Monday, September 2, 2013

Mitoy Yonting "Don't Stop Me Now" Performance at The Voice

Whew!  That was an amazing performance!  I'm a talent show enthusiast and  always blog and support the artist whom I believe is deserving to win.  If you are follower of my blog, you surely know about PGT's winner Jovit  and some of my  X-Factor  favorites that I supported from day one of  the contest to the end.   I guess you wouldn't  ask anymore whom I supporting this season of   The Voice.     I am a   fan!    I  actually have a lot of draft posts waiting to be finalized  but  couldn't find  time to  publish, but this one should be up  in my site now!

 Yes!  Because Mitoy's performance tonight was really amazing!   He  got the right choice of song, the right moves and everything was perfect!  The audience gave him a standing ovation. I  always think that Lea Salonga  is  OA  but  it changed my view now with her understandbly  reaction. She must be a very proud coach to Mitoy. 

Here's the video that  I embed from YouTube of   his  goosebumping  performance!  I  think that  the stage,  Resorts World, made him more relaxed,  it,  being his home stage  together with his  band,  performing in the same venue and yes, experience being a veteran singer count too.

He got a landslide of  82%   votes from the public.  Truly  deserving  votes! 

I love his great sense of  humor and that adds an appeal to the audience.

Congrats Mitoy!   You sounded more like of   Queen, Freddie Mercury!  Perfect song for you!

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  1. I think ako lang ata di nanonood ng the voice, i caught a glimpse of the performance galing talaga.

  2. ay naku my husband is a fan! at ako na din! nag pa plano nga kame na panoorin siya sa Resort's World eh hehe

  3. Why, oh why, am I not watching this talent show when I'm fond of watching singing contests on TV before? That's probably because I'm too busy working and reviewing my son for his lessons and tests every day that I really don't have time to watch TV anymore. Good luck to Mitoy; I hope he wins!


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