Sunday, September 18, 2011

The First Blogapalooza Event

Over 100 bloggers came at Blogapalooza yesterday held at the 5/F of Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street. I saw few bloggers standing at the back, all seats were occupied, an indication that the event was a big hit! We were not only Fully Booked but overly booked as well. Glad we made it early and got a very good view of the presenters and photo ops. I was one of the early birds. I was really excited as it was the first Blogapalooza event hosted by Radio DJ Vince Golangco of When In Manila. I already won few awards being an early bird in my previous events. It gave me a more relaxing time, more photo ops and I was able to met other bloggers before the proper event. I honestly had only a little idea on what to expect that day except for some info that I got in my email. What I only made sure is I have my camera with me. As soon as I arrived at the venue, I headed straight to the Blogapalooza wall and looked for my web address. There it goes. My first picture of the day next to photo op with DJ Vince Golangco.

Before the Blogapalooza started, Italianni's pasta was served to us along with a bottle of cold AQUABEST and juice from Healthy First. My camera alarmed a low bat status even before the event started. My battery quickly drained up but I managed to plug in my camera during few minutes break. I just wished I had a Kameraman with me, I am actually talking about the walking photo booth. Take a look at the photo below, isn't that amazing. For those who are tired of going to a photo booth and want to take a picture right at their place can have a photo like this. What a great idea! I thought of getting one for my daughters' birthday party. The bloggers were getting gaga over this Kameraman and we were like a grade school pupils falling in line ready with our pose. So here's mine from Kameraworld.

my picture coming out from the printer at the back of Kameraman.

The following are the sponsors and presenters at Blogapalooza.

View more photos Here.

All the presentors did their presentation well, only some stood out with their very creative presentations. Among them that caught my attention were SIZE Matters and Avira. First, Size really Matters a lot for me, not only the size of the burger but also I like it grilled. Second is AVIRA. I honestly became interested not only with their presentation but also because I badly needed an AntiVIR now. I can't blog much now because of the virus and my PC hangs every now and then, so often that it took me few hours only for this post. So please do watch out as soon as I'm done installing AVIRA in my PC. I got two, Premium Security Suite and ANTIVIR PREMIUM. I will soon blog my reviews of the products and as soon as I tried the GCs' from the sponsors.

Oh by the way, did I mention I won a Red Jefferson Torch Shoes? Oh yes, I did! I was luckier that day to have won the fab shoes. Now, I am excited to wear this with my favorite jeans.

DJ Vince Golangco is the Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director of To all the staff behind When In Manila Blogapalooza, congratulations for a very successful event!


  1. Oh cute, you got a pink colored Freestyle Ballers watch! :) Congrats for winning the pair of shoes, well deserved win, kasi ka-size mo yung shoes.

    Nice to meet you in person.

  2. I saw my blog url on the board. Too bad I couldn't come. Hayy.. sana may part 2.

  3. Eto yung event na gustong gusto kong puntahan but sad to say hindi pa pwede :( maliit pa si baby.

  4. aW NAKS! ganda ng shoes!! panalo!! :D ehhehehe congrats! :) sayang wala ako - photographer mo :)) ehhehehe so so JOY and YOU lang naapasok sa group? so kasama mo sya ;D

  5. I agree! The event was really a success! I enjoyed every mionute if it and am now starting to blog about the products. Heheh! Hope to attend the next one as well. =)

  6. iba ka ka, panalong panalo! the shoes you won, oh oh! daming freebies!!! ang bilis mo pa mag post. galing!!!

  7. Congrats fren, iba na talaga ang early bird at hindi angry bird lol! You're so blessed fren, so happy for you and can't wait din to see u wear those Jefferson Torch Red!

  8. Ohh you're so lucky you won the red shoes! :)


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