Saturday, July 31, 2010

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After few days of blog hiatus, I am finally back to my blogging routine. Err, not really hiatus as I do filler post from time to time and some paid reviews too that needs to be posted in soonest possible time. Now, I am back to my bidding activities and I hope to get more opportunities this time. I can't wait to do a review again. Hopefully before the end of the year or just before my blog anniversary, I'll be able to reach my goal to write a review for a certain number of site.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nostalgia # 11

Baguio entry in a row for Nostalgia. I can't exactly remember the date and the only sure thing that proved this to be more than two decades is that, I looked like a teenager here.. kidding. i was in my early twenties here actually.

Oh Baguio! I just miss the place so much. and I miss my slim built too. :p

and Baguio is the furthest I have traveled north so far. I hope to visit Sagada and Batanes someday, really and I really wanted to!
and I can't remember what made me posed this way. funny!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

social media

I was employed in marketing related business for about ten years until I resigned and tried a greener pasture abroad. The offer came in perfect time when my earnings were not even enough to sustain for my own living. And so when a very high paying job offer came, I immediately resigned without giving enough time to weigh things first before I accepted the job. Although marketing job was such a rewarding career for me, I left the office for financial reason. Working abroad opened more opportunity even if it required me to work twelve hours a day. It took me a lot of patience dealing with irate and demanding client. My ten years experience has helped me deal with different customers. The office that I have worked with honed me to become a better employee. Now that I am working at home, blogging becomes my career and I think a Social Media Agency would help me a lot in Internet business. My sister and I had quite different views in choosing a career. She settled for a publishing company with less pressure. She is now a Proofreader. She isn't after for a high paying job as she's fulfilled already with her present job. I asked her one time if she had any plan working abroad and she immediately answered no. She chose to be with her family and work as a stay at home mom after her 8-hour work time in the office.

Friday, July 23, 2010

moving to another state

This social network connects people and I am speaking based on my own experience, finding my long lost friend who is now based in Ohio. We just had a chat to catch up what we've missed for years of being lost in contact. My friend has been in the states for over five years now and from our meeting online today, she mentioned of her planned vacation this coming month. I'm sure we'll gonna meet when she comes home. This girl is so unpredictable and I wouldn't be surprised anymore if she knocks at my door anytime today. She loves to surprise everyone, but not me. I am prepared and used to her style already. I hope she won't forget my dark chocolates that I've requested when she comes home.

She plans for a grand vacation before she finally settle in another state. Her employer assigned her to another office branch. By next month, or when she goes back to US, Moving in Los Angeles will be her next task to do. It could be stressful but knowing her, everything will be alright. She has a very good record with regards to handling pressures in life. I just wish I am just like her. Although I can stand to different storms of life, she is well far smarter than me. She's my mentor and my best friend. I'll post an entry with her photo next week.

Furniture for our Bedroom

Another long weekend awaits us. I wonder if my plan of visiting my friend will push through again. I long been planning to visit and surprise her this weekend. She lives way up north but I am still undecided right now. If that won't push through, I'll just stick to my usual weekend schedule, clean the house, do household chores and mall time in the afternoon. I am planning also to buy a Bedroom Furniture from my online income. My children will surely be surprised with this. I told them I'll buy something for them but I didn't tell exactly what furniture is it. I can choose whatever we want as I am no longer scared of heavy flood that caused our furniture last year drowned into flood. Wooden furniture is in my top list. Aside from classic and elegant look that it will create for our room, it also will keep our bedroom stuff more organized. I already have what's in my mind what to buy, something that will match with the color of our flooring.

Nostalgia #10 those were the days..

Here's another Baguio trip many years ago, I am not sure of the date, maybe about 17 years ago.. lol.

Baguio brings back lots of memories in my younger days.. more photos of my Baguio trip in my coming posts..

This will be a Baguio series until next half of August.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to PR2

I wonder how often does Google updates PR. Anyways, my blog is now back to PR2. This means that I really need to update my blogs more often so as to gain a higher rank later.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

keep me fit

I'm taking seriously on drinking Fit n Right to include in my diet. Let's see if my metabolism works faster this time. It say's that I can lose body fats in six weeks with three servings a day along with proper diet and exercise. Sure, it needs a lot of discipline to achieve the body we've always wanted.

I honestly love the taste, it is so refreshing!

Took this from our fridge for my Ruby Tuesday. I usually put this in freezer for at least an hour, best served chilled.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

camp in an island

I have list of favorite blogs in my organizer so as not to miss any post from them. Some are mommy blogs, few are personal, travel and food blogs. Recently, I hooked myself in one travel blog that I frequently visit these past few days. The author of the blog is a traveler wherein blogging is considered as one of his greatest passion. He not only posts beautiful photos of his travel but also rates his travel and do some recommendations too. He travels at least twice a month and do island hopping from time to time. Recently, he discovered a very beautiful island in southern part of Luzon. The island has no facilities yet and it can only be reached by boat. There is no available flight going into the place so one needs to spend as much as ten hours to travel, both land and boat to reach the island. When I saw photos published in his website, I was mesmerized by the mystic scene and how he actually described and recommended the place. That excites me so much and gave me the urge to visit next year. They've brought camping materials and tent during their last visit. Relaxing and spending time is unlimited in the island where all you could hear is your own breath and chirping birds and insects at night. I would love to spend a day or two in the island but before that, I think I will need to look for some camper parts like portable cooking equipment, generator, tent and other camping materials to survive for at least a day or two in the island. I will link the website later so you'll know know more about the island that I am blogging about.

Nostagia #9 our baguio trip

This was taken during our Baguio trip many years ago. I have lots of memories in Baguio and for me, this is the best place to enjoy strolling at the park with kids. I've been to Baguio maybe nine times or more, can't exactly remember but I've been there for so many times. It is best to visit Baguio during December to February where you can really enjoy the cold weather at its peak.

I'll share more of my Baguio trip in my next entry.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Typhoon Basyang

I stayed late last night to monitor the weather to check if my children will have class the next day. Obviously, the wind blew very hard and as expected, suspension of classes for all levels was declared. Just after the weather update was announced, power went out system-wide. It was really dark as the whole Metro had total blackout. I heard the howling sound of the wind and that made me stayed awake and monitor the weather instead. It was about past eleven that night. I half opened the window to at least have a little air since we have no enough ventilation inside the house due to power blackout, but as I opened it, strong wind blew right into my face. Typhoon Ondoy suddenly flashed back into my memory. I honestly was a bit scared with this fear that another strong typhoon will hit again the Metro. I looked for a radio and tuned into the latest update. Total blackout and no network signal, so I thought it could be another Ondoy. PAGASA forecast issued a warning signal number 2 to hit Manila, but it was stronger than what I have witnessed last night. Typhoon may not have damaged the Metro but the experience we had last year kept myself alert and prepared for worst scenario. My cellphone is still in no network coverage status as of this moment and I really don't how long will it be fixed. Network said, not until full power supply is served.

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Costumes for my Children

Kids love to wear different costumes. My younger daughter joined joined almost all the organizations and events during her pre school years. She even won an award for best costume. During nutrition month, she wore a strawberry dress and she was amazed by different fruit costumes of her classmates. And now that she's a little grown up, she's still active in joining different events in her school like playing lyre instrument. This morning, I looked for a dress shop that will sew her uniform but the adviser recommended me a shop that provides a complete set for a club member. She loves trying different style. If she's only to wear a male's costume, I guess she would try different Costume Kingdom for other occasions too.

While my younger daughter is involved in playing musical instrument, my older daughter is proud and active member of Girl Scout in their school. I think kids need to be involved in some activities like this to keep them active in real world. They might be busy online sometimes but to balance it, I told them to keep their studies and school organizations active too. Oh well, I'll be off in a while to buy costume and uniform for my children. I hope to find the exact size that will fit them, if not, I'll just look for one shop online.

Monday, July 12, 2010

MYM: Summer at Laiya

Summer was a blast for all of us as it shows by the color of my younger daughter's skin how it turned not tan but overly sunkissed skin. She had a total bonding time with her cousins. I only share it today since my camera was broke a month ago. I was able to recover these photos using another camera.

Snap shot! I saw my nieces walking in smooth sand and captured right away as my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday.

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My Mellow Yellow Monday.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nostalgia #8

This was taken when my daughter joined the event in school many years ago. She won the "Best Costume" title in Linggo ng Wika 2006. She was only 5 years old here and according to panel of judges who were present in the said event, my daughter represented the real Filipina. Modest, simple and sweet.

This is the award that she got. When we moved in a new place, I sorted out things and some old things were put into junk and trashed but I kept this as a souvenir that once she was awarded as Miss Linggo ng Wika and that moment is still vivid in my mind.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love your blog

Ladymishel of A Heart Full of Love gave this award to me. I felt so lucky that a blogger like her sees my blog this way. For me, it only shows I am being loved to have received an award like this. Thanks so much for the award.

According to the rule, I should pass this award to fifteen bloggers. I am sorry to break the rules as I love all your blogs. Bloggers, please feel free to grab the badge above.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PR Update

I just found out today that my own domain blog turned PR1 from PR2 in last update (how sad) while my Embrace Life blog has retained its PR3.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Nostalgia #7

Sorry for my late posting. I'm quite busy these days I just don't want to miss a single entry for Nostalgia. So here's my short post yet very Nostalgic for me. This was taken when we went to Subic many years ago. I just found my little girl so pretty in her smile. I just miss her sporting super short hair. She requested me to post this. She thinks she was very cute here.

I still want to baby you and want to see you like this age. Sigh. She's now ten and really growing up so fast. Please slow baby, don't grow up too fast.

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