Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nostalgia # 19: Halayang Kalabasa

Yesterday, a co-parent gave me Halayang Kalabasa or Squash Maja. Procedures of cooking this is the same as Halayang Ube with also the same ingredients. Squash are cut into cubes then cooked in milk coconut and milk with constant stirring.

My children were surprised since it was their first time to see this recipe and could hardly believe it just taste so good and didn't even realize it was made of squash. I told them my mother used to cook this kind of dessert since we have tons of squash that we grow in the farm then. Halayang Kalabasa just reminds me how sweet our mother was for preparing this kind of dessert. If not with my co-parent, I wouldn't be able to tell my children about Halayang kalabasa and how it has become the sweetest part of our childhood years. Thanks Melody for this special dessert.

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  1. Hmmmmnn, I haven't seen that kind of dessert but I think that would be like our pumpkin pie maybe?

  2. Di pa ako nakatikim ng halayang kalabasa sis, mukhang super sarap! Di naman kasi si mama nyan marunong kaya I have never tasted one lol..

  3. looks good and nutritious, too! i don't normally eat kalabasa but i love my aunt's minatamis na kalabasa--it's cooked in coconut milk and sugar. yummy!

  4. sis , dmi kaming kalabasa dito.. paano to gawin .. heheh... looks yummy....

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  5. Hindi pa ako nakatikim niyan, dulce kalabasa lang natikman ko. Masarap ba?

  6. oh my...never pa akong nakatikim nyan....mukhang masarap nga...:)

    my nostalgia was at my passion blog...ehehhee!

  7. I loooove Halayang Ube! :P

    I've never tried this but it looks and sounds delish! :) if it's like halayang ube, I know I'd love it.. :P


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