Sunday, September 26, 2010

We're Back Home!

We're finally back home after a very tiring weekend. My niece who just celebrated her birthday had truly enjoyed her moment yesterday at the province. It was full house literally with some of her classmates who came over to celebrate. Even if the space is crowded for more than ten visitors to stay overnight, I knew seeing their emotions through their eyes that they enjoyed the party. Even if we're lack of furniture in the house, nobody complained how uncomfortable it was for them. In any occasions like this, I always wish we have enough facilities to accommodate more visitors comfortably. If only I have enough money right now, I would buy a rest house with Contemporary Furniture so that visitors would feel more comfortable during their stay.

I miss life in the province with these in my mind, sleep in a hammock, breakfast in nipa hut, and of course if I may wish for more, a high speed internet so that I could blog while at the same time enjoying vacation.


  1. Ang galing galing mong magbiz sis hehehe di halata.. Nangangamusta lang before hitting the hay.. mwah!

  2. glad to know you are back te....:) salamat po sa dalaw...ingat!


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