Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Senior Living

Have you ever thought about how you will become when you grow old. As I reach the old age, (I am not sure what age to be called old age) I never thought that I would find myself more sensitive about this but not scared of the future as what you might think about. As I walked down the park yesterday, I saw an old woman alone in the bench and by just looking at her, I knew already that she's living her senior life in misery. She's probably on her seventies. I suddenly stopped for a while and imagine myself thirty more years and that scares me to think about living senior life that way. Oh no, I should start saving for my retirement years.

At Senior Living Plano, retirees live a life with pleasure. A convenient life like strolling in a landscaped garden, swimming in a luxury pool while reminiscing beautiful past and quiet moment in a chapel are just a perfect view of senior living with style. What a beautiful community! I hope to live a life like this when I reach my retirement age.

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