Friday, July 23, 2010

moving to another state

This social network connects people and I am speaking based on my own experience, finding my long lost friend who is now based in Ohio. We just had a chat to catch up what we've missed for years of being lost in contact. My friend has been in the states for over five years now and from our meeting online today, she mentioned of her planned vacation this coming month. I'm sure we'll gonna meet when she comes home. This girl is so unpredictable and I wouldn't be surprised anymore if she knocks at my door anytime today. She loves to surprise everyone, but not me. I am prepared and used to her style already. I hope she won't forget my dark chocolates that I've requested when she comes home.

She plans for a grand vacation before she finally settle in another state. Her employer assigned her to another office branch. By next month, or when she goes back to US, Moving in Los Angeles will be her next task to do. It could be stressful but knowing her, everything will be alright. She has a very good record with regards to handling pressures in life. I just wish I am just like her. Although I can stand to different storms of life, she is well far smarter than me. She's my mentor and my best friend. I'll post an entry with her photo next week.

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