Friday, September 17, 2010

Worried with Blackheads

I worried about my teenage girl err not officially teenager. Blackheads start to appear on her face. Is this normal for a teenager? I worried a lot even though she never really cares about it at all. I sometimes wonder if it is safe to consult a dermatologist or apply any facial treatment at her age or just try home remedy for blackheads. They say I'm an OA mom. But what can I do. I only want a flawless skin for my girl. Blackheads are visible on her face and on her nose more. I do use apricot scrub when I have this problem but I have not tried this yet for her and not sure if it is safe for her skin too.

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  1. I need ink too mommy Wowa.. naku ilang weeks na kaya or month+ na 'ata na gusto kong mag-print nang pics to give to my SD because she sent me several ones together with the gifts.. so sweet of her, it's her first time though.. but nonetheless because she's still studying and she gave me more than I could ask for.. hehehe.. anyway, haay ang ink cartridge, na-empty na talaga, there's something like that in my place now, I will just this out first then compare price.. hehehe! Thanks for sharing mommy Wowa.. muahhh!


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