, finding the fastest way to relocate, shipping, banking, foreign exchange, and much more. They provide this valuable service for thousands of delighted clients every year. Global Visas Philippines' innovative processes ensure that Filipinos can live and work in any country of their choice!

As a world’s leading provider of immigration solutions, Global Visas is responsible for the dreams and the future of thousands of Filipinos each year. Their global presence is a vital component of their business, allowing them to provide continued support and advice long after Filipinos have arrived in their new country.

Each Filipinos who opted to work abroad have their own reasons why they prefer to work abroad. To work or not to work abroad is probably a matter of choice but one thing remains constant, every Filipinos dreams to have a decent and quality of life. With Global Visas we make that dream come true.

About Global Visas Philippines

Employing government-accredited experts and qualified solicitors, we provide immigration solutions to both individual and corporate clients. Our global office network and innovative processes ensure that our clients can live and work in any country of their choice. We help our clients with International Employment Solutions and, using immigration law in ways that benefit our clients, we are able to help them to study or work abroad and work towards their unique goals, on their own terms.

For more information please visit:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back-up your website!

How many times have you read in the news about sites that are hacked. Or status asking for help because site is infected with malicious script something like "sexual enhancers, viagra and the likes.

And you fret. And you panic.

You are not alone. My site has been hacked too.

But I don't panic. Read on to the end of this post.

When your site is suspected to have malicious threat, go to Sucuri and check the status of your site. Even after scanning, Sucuri will help you clean your site. You just need to follow the procedure how to remove malware. Now the easiest way is to delete the old installation and make a new ones. But when your theme is already injected with malware, get a new trusted theme and change it at once. Also, delete the pages where possible scripts are hidden.

My was hacked and was injected with malicious script and malware. See the script at the header and there were more injected all over my template and pages. Every time  I share my post in Social Media, the preview shows different content like that of below.  Disgusting!   It sucks that no one dare to click and thought I was just spamming.

I went through a different process before its gets the Current status: now VERIFIED CLEAN!  It was easy but..

I am not sitting so relaxed now because there could be other scripts that are good in hiding and could explode again anytime.


I am still checking out how to get back my old theme clean with no threats. I did not hire and pay my web designer only to keep my old theme in one corner as a back up. Now, it will take a whole lot of learning how to edit my template and get back my old theme.

When your site is compromise, don't delay the problem rather.. solve it quickly. If your site is already blacklisted because of Malware, you can request reconsideration using Webmaster Tool once you're done cleaning. Would you still wait till you get to this point? Clean your site before even other users got infected too and put your blog to Google blacklisted sites.

Here are some tips to secure your Wordpress site.

Change your password. Strong Password!

Make sure that only secured plug ins are installed and updated!

Update new version of WP.

Remember to always back up your file. That's my number 1 rule. And yes, it saves my panic attack to take over me.

And the positive result here is that you'd learn a lot in tweaking, fine tuning and experimenting your blog.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Mitoy Yonting "Don't Stop Me Now" Performance at The Voice

Whew!  That was an amazing performance!  I'm a talent show enthusiast and  always blog and support the artist whom I believe is deserving to win.  If you are follower of my blog, you surely know about PGT's winner Jovit  and some of my  X-Factor  favorites that I supported from day one of  the contest to the end.   I guess you wouldn't  ask anymore whom I supporting this season of   The Voice.     I am a   fan!    I  actually have a lot of draft posts waiting to be finalized  but  couldn't find  time to  publish, but this one should be up  in my site now!

 Yes!  Because Mitoy's performance tonight was really amazing!   He  got the right choice of song, the right moves and everything was perfect!  The audience gave him a standing ovation. I  always think that Lea Salonga  is  OA  but  it changed my view now with her understandbly  reaction. She must be a very proud coach to Mitoy. 

Here's the video that  I embed from YouTube of   his  goosebumping  performance!  I  think that  the stage,  Resorts World, made him more relaxed,  it,  being his home stage  together with his  band,  performing in the same venue and yes, experience being a veteran singer count too.

He got a landslide of  82%   votes from the public.  Truly  deserving  votes! 

I love his great sense of  humor and that adds an appeal to the audience.

Congrats Mitoy!   You sounded more like of   Queen, Freddie Mercury!  Perfect song for you!

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