Friday, September 30, 2011

Look at my new mouse pad! Isn't it so nice? So pretty in blue. Right? I got this during Blogapalooza event when was introduced to us. At first, I thought that shopping online is something I would not consider because I am so scared and I can't imagine myself to be a victim of unsecured website. I was afraid before that my bank online would be hacked once I entered the details of my account. Of course, there is always a possibility to be a victim if you are not sure of the website you are going to shop so shop only with a trusted seller. Since I started shopping, I became addicted and always find my cart full of items online. I have already purchased a lot online and now another website, has been added to my shopping destination. This site offers Bags, Shoes, Baby Items, Sports Gear, Gadgets and Accessories. Check it out now! on Facebook

Comida China de Manila throws victory party for the UP Pep Squad

Comida China de Manila, formerly known as Panciteria San Jacinto-Pasig and the metro’s favourite blow-out and celebration place, threw a victory party for the University of the Philippines Varsity Pep Squad recently.

Fresh from their triple victory in the recently held 2011 Samsung UAAP Cheerdance Competition, the UP Pep arrived 100-strong at the restaurant serving traditional Chinatown food, still sporting their sensational platinum blonde hair and peppy attitude.

The “UP Pep” was accompanied at the dinner by UP College of Human Kinetics Dean Leilani Gonzalo, former Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs Grace Gregorio, head coach Lalaine (Coach Lala) Pereña and assistant coaches NJ Antonio and Pio Niño Opinaldo.
The UP Pep won first place in the prestigious Samsung Cheerdance Competition on September 17 in back-to-back fashion, now bringing their title total to 7, just one crown away from the University of Santo Tomas with 8. At the same competition, the UP Pep Squad took home all the other awards to be won : the first crown of the inaugural Samsung Group Stunts Competition and the Samsung Stunner of the Day title, care of “blonde” looker Nezsa Salvador.

The platinum blonde look was the peg for the Pep Squad’s Madonna-inspired number that was “crisp, athletic and creative, with trademark throws and athletic moves” that was pure UP Pep Squad.
Comida China, (owned by the Torres Family who also run Mom and Tina Bakery Cafe and the Red Rickshaw in San Fernando, Pampanga), pulled off all the stops in paying tribute to the back-to-back champs. “Such a significant achievement deserves to be celebrated with a full-course Chinese lauriat,” said Comida China de Manila president Benny V. Torres.

“We always strive for excellence in our food and service, that is why we salute the excellence that the UP Pep Squad showed in their performance last Saturday. Their commitment and discipline inspires us to always do our best in all that we do. We are happy to honor them with this dinner, as they honor us here with their presence,” said Benny Torres, who said the tradition of celebrating triumphs and victories invites more triumphs and victories.
After some sampling of cheers and lifts for the benefit of the media present, the UP Pep thanked everyone for their support and pledged to come back next year with something better than their best. They also invited everyone to support them in their next adventure : the 6th Cheerleading World Championship in Hong Kong on November 26-27 where the UP Pep Squad hopes to bring honor not just to UP but to the entire country.

“We hope the event will help introduce and recognize the Philippines more in international cheerleading events and showcase our Filipino cheerleaders as well. It is truly an honor for us to be part of the very first Philippine cheering squad to represent our country in a world cheerleading event,” Coach Lala said.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Love Wheatgrass

I've read a lot about wheat grass and the benefits of drinking it but I never gave attention to this product knowing there are lots of wonder medicine and supplemental tea sprouting like a mushroom in the market these days. It was only last week during Blogapalooza event when EasyPha-max Wheatgrass was finally introduced to us. We actually tasted and learned more about the product. With only five minutes presentation, I was left hanging and thirsty for more info and that trigger me to do my own research about the benefits of wheat grass.

With just one sachet you'll get all the maximum benefits of this Wonder food. Wheat grass Cleanses, Alkalizes and Nourishes your body. My mother left us early because of cancer. She was only 45 years when cancer took her life away from us. It made me think that I am also prone to this incurable sickness and I don't want my kids to feel what I felt being an orphan at an early age. Discovering supplements like Wheatgrass gave me a big hope to actually prevent such thing to happen.

Wheatgrass is a super food with 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, 17 amino acids, chlorophyll and fiber which the body needs to function efficiently. Wheatgrass roots are rich in ABSCISSIC ACID that helps prevent cancer formation and growth. It is packed with more than 100 types of ENZYMES that aid in digestion and faster metabolism.

There are lot more benefits of wheatgrass that I think we all need today. It is so easy to prepare with just a sachet to dissolve in a glass of water. It is time for all of us to live a healthier life. What makes Easy Pha-max a superior to other wheat grass is that, they use leaves and roots. That makes a big difference and I want that difference to live in me today.

Please visit for more details, distributorship and more information about the products.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Internet Addiction

During's 2nd Anniversary celebration held at Richmonde Hotel, one of the topics highlighted was about Internet Addiction. Vanessa Garon of Golden Values School , the first speaker during the event discussed about addiction that can start from early childhood. Because most of the people are now engaged online, the audience was able to relate with the topic and focused their attention on the discussion. Young kids these days are spending much time into the internet.

How well do you know your kids? Are they on their way to addiction? What about you? Check it out now.

Here are some of the slides during the event that I put down here so I could share to my readers.

What is IAD?

Internet Addiction Disorder or IAD is described as a growing addiction. Its constantly and exponentially growing as fast as the World Wide Web is.. daily, hourly even by the nano-second.

A passion adds value to one's life, an addiction takes away value. More people are getting online, and stay there once online. According to Maressa Orsack, Director of Computer Addiction Study Center at Harvard University's Mclean Hospital,

"5% and 10% of Web Surfers suffer some form of web dependency."

Studies reveal a number of habitual patterns similar to persons who are addicted to substances such as alcohol, narcotics or gambling.

The person is disintegrated. He struggles to reconcile online life with real life.. responsibilities with fantasy.

Overuse of inappropriate use of the internet:

  • a manifestation of their depression, anxiety, impulse control disorders or pathological gambling.

One definition that can be implied if you are an internet addict is that when you already hooked on computers and become dependent to online life.

Check out some symptoms that you might be having now without you knowing it or admitting it, or your kids might be on his way to addiction. A self confessed internet addict stated all the symptoms while she was a kid. Her addiction to internet started when she was only 3 years old. She said that she finds her own way even if it will cause her harm just so she can be connected to online world. At first, she had a hard time admitting it.

I attentively listened to the lady (shown above) as she testified how she changed her life from being an internet addict.

Internet addict never admit that he is an addict. Denial. The exact word that can be associated to addiction. There are some symptoms like when you already feel that things are out of control or when internet becomes a priority in your life.

The guest who testified is a former student from Golden Values School. Golden Values School is DEPED recognized. All branches have BID Accreditation for foreign students.

The features that Golden Values School offer include:

Academic Guarantee
Attitudinal and Values Program
Experimental Learning
Personalized attention through small classes
One on one Parent-Teacher conferences
English as the medium of instruction

Please visit the website for more details.

Teaching Attitudes and Values as well as Academics

Disclaimer: Image is blurred intently for privacy purposes.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oryspa brings Spa Experience into your Home

I honestly did not know a thing about this product until it was introduced to us at Blogapalooza event. My curiousity leads me to their website to discover more and how this product is made of. I thought at first that Oryspa is a clinic for spa but yeah, it really has something to connect with spa. Products of Oryspa like Rice Bran Am Water Scrub can be used as Home and Spa Solution. They have a delicate essence (rice water) that will keep your scalp clean and healthy to promote hair growth.

Please check products like Baby Care, Bath and Body, Facial Care, Home and Spa, Pain Relief and others at their website. Links are provided below.

What is Oryspa? I will give you an overview of Oryspa and the products I already tried.

Oryspa means rice for spa. It actually brings spa experience into your home. I have tried myself a product like Rice Bran Baby Powder and had a very calming experience using it. Oryspa Rice Bran Baby Powder is a baby product that absorbs wetness and moisturizes baby's skin. I can't exactly explain the smell, I just so love it!

Oryspa Medication Balm soothes aches and pains. It is guaranteed safe even for kids. I don't need to buy separately a balm for me and my kids. It relieves headaches, migraines and insect bites too. I like the smell and this soothing balm makes me feel so relax. Not too strong nor too light.

You may check Oryspa at their website (links provided below) to discover other benefits of the products.

Facebook: Oryspa at Facebook
Twitter: @oryspa

You may inquire directly at their main office at:
251 D, BCC Building, Chipeco Ave.
near New City Hall
Calamaba Laguna
(049) 576-5743

Nostalgia #71: A Thank You Post for a Birthday Post!

My entry this week will be as short as Thank You. Because I am giving enough exposure to this lady, (kidding aside) I will finish this entry no less than a hundred words. Please remember that you found a true Ate in this world, we call online and real too, who will always understand you and will always be here to give you a good advice. This might be a little late and brief, but it is always better to be late that never blog about it at all. Please head over now to this post. and see what I've been talking about. Never mind about the photos. The link will be posted here only for a week to keep the identity of this blog. ^-^

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This one’s for you Jing!

This is a copy of an article tagged and labeled  as "birthday", "party"posted at  September 22, 2011

Not quite long ago, when I met this gorgeous lady. It was in Serendra during MUD Make up lesson. I knew that she's a happy person even in our first meeting. Her smile brings a positive view to everyone. She's soft spoken and her cheerful attitude makes a happy spirit around. We've been together for many events and every meeting is a surprise for me discovering more of her personality. So, without further ado, let me say Happy Birthday and thank you for a hearty lunch. I read in your update how you wished to blow your cake in time for Mama Mary's birthday. Just another granted wish on your birthday! Though a little bit late with my post, I know that it doesn't really matter at all now. I totally caught off guard by many events and find no time updating my personal blogs. I know that your life begins moment has just started, so welcome to the community. ^-^ This is the time of being youth in our middle age. Happy 40th Birthday Girl! Just another big milestone in your life! I made a collage for you. I am not sure though if you will like it. My computer was in bad condition during the time I was making this collage. And even if my PC works efficiently, I doubt if I can make a better one. (a good excuse, right?) Here are some of the photos that I have captured that day. It is a always an SOP to take a photo first before you feasted on the the food no matter how hungry you are. For once it reaches your colon, it can never be taken out again for food photography. ^-^ The camera addict! I didn't know there were some ladies behind. Now, tell me who of forty-ish lady you know who can make a pose like this. Jing actually taught me how to project like this in front of the camera. Photos of us minus Lyn and Beds who were running straight from the airport just to make it for the celebration. The lady beside Jenny (to the left) represents Jes who's not around for the celebration. Kidding aside!
Another photo of us minus Joy who captured this moment.
A photo shoot was going on during the celebration. Foods were taken only as props here. Of course, I am kidding again. It was such a burpy meal! They just can't say goodbye even if they see each other almost every week in an event. Their husbands must be protesting and jealous over this bonding moment. In the middle of our lunch, some of the staff from Superbowl came to us and sang a birthday song, with a scoop of ice cream designed around with our names in happy birthday greetings. Thank you so much Jing for sharing us your birthday moment for September celebrants, me and Lyn.
Foods we feasted at Superbowl!
  So you think it ended there? Nope, there's more! We continued the celebration at Slimmers World. At first I thought we're going to work out and take the calories we have injected out of our system. I didn't know that Slimmers World is also a clinic for those who need a relaxing day for spa, massage and facial treatment. We actually had a Diamond Peel and a Facial Treatment that day. Treatment was given to us courtesy of Jing's sister who works as a Beauty Consultant at the clinic. We're truly pampered that day!
Di kinaya ng camera ang tawa ni Joy! Did you hear it? The clarity of the photo made it with laughter sound. I should have captured the video instead.
It was such a great bonding moment. We all had a great time at Slimmers World. I will make a much deserving separate post about it. Jing is a Columnist who writes for ESportS-Daily-News under Showbiz Entertainment and Miscellaneous Section daily. Please catch her everyday write up to know more of the latest update.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Freestyle Ballers Watch

As soon as I got home last Saturday, my two kids took my loot bags to see what's inside. I have two girls by the way, 13 and 11-year old tweens. I knew it, they're looking for Freestyle ballers because I called earlier that day to tell them that I got a Freestyle Ballers watch from the Blogapalooza event. My 13-year old girl who's gaga over ballers, said it's' hers while my little girl slapped the watch in her arms and said, "it fits me." Okay, that watch fits all so it surely fits you girl. So to stop, I told them to just pick the color of their choice HERE and just order online. The price is very affordable and it will not eat much of my budget anyway.

And who's not going crazy over this Freestyle Ballers? So sexy in different angle..

This Baller Watch is perfect for Christmas Giveaways. I can order them in bulk too. I don't even need to rush and pressure myself for Christmas. I am also thinking of giving a Freestyle Ballers for raffle in our community meet-up.

You'll be amazed how this business came up. So cool that they can reach the new generations like me.. err my kids. I actually got curious why my daughter saved her allowance not so long ago, only to find out that she spent it for her baller collection.

Slap it in your arms!

And who won? That's my left arm, armed with pinky Freestyle Watch! Cool eh! Who says mom can't wear pink?

Please check out other products from Freestyle Ballers

I like the red one, also violet, and blue, and white and black. I want it all!


The Freestyle Ballers is perfect as a souvenir, as exchange gift or as a token in any event.
Oder your Freestyle Ballers now!

Please check out Freestyle Ballers on Facebook for more details.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tintin Bersola Babao's Smart Step

Being a mom, I always look up and support Tintin's advocacy on good parenting. I am member of, hosted and created by Tintin Bersola herself and learned many tips about parenting. As we all know, smart parenting doesn't cost much at all. You just need to be smart in choosing what is best for the family without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Award-winning television host Tintin Bersola-Babao is a doting mom to her kids Antonia and Nio. Despite her haywire schedule, Tintin makes sure that she gives quality time to her kids. “As a mother, my main concerns are Antonia and Nio. They are my pride and joy. Julius and I work very hard because of them. We want to give all the best for our kids,” Tintin enthuses.

Tintin is known as a devoted mom who has written five children’s books (and another one in the works) – one of them are “The Story of Christine,” “Bakit Siya Meron? Bakit Ako, Wala,” and “Si Kontra, Si Bida, Big Boy Buwaya” – all have received citations from the Catholic Mass Media Awards. She is also a six-time Anak Awardee. Tintin is the prime mover, Executive Creative Director and host of the trailblazing concept – The First Online Parenting Show in the Philippines - She is also a volunteer and advocate of many causes and charities. Further, she passionately supports literacy projects and environmental concerns. She is a prominent personality in most mommy-baby events and is highly regarded as an epitome of a good wife and mom.

That is why she is the perfect endorser for EVEolution, Inc’s newest product line. Smart Steps is a brand that offers a line of products that is specially formulated for babies and young children to provide mommies safer alternatives for modern child rearing. “Smart Steps helps mommies take good care of their little ones,” Tintin gladly claims.

Tintin is a meticulous mom. She admits that when it comes to her kids, she only wants what is best for them. That is why the products she uses for them are chosen with strict consideration. “I am picky in that sense. I only use the products that are safe for them and products that would answer to their specific needs. I am not a fan of expensive things. I totally believe that taking good care of your little ones should not come with an expensive price tag. Para sa akin, hindi dapat gumastos ng malaki para magbigay ng tamang pag-aalaga sa aking mga anak. That is why I am a fan of Smart Steps. Kasi hindi lahat ng regular products sa market ay safe para sa ating mga anak. That is why when Smart Steps was introduced to me, I was totally thrilled. And became elated and really excited when they asked me to endorse the brand,” Tintin admits.

Moreover, as an active parent advocate, helping mommies out in properly raising their kids is one of her objectives. Hence, Tintin makes sure she only endorses products she truly believes in. “I am completely convinced that I made a smart step by accepting the offer of being their endorser. I believe in the brand and company’s vision of continuously providing safer alternatives to modern child rearing. For me, EVEolution and Smart Steps truly help me in taking good care of my children. What is nice about Smart Steps also is that pasok ito sa budget nating mga mommies. As mentioned earlier, giving the proper care for your little ones should not come with an expensive price tag,” Tintin elaborates. As she would say it, with Smart Steps, “alagang mabuting ina sa tamang halaga.”

Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent and Baby Fabric Softener are safer and milder for use on your baby or little one’s clothes. They are both hypoallergenic and do not contain harmful chemicals that are normally found in regular detergents and regular fabric softeners. “Ordinary detergents and fabric softeners can be harmful on your little one’s sensitive skin. Normally naman diba hinihiwalay talaga natin ang paglaba ng damit ng ating mga babies sa paglaba ng damit natin? Dahil bilang isang ina, alam natin na mas sensitive ang skin ni baby at madali magka-rashes,” Tintin adds. That is why you should not use regular detergents and fabric softeners when washing your baby’s clothes. “You should use a detergent and fabric softener that is specially formulated to be mild and safe for your baby’s delicate skin…yung walang harmful chemicals na makaka-iritate sa skin ng ating mga anak. Katulong natin ang Smart Steps sa pagpapanatiling malinis at malambot ang kanilang mga damit at free from rashes ang skin ng ating mga little ones,” Tintin admits. Since Smart Steps is hypoallergenic, moms are assured that her family members, especially those who have sensitive skin, are protected from harmful and irritating chemicals found in regular detergents and regular fabric softeners in the market.

Tintin also educates us on baby bottle cleansers. “Some bottle cleansers contain harmful chemicals na maaring makalason. To be assured of my baby’s safety, I use Smart Steps Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser. It is made from natural and edible ingredients. Thus, clinically proven non-toxic and safe for our babies,” she explains. It is perfect for cleaning feeding bottles, nipples, teats, utensils and even toys. “In cleaning anything that comes in contact with your baby’s mouth, Smart Steps is a safer alternative. Also, since it is proven non-toxic and edible, it can also be used to clean and rinse our fruits and veggies,” Tintin willingly shares.

But Tintin reiterates, “hindi dapat gumastos ng malaki para sa tamang pag-aalaga kay baby. With Smart Steps products, tamang pag-aalaga at tamang pagmamahal kay baby, sa presyong pasok sa budget ni mommy.”

Tintin is truly an inspiration to a lot of mommies. Not only is she an epitome of a good wife, she also is a model parent for most. Like Tintin, we hope that our mommies out there will also make the “smarter step” in taking good care of their little ones.

Smart Steps products are now available in selected supermarkets, groceries, department stores and baby-specialty stores. Smart Steps baby laundry detergent is available in liquid and powder variants (1.5L liquid bottle, 900ml liquid refill, 900g powder, 450g powder, 35ml liquid sachet and 50g powder sachet) while its baby Fabric Softener comes in 1.5L bottle, 900ml refill and 35ml liquid sachet. Smart Steps baby bottle cleanser is available in 400ml pump dispenser, 250ml refill, and 35ml liquid sachet.

Visit Smart Steps at Find them on Facebook and Twitter @MommySmartSteps

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The First Blogapalooza Event

Over 100 bloggers came at Blogapalooza yesterday held at the 5/F of Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street. I saw few bloggers standing at the back, all seats were occupied, an indication that the event was a big hit! We were not only Fully Booked but overly booked as well. Glad we made it early and got a very good view of the presenters and photo ops. I was one of the early birds. I was really excited as it was the first Blogapalooza event hosted by Radio DJ Vince Golangco of When In Manila. I already won few awards being an early bird in my previous events. It gave me a more relaxing time, more photo ops and I was able to met other bloggers before the proper event. I honestly had only a little idea on what to expect that day except for some info that I got in my email. What I only made sure is I have my camera with me. As soon as I arrived at the venue, I headed straight to the Blogapalooza wall and looked for my web address. There it goes. My first picture of the day next to photo op with DJ Vince Golangco.

Before the Blogapalooza started, Italianni's pasta was served to us along with a bottle of cold AQUABEST and juice from Healthy First. My camera alarmed a low bat status even before the event started. My battery quickly drained up but I managed to plug in my camera during few minutes break. I just wished I had a Kameraman with me, I am actually talking about the walking photo booth. Take a look at the photo below, isn't that amazing. For those who are tired of going to a photo booth and want to take a picture right at their place can have a photo like this. What a great idea! I thought of getting one for my daughters' birthday party. The bloggers were getting gaga over this Kameraman and we were like a grade school pupils falling in line ready with our pose. So here's mine from Kameraworld.

my picture coming out from the printer at the back of Kameraman.

The following are the sponsors and presenters at Blogapalooza.

View more photos Here.

All the presentors did their presentation well, only some stood out with their very creative presentations. Among them that caught my attention were SIZE Matters and Avira. First, Size really Matters a lot for me, not only the size of the burger but also I like it grilled. Second is AVIRA. I honestly became interested not only with their presentation but also because I badly needed an AntiVIR now. I can't blog much now because of the virus and my PC hangs every now and then, so often that it took me few hours only for this post. So please do watch out as soon as I'm done installing AVIRA in my PC. I got two, Premium Security Suite and ANTIVIR PREMIUM. I will soon blog my reviews of the products and as soon as I tried the GCs' from the sponsors.

Oh by the way, did I mention I won a Red Jefferson Torch Shoes? Oh yes, I did! I was luckier that day to have won the fab shoes. Now, I am excited to wear this with my favorite jeans.

DJ Vince Golangco is the Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director of To all the staff behind When In Manila Blogapalooza, congratulations for a very successful event!

GPS For Taxis

I headed my way to Blogapalooza yesterday and had a hard time getting a cab to take me to the venue. I've been in the place maybe about three times and yet I still felt at lost in the area. When I finally got a taxi cab, I told the driver to just take me to the address but it seemed that he was not familiar with the place even if I provided him the proper landmarks. He stopped whenever he sees a gasoline station or a policeman to ask which road to take. I wanted to tell him that it was his job to drive the passenger in a right direction and be familiar with the place. How I wish he knew how to go online to buy garmin nuvi gps at the source so it won't happen again to his next passenger.

I arrived at the place a little bit early despite being lost along the way. If I did not leave the house early, I doubt if I can make it at the event on time. I hope that he takes this gadget seriously so that the next passenger won't get mad at him. I did not give a single penny tip and just thanked him anyway for a safe trip.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Nostalgia #70: Gifts

Let me take this opportunity to thank you all who greeted me on my birthday and allow me to link this to Nostalgia. The gift items are sure a treasure that will remind me the ties of friendship that binds us together, friends that goes beyond online. This is just a token but of course it is always the thoughts that count the most.

A Diffuser or Aroma Lamp and a Bottle of Essential Green Tea Oil
from Honey's Home and Leisure

Loreal Products from Rossel of Topics on Earth

Thank you so much for the gifts. I really love it.

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