Thursday, September 30, 2010

Web Site Hosting

In generation today that online world is dominating, owning a piece of cyberspace in world wide web is such a big advantage to start a business online. Truly as I speak, I got my own space in darn easy way. See the wonders of internet? It only takes a PC and internet and web site hosting to start your own business. And what's best here is that, you won't have a hard time choosing the best web host since there is a website that provides all the benefits, price, offer and review from the expert.

Once you find what you want for web hosting, earning online will be much easier for you. Yes, you read it right! It only takes a click of the mouse and you get the business right there in your hand. You don't need to research further since the options are already provided ready for your pick. While blogging becomes a daily journal to many, other people blog for posting news, bulletin, events, advertising and monetizing. Since everything is provided and can be learned, there is no need anymore to hire a geeky for assistance.

Nostalgia #20

Time flies so fast! Today is the last day of September. I was just waiting for my birth month to come and here it is now, September is about to end. Anyways, I am sharing the cards that I received on my birthday. Just thought of sharing here for my Nostalgic entry. Sorry folks for not visiting you lately. I am back now from a long long deep sleep. =) I'll be dropping by in your site now, yes, right now!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting a Good Tan

I don't have fairly white skin but I love my skin color the way it is now just like any other Asian ladies with natural skin tone. For some who think nothing but summer just to have sun kissed look, they only wait for that season to expose themselves into the sun using sunblock for darker tan. I prohibit myself doing such as it may cause serious damage to my skin. Other people try tanning bed lotion to achieve the tan color they want for their skin. Sporting tan can add a more exotic look even without putting make up. Some women already have darker tan and that brings appeal even more to many men. Fair skinned ladies are trying hard to get a perfect tan while I am already blessed exerting no effort like going out to the beach to get a tan.

Ruby Tuesday

Here are some of the photos that my little photographer took. Daughter just told me that she tried to take the photo with butterfly as the main subject below but the butterfly kept flying and that she didn't get the chance to have a good capture. See the blue butterfly?

more of ruby shots

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Monday, September 27, 2010


How would you love your website to be placed on top page of search engine? I aim to achieve that for my website even without any knowledge on how to do it. I just simply rely on best internet marketing service and that's all it takes to achieve. Before even finalizing layout for your website or hiring a professional designer, one must take seo company to optimize marketing service and place your website into page one of search engine. It is an investment and therefore should make a thorough research first before finally investing in internet business.

SEO, a search engine optimization, is not just a decoration to your website but serves as marketing arm to facilitate everything and put your site on top. This is what I really needed as I'm not really knowledgeable on how to optimize even traffic in my blog. Or shall I say, I am now confident with seo to handle the job.

MYM: My Little Photographer

My little girl took all the pics below (and more be posted soon) when we went home to attend the party of my niece last weekend.

one aspiring photographer

She's thinking about my Mellow Yellow Monday all the time for my weekly meme. I am just one lucky blogger with two contributor for my MYM entry.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

We're Back Home!

We're finally back home after a very tiring weekend. My niece who just celebrated her birthday had truly enjoyed her moment yesterday at the province. It was full house literally with some of her classmates who came over to celebrate. Even if the space is crowded for more than ten visitors to stay overnight, I knew seeing their emotions through their eyes that they enjoyed the party. Even if we're lack of furniture in the house, nobody complained how uncomfortable it was for them. In any occasions like this, I always wish we have enough facilities to accommodate more visitors comfortably. If only I have enough money right now, I would buy a rest house with Contemporary Furniture so that visitors would feel more comfortable during their stay.

I miss life in the province with these in my mind, sleep in a hammock, breakfast in nipa hut, and of course if I may wish for more, a high speed internet so that I could blog while at the same time enjoying vacation.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dirt Bike

Riding a motorcycle is one great experience in my life that I will never forget and it was incredible. I always thought that riding a motorbike is dangerous but not until my first ride. It only makes dangerous when you don't put safety helmet or any protective gear. My first ride was a joyride. It was fun! I just enjoyed the ride and made myself ease at once. It was definitely not the last because that experience just changed my views about motorbike. Riding on a motorbike is far from other sports that calls for adrenalin rush. Sister used a big bike to transport in going-in and out of town. It sure helps her a lot. I wonder if this is just as easy as dirt bike racing. This sports is not for everyone. If you are into this sports, you should check the website for dirt bike gear. This is extraordinary and people looking for something beyond riding should take a look into this sports. It's a stress reliever for them, but for me, it's putting your life at risk.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Infiniti Vehicles

Our neighbor who is into buy and sell of pre-owned car is now starting to expand the business. Every now and then, I see different cars parked in front of our house. He owned several cars aside from those cars for sale. Definitely, he is a car enthusiast. I just love seeing different luxury car for now and only wish that someday I drive my own car too. When I have the chance to join a raffle with car as the grand prize to be won, I see to it that I have many entries because I know this is my only hope of owning a car. Used Infiniti Tempe, a company of luxury car would be a perfect deal for but even if they offer a very affordable price, still i need to save money for it. Oh dear, where on earth can I dig that amount. The company has been in the business since 1989 and that alone is a strong indication that they have served for many years already. Car enthusiasts who want to buy a pre-owned Infiniti vehicles should take a look at this site. I was just amazed about the price they offer, so affordable for a luxury car.

Nostalgia # 19: Halayang Kalabasa

Yesterday, a co-parent gave me Halayang Kalabasa or Squash Maja. Procedures of cooking this is the same as Halayang Ube with also the same ingredients. Squash are cut into cubes then cooked in milk coconut and milk with constant stirring.

My children were surprised since it was their first time to see this recipe and could hardly believe it just taste so good and didn't even realize it was made of squash. I told them my mother used to cook this kind of dessert since we have tons of squash that we grow in the farm then. Halayang Kalabasa just reminds me how sweet our mother was for preparing this kind of dessert. If not with my co-parent, I wouldn't be able to tell my children about Halayang kalabasa and how it has become the sweetest part of our childhood years. Thanks Melody for this special dessert.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home Office Furniture

If you are working in the office and you always take your work at home, it is important that you have a space in your house where you could finish your job comfortably like in the real office. Putting up office cabinets for files and books, home office furniture and everything to create a desirable workplace is one great idea. That way you'll be more productive and organized for that extra office hour having a clutter free environment.

I turn green with envy for my friend online who never leave the house and do her business at home. She's even more productive in doing so, can take a nap in a while, can eat anytime she wants or an unlimited coffee break right inside the house. I only dream of having this kind of business. How lucky and hassle free job it can be without even leaving the house.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Short Breaks

I never knew that stress can be beneficial too and that is when the cause of stress is just a petty thing. It helps you focused more, becomes alert at times and your body gets energized. But when stress causing problems are too big, that's when you need to take short breaks with your family. School, social and financial are some of the reasons that cause us a headache sometimes. I guess all of us need vacation. Last month was the toughest for me. I get to absorbed the stress in my older daughter. At her age, she already had faced social stress at school. But with my guidance, it sure helped her cope up the problem. Being a mother is a tough job. Thanks that I have this blog to write about my rants and ramblings everyday. But I still need a break. I want it now!

Basketball Madness

Photos below are not mine. Daughter took these shots during the basketball game last Thursday and she was cheering for yellow. She and her classmates went home in gloomy face when their school lost the game.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Support to Growling Tigers

Daughter and her classmates watched the UAAP game last Thursday, and here's some of the pic that she took with yellow dominating the court.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

rush invitation

At last, we're finally done with the invitation card. When we started this invitation, I thought it was a tiring job but it's not. We spent almost overnight for printing, cutting, putting ribbon and some finishing touch. We used the combination of pastel peach, powder blue and light blue for the materials. So here's what you will need in making invitation card and the sample computation for 80 pieces.

Materials needed: cutting board, cutter, scissors, puncher, ruler

specialty board 40 pcs (10 pcs at P45.50, roughly $1) $4
specialty paper 80 pcs (10pcs/pack at P25.00) $4
ribbon $1
envelope 5pcs/pack at P20.oo (P20 x 16pack=P320) $7

Estimated cost = P700 roughly $16. These are only my estimated prize. The cost may vary depending on the material you will use. Specialty board is best for invitation and business cards. Now, I'm publishing this to advertise our product. You may contact me at my email address should you need any rush invitation card. Half kidding! lol. I just want to share the product of our eye bags.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Need Ink

Okay, finally my two nieces started to design the invitation cards. I'll show you the photos of them later when they finish the product. They are planning to invite at least 70 guests for the birthday. They just started the layout and edited the design and I guess it will take few hours or overnight to get it done. They completed the list of eighteen candles and eighteen roses. Oh my! It seems like they're going to invite the whole community for that grand event and if they print all of those, it will consume much of the ink. Now if I buy cheap ink cartridges and just have it refilled in the store when emptied, then I would be able to save money from printing. Oh well, it is even better, it costs less and gives sense of accomplishment for the effort they exerted. Also, it helps them enhance the creativity inside them and besides printing time would not take them three days of waiting but just count few hours from now and it's done!

Worried with Blackheads

I worried about my teenage girl err not officially teenager. Blackheads start to appear on her face. Is this normal for a teenager? I worried a lot even though she never really cares about it at all. I sometimes wonder if it is safe to consult a dermatologist or apply any facial treatment at her age or just try home remedy for blackheads. They say I'm an OA mom. But what can I do. I only want a flawless skin for my girl. Blackheads are visible on her face and on her nose more. I do use apricot scrub when I have this problem but I have not tried this yet for her and not sure if it is safe for her skin too.

Boost High Protein

It's easy being green and that was what's written in the banner of a backpack mountaineer that I saw in the website. Mountaineers who did the hiking packed themselves with many protein water to keep them hydrated while taking the hike. But even before hitting the trails, they load themselves with lots of carbohydrate and protein food to keep them strong and healthy for the adventure. Aside from flavored protein drinks like sour apple, orange and lemon, some of them take supplement like protein powder to keep them going for a week stay in the mountain. It helps them keep healthy and it boosts their energy while on the hike.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nostalgia #18

Early today, we planned putting up Christmas Tree on one weekend, maybe next week when we're all free from any loads. Perfect time to set up Christmas Tree is during rainy weekend when we can't go out for weekend leisure. I remember when I was a child, all I wish is to have a Christmas tree or any Christmas decorations at home. Now, I remind my kids about the true spirit of Christmas; sharing and giving.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Joining Pep Squad?

Daughter has been bugging me to let her join the Pep Squad next year. She reminded me again how she wanted to be part of the club to cheer for tomorrow. She and her classmates will watch the game as support to their school basketball team. She really wanted to join the Pep Squad. My guess is that she only wants to wear a mini balloon skirt. On the other side, joining the team will help her develop her personality. If you take a look at her pic, you would think she is on her adolescence period, but she's not. She's still a kid. I just wonder now why acne starts to develop on her face. If it develops severely, I have no choice but use acne treatments that will suit her age and will not really harm her skin. When I was her age, I didn't remember having such problem with my face.

Ups and Downs

Winona Ryder is now back in Hollywood spotlight. She went on hiatus after the scandal happened in her career early 2000 that put her career down. Now she plays cameo role in Black Swan. Spotted together with her co-star, she wears a sexy black dress showing off her curves. At 38, she still looks very sexy. I'm really tempted now to try myself diet pills that work. Don't give me a funny look. I am not aiming for a really sexy body. I just want to trim down my body badly. Anyways, I hope that she takes her career seriously this time. It seems like she is. Every career has its ups and downs and by looking at her photos, I could say that she's now living on a brighter side of life.

I want to get fit!

How many entries have I posted in my blog about my diet. I even blog about my desired weight to achieve in two weeks. And what did I lose? I only lost two weeks and not the weight. So funny! And how could I resist quarter pounder burger, large fries and coke. And every time the counter girl/boy asks me to add any side dish, upsize my drink or my fries, I'd say yes to them right away and even add cookies and cream for my dessert. So what do I expect with this large meal? Two pounds add in my weight in just one meal! Over the counter diet pill is my only way to trim down. There's no other way than this. I just love to eat. I swear I want to be fit again. My medium sized shirts are waiting for me at the closet.

terrible headache

I stop for a while. My head is aching too much. PMSing? Nope! Something is bothering me. I just want to sit down and relax. Be right back!

Forex Seminars

My online earnings are in USD and are really affected every time dollar rates drop badly. Same goes with my sister who works for a publishing company that exports articles abroad. They sell articles and get paid in dollar. She always wish that dollar exchange rate goes up again or the company's revenue will suffer, worst to happen is to declare bankruptcy or just close. I have no knowledge about investing money in the market but I want to put my money into something that will give a boost in my account. We both need to attend Forex training seminars so that our hard earned money will not be affected when dollar fluctuates. Right now, I just keep my online earnings in my account and would only withdraw once the dollar rate goes up again. Yay! It's my two months earnings and I want to save that for one big purchase next year. I guess you knew it. A high end DSLR!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's Party!

There's another event on Sunday and this will be held in one of the biggest mall in Asia. The staff just emailed me to wear the best rock fashion clothing and added that I can bring my kids along with me. It's about fashion show and this is going to be an exciting event again not only for me but for my kids as well. I wonder if I can wear a vintage t shirts at the event. It's a grand fashion show featuring selected models and I wonder why we were asked to wear something like this. Will they give prize for those who will win the best attire? Anyways, we're going to rock the party and if we will be asked to do a parade or modeling, then we will. Carry on! We will rock the mall this time! Let's party!

Little Asia at Venice Piazza

I grabbed the chance of visiting Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hills, Taguig after ParenTINtv event last Saturday. The place is a replica of Piazza San Marco Venice.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

unbearable pain

I don't feel good today but I managed to do my usual duty at home. I woke up this morning with sharp cramped leg and later on experienced a hard breathing. I wonder now about my health condition or shall I see a doctor for a complete diagnosis? I worried much why I had to feel this when I only got nothing but follow healthy lifestyle. Or was it because I involved myself into a very strenuous tons of laundry yesterday. Oh, I don't think so. Anyways, I must be thankful that I only had this minor issue on my health condition. Now I wonder how it felt like to be a cancer survivor. I am not sure about the exact feeling but when my mother was having her therapy for kidney failure, she underwent different surgery and took medication. The pain was unbearable, I knew it even without my mother saying how it was like. I just wished that I had given her Suboxone Withdrawal Treatment when her therapy was done so she could not have suffered much from that pain. She had medication for a couple of months and the pain was horrible. Talk Series

Yesterday, I attended Parent Talk Series at SLMC, Global City. It was fun meeting mommy bloggers and finally meeting Yami of yam' and Jess.

Some of the sponsors for the said Talk Series were Ainon and Off Lotion (below). Lucky attendees won Off Lotion package, just perfect for anti-dengue campaign. More details of the said Talk Series here.

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missed opportunity

I've got too many opportunities that I missed online. Yesterday was quite a long day for me, did my household chores and attended first quarter Parent-Teacher Conference for my older daughter. I'm glad that she's doing good in class. Although from time to time I sneak into my computer, still I got no time updating my blog. I talked with my old classmate who is now leaving in Canada today and that online time ate much of my day without knowing I've been in front of my computer for few hours already. I didn't bother to ask her if she knows date toronto. But even without asking her, I knew that she had a great time now with her life in her new home. Now I am back to my usual routine and I hope to accomplish some of my pending tasks online today.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dream House

It's been a couple of months since I published a post about how I fell in love with the house that I found online. Anyways, still, it is my ultimate dream to build my own house with exactly the same architectural design. I would love to have my own swimming pool too. That's my own view of a house to be called beautiful. I just love to soak and refresh myself in a swimming pool. My dream house includes not only in the interior, but the exterior as well. A landscaped garden, a luxury heated swimming pool, a helipad, a huge parking area, a landscaped garden, mini zoo and playground for children are just some of the features I have in my mind.

Now I have no problem at all when I need a builder. Of course, I know whom to call. For pool, I trust only Austin Swimming Pool. All furniture will be in detailed and will hire an interior designer for the house. I know I'm just dreaming so this post is unlimited but I am not giving up yet with my dream house. I wish that all these will come true someday. If winning a lottery would be my only hope, then I'll keep on betting until all my dream house comes true.

Evans Family Law

I feel sad for children who have no option but face the reality of life especially when parents chose to live a separate lives. Of course we all wish for a family to unite and not divide, but what can we do when two people can't make it to live together anymore. If that happens, parents should know their priorities in life, and that is the welfare of their own children. Even if parents separate their ways, children need to feel that they are loved even more.

When everything has turned sour, couple need to agree for a certain set up in a divorce including child support, adoptions, grandparents rights, child custody and all matter related to it. They must face the consequences so that little mind won't suffer the outcome of separation. When things get rough, and you don't know what to do, Austin Divorce Lawyer will help you deal difficult situation like this.

Nostalgia # 17 i wanna be a billionaire

I considered one unforgettable moment to have worked abroad, aside from having the best employer, it also gave me the opportunity to see well known people in the world. Blessings keep pouring when shared and I believe so because they are not only rich, but very kind too. So I wanna be a billionaire and share my blessings too. lol. The family included in Forbes richest billionaire, ranked as world's top 50 richest.

an event to remember..
did you know that
we had to move countless number of balloons one by one after each celebration.
and so I always grabbed the chance to whisper a wish for every balloon that I flew to the air.

Gold! Oh Gold! And we had to make some inventory after each of the event to check that no spoon or fork is missing. I don't know how much it costs for a piece. I forgot but as far as I remember, I was astounded when one of the staff told us about thousands of dollars cost for each of the utensils. Weee.. I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin bad!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Senior Living

Have you ever thought about how you will become when you grow old. As I reach the old age, (I am not sure what age to be called old age) I never thought that I would find myself more sensitive about this but not scared of the future as what you might think about. As I walked down the park yesterday, I saw an old woman alone in the bench and by just looking at her, I knew already that she's living her senior life in misery. She's probably on her seventies. I suddenly stopped for a while and imagine myself thirty more years and that scares me to think about living senior life that way. Oh no, I should start saving for my retirement years.

At Senior Living Plano, retirees live a life with pleasure. A convenient life like strolling in a landscaped garden, swimming in a luxury pool while reminiscing beautiful past and quiet moment in a chapel are just a perfect view of senior living with style. What a beautiful community! I hope to live a life like this when I reach my retirement age.

Glee- Season 2

Can't wait to see Charice on Glee - Season 2 this coming September 21. Charice will portray the role as Sunshine Corazon, an exchange student from the Philippines with an amazing voice.
*photo source - internet

Probate Lawyer

Unresolved thousand of cases are on file and waiting for result. How many more years will they wait and suffer the pain while the cases are still on going. That's the normal case I read in news and my friend was no exception to this. If only she had a lawyer who assisted her professionally, then life would be easier for her before. It is a normal phase for all of us to have problem such as real state, financial, family and worst to add when we don't even know whom to talk to. Instead of asking people with no knowledge about it, consult the right lawyer for your case to give you specific advice for the problem right away.

I remember one time when my best friend asked me to accompany her to a lawyer, we headed the office right away knowing the office will have the answers to all her queries. She briefly explained the problem but the lawyer seemed to be very busy that time, asked few questions and hurried himself for another appointment. Anyways, after filing the case in a different office, she's happy now that the case was resolved but it took her many months for the whole process. If we only have Probate Lawyer Austin here, everything would have been much easier for her.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

captured moments

By photos alone, I bet you already know the story behind the pictures which I have captured yesterday.

Thanks to sequential setting of my camera. Not a single moment is missed when the camera is in my hand.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heart's Content of a Mama Giveaway

Yey! I'm joining the contest and this is my official entry! It's Heart's Content of a Mama first giveaway contest on her 2nd blog anniversary. And this is open to all bloggers. Contest will run from August 25 to September 25. So hurry up, join us now!

Here are the prizes waiting for the lucky winners!

First Prize: Maybelline New York eyeliner and mascara, Ardell's fashion lashes starter kit, L'oreal infallible lipstic, L'oreal eyeshadow, Diandra eyeshadow trio, blue mountain arts wallet card, magnet souvenir from Warren, PA. I will also include the two Beanie baby's Hello Kitty plush toys.

Second Prize: L'oreal eye shadow, Madeleine Mono cosmetics viva diva eye shadow collection and color plus lipstick, Diandra mascara black, Diandra eye crayon, Hallmark Disney princess sticker sheet, blue mountain arts wallet card, magnet souvenir from Warren, PA and a Beany baby Hello Kitty plush toy key chain.

Third Prize: L'oreal lipstick, Avon lipstick, Avon true color blush, Avon blendable eyeshadow duo, Blue mountain arts wallet card, Hallmark glitter sticker sheet and a Beany baby Hello Kitty plush toy key chain.

Special Prizes (I will use the entrant's emails, so be sure to leave it in this post.):
*A special prize (ONE) winner will win 30 dollars paypal cash.
*Another special prize (one) winner will win a one month advertisement Adgitize gift card.

Now for the mechanics:

*Subscribe to feed: Heart's content of a mama, Seasons and seasonings, Arty Bluejay - 3 points

*Google follow blogs: Heart's content of a mama, Seasons and seasonings, Arty bluejay - 3 points

*Tweet about giveaway - 1 point (make sure it goes to @melcoleofpausa) tweet only once, and leave your link back in this post.

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*Blog about the giveaway with prizes and mechanics - 1 point

*Add the above three blogs in your blog roll. - 3 points

*Place the giveaway badge anywhere in your right side bar. - 1 point

Multiple blogs are welcome. Only one user per blog and email account.

Medicare Plan Process

I was glued again in front of my desktop and chatted with my friend online this morning. Oh well, it is Saturday anyway. I felt so sorry to hear a bad news about her family. Until today, her husband's benefits and disability claim are still on file. They need it badly as she's just the only one now working in the family. She told me that processing might take her a lifetime before they get it and she's afraid that if it take another month long of waiting, all their bank savings might just soon disappear. I told her that she must hold on and stay strong, for if she shows hopeless mood, her husband may get affected too with all those negative thoughts around him. Her Medicare plan is now on process with high hope that it will soon be released.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

RFID Blocking Wallet

I often leave the house without my wallet including my cards, debit and credit card. I have debit card but seldom use it. When I go to the mall, I only bring small amount of money or just enough for what I think I only needed for shopping. Call me paranoid but because of the theft lurking around the city, I chose not to bring outside the house for the fear that they might get the information in my card without me knowing it. I would only use it once I have rfid blocking wallet. With this, I will have the feeling of security that no one will have access about the information inside my bag or wallet. No theft will have his job accomplished for the day. Everyone must be vigilant these days. Imagine the headache it will give you when an identity theft took the information in your debit or credit card. How distressful it could be and I just can't bear it!

Nostalgia #16

here's the old studio shot photos of my two girls...

I just love staring at these photos. Memories of their childhood flashback into my mind. They are
not really grown up yet, not even a teenager but I feel that time flies so very fast. Sooner, they will become full bloom ladies ready to take the world of their own.

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I Want a Camcorder

I'm looking for something more. I'm not contented with my latest camera even though I spent hundred bucks for it. It's a semi pro camera but still I want a camcorder. Sister will be raising her eyebrows again when she reads this post. She told me last week that she only wished for a cheaper camera where she can use for simple gatherings and family events. She feels guilty whenever she spends money for any gadgets. That's why she bought the cheapest camera, just a little over 100 bucks. And we are far different with this views. When I have passion for something, I do everything to have it even if it costs me huge amount of money. For me, it is not luxury since I'll be using it as a tool in updating my blog everyday.

my little lyrist

Term Life Insurance

Few days ago, I received an e-invite about insurance seminar. I did not confirm my attendance but asked about term life insurance rates. I have attended once many years ago and know the benefits of having one. Sometimes, I am afraid to think that if I die tomorrow, I have nothing to leave for my loved ones but a life full of financial crisis to face. No matter how much I saved, still the best way to show that I care for them is something I can give when I'm gone like a substantial death benefits. I hate to think and talk about death but I know everyone will agree that life is unpredictable just like death. It's my birthday today and I'm talking about this. Ironic. I am thankful that God gave me so much blessings today!

I won! I won!

on the day of my birthday! OMG! I just can't believe it. I was checking blog updates this morning when I read this wonderful news. I won the contest on Mrs. D website. No. 44 in random order won, and that's me and I got the First Prize. Oh my God. It just made my big day more special! I'm truly blessed and just can't wait to publish this post right away. Yahoo! Please check her website now and be inspired in her family, kitchen, fashion and passion blogs.





Me and my Passion

Thank you so much Dhemz for giving us all the chance of joining the contest. To all my co-winners, congratulations! To all, please watch out for more and coming giveaways!

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