Friday, October 7, 2011

JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest

Two years ago, I let my kid to participate at the Science Camp held in Laguna. Since I was scared to let her go on her own, I accompanied her and joined the camp too. Although at times, I let her alone and kept a distance, still, I can't help but kept on eye to her because it gave me some worries that she might dive into a deep pool or climb in the giant slide.

my kid's growing up so fast..
"Can I just try the giant slide?"

Because she really loves to swim and I know that it will give her so much fun, I enrolled her in a swimming class. Today, she already finished the basic and advanced swimming lessons and is now working on to improve her techniques and speed. She already knew freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. She wants to be a swimmer someday. As a supportive mother that I always am, I make it a point that her skin is protected even if she's exposed much into sunlight by preparing everything that she needs in her swimming like sunblock, fresh juice and water to freshen her up and Johnson's Baby Milk Bath to keep her skin moisturize. The water in the pool easily dries up her skin so I always make it a point to include Johnson's Baby Milk Bath in her swimming back pack.

She is changing before my eyes but her skin is still like a baby’s. We still need the gentle care of JOHNSON’s Baby Milk Bath, with Vitamins A&E and 100% more milk proteins to nourish developing skin.

Caught her about to take a shower as she always did before and after her swimming lesson. From her first bath and until now, I trust only Johnson's Baby Milk Bath. I know that she needs it even more today, now that her skin is exposed into sunlight and chlorinated pool.

She's growing up so fast that I need to buy her again a new swimwear because the one that I bought a month ago doesn't fit her anymore. Even the swimming cap have to be in adult size because the junior size always left a mark on her forehead after the swimming. I have invested so much in her swimming but I don't care about how much I have already spent in buying her the basic needs like, swimwear, sunblock, swimming cap, kick board, goggles and other swimming stuff. I know that she's enjoying her swimming and that's all that matters most to me. She is determined to be a swimmer and before I knew it, she already is competing in this sports. Mommy is blogging here by the way.

And here's another good news to all my dear readers! Guess what? Johnson's have something special for you. You can be a part of this contest by just leaving a comment here.

One (1) gift pack will be given to all Bloggers with entries to be given to their community member (commenter).

Here's how:

1. Comment on the post and leave a caption in my daughter's 1st photo above. Try to be unique and creative.

2. Like Johnson's Baby World of Firsts Facebook page to be able to qualify in the commenter's contest!

Comment will be judged according to the following criteria: Creativity of Title (cuteness of the title) 50%, Unique play of words (relevance): 50%
Bloggers will work with the agency team to verify fan status of commenter.

Join now! Commenter winner will be decided upon by October 28, 2011 at 11:59pm.


  1. oh so cutie!!! :D nice work mommy NORA!! :D my little model wants to be a gymnast too! :D I wanna join this contest!! :D

  2. "From up above, and down under...Someday I will!"

    Min Viloria

  3. she's really growing up so FAST! Great post you made for Johnsons contest, I hope you win. Missing you NUTS---ie

  4. hope u win this contest, such a great post. i know that motherly feeling, always protective to our kids. sabi nga, better enjoy the company of ur kids while they still allowed u to tag with them, sooner, it will come that they will slowly inch off to become independent.

  5. The future swimming champ - she's indeed a champion for her age,

    hope you can leave some comment too sis,

  6. "This is where all the champions start, and Johnson's baby care is always part of the transformation"

    Good job Mommy Nora for being such a supportive mom.

  7. NEXT GEN'S WONDER OF OUR WORLD- nice post Nora!

  8. Future olympian yan si Bunso. Love her smiles!

  9. yes, kids grow up so fast that your baby is now a little lady. she loves water so much. I can see it in her eyes and smiles.

    wondering why your post didn't make it to the contest.

  10. Your daughter is so lovely. Hope she will won the contest , good luck !!! :)

  11. With your little girl's determination and your unwavering support and encouragement, I'm sure we'll see her compete in the real swimming competition one day.

    Good luck to the little lady! :)

  12. I love Johnsons Baby Lotion too because It leaves the baby smelling great and leaves my skin soft. Goodluck hope you won this contest :)

  13. I can really feel the love, care and concern from a proud mom like you my dear, after reading your blog.
    I can even relate to this because I could still remember when I enrolled my one and only son Jigo to his swimming class.
    I so love your post, another relevant and apt title for this lovely and heartwarming blog would be "A MOTHER'S TOUCH."

  14. I like the idea that you used the Johnson's milk bath for her to have a smooth skin. I used those with my kids and myself too. :) I like their products. Your daughter is cool coz she can swim, me myself don't know how. hehehe

  15. ayay! ang galing naman...way to go! may future Olympian kana pala te...:)

  16. Pag laki sa Johnson, our children are sure to reach greater heights! Because a child who grew up with Johnson's grew up feeling loved :-)
    Just like your growing daughter....

  17. Way to go, future olympian! Your mom really knows what's best for you~ kudos to you dear and to your mom for supporting you^_^

  18. "In my own baby steps, someday, I can conquer that big slide."

    I really admire parents who support their kids with their dreams and aspirations. Swimming is the one sport I hope to learn, am glad your daughter learned the sport at such an early age. May she achieve her dreams of becoming a champion swimmer.

  19. I've always used J&J milk bath for my kids! Specially with camomile, so good to the smell!

    "No slide to high for me now!"

  20. mom should always support their children!! congrats to you!!

  21. "my very own little mermaid"

    she is just the cutest + you bet, children are really growing up way too fast, we should not blink our eyes :)

  22. your daughter is cute! We also use JnJ baby milk bath!

  23. You have a future Olympian, Mommy Nuts! Your daughter is really growing up so fast!

  24. any mom would be so lucky to have her for a na brainy pa!

  25. HEre's my CAPTION for the first PHoto :

    "I know I can make it, but mom knows best so better not try it"


  26. Jil' really growing up so fast. mas malaki na sya sakin! haha!

    title? wala akong maisip.. pwede kayang..

    "The Ride of My Life"

    congrats and goodluck, cuz!

  27. caption : The giant slide ain't no match. When I grow up, I'm gonna slide so better watch out. ;)

    Analyn Alonsagay

  28. Awww...when I was younger, I wanted too try swimming too... but my mom didn't want me to :( your daughter is lucky to have a supportive mom and you are lucky to have such a pretty and talented daughter sis...

    My Caption: "This Big Girl will conquer you soon Big Slide"

    Ellen Cayaba

    Mine's here: MOMMY SURVIVAL Johnson's Growing Up So Fast Contest. I hope you can post a caption for my daughter's photo too. Thanks in advance :)

    Good luck to us both! :)

  29. "Mom, trust me and you'll be proud of me"

    Annissa Diaz

  30. dream big, soar high!!!

    everyone is a J&J baby at any point of one's life, and that for me is a great way of showing great care of ourselves and our kids as well. 'hope you win, sis!

  31. "Momma, I'm a big girl now!"

    My daughter uses JnJ too and that's ever since she was a baby. JnJ is our fmaily's favorite. Even hubby uses it. We love the smell and fresh feeling after using Jnj products! :D

  32. Ain’t no slide high enough. Ain’t no pool wide enough. For me to overcome.

    Jenny So

  33. "To slide or not to slide?"

  34. OMG! ang laki na nya :) nakakamiss pag baby pa sila di ba?

    Good luck sis!

  35. 'I should try to slide know if I really can'

    Indeed, kids are growing so fast.. before you know it.. they have all these antics you never knew where they've learn... :)

  36. I'll try that slide when I get back!

    Marilou Lim

  37. Your lil girl is now a little lady mommy nuts, before you know it she's growing to be a fine lady.

    My caption in the fist pic. albeit she's thinking...

    "I can slide with my eyes wide open in those high water slide. If mommy would let me, i'd be sliding down like a pro"

  38. our kids really need all the support they can get from us... congrats for having a pretty-talented daughter :)

    My Caption:
    "I'm gonna Slide away,
    Swim far more and Shine someday!"

    Czaroma Roman
    cza[dot]roman at yahoo dot com

  39. "Hmmm, that giant slide is calling me! Gotta try that soon!"

    Eihdra Gatchalian
    admin at oneproudmomma dot com

  40. I'm gonna slide down and have fun!


  41. caption : "mom, do you think i can do it?"

  42. Time really flies so fast in just a couple of years she will be trying a whole lot more. Kids really grow up so fast....but the most important of it all no matter how binata or dalaga na they might be...for us they will always be our baby

  43. caption: A Slide on My Way to My Dream

  44. i will be one of the great swimmer someday. i will do it with all my heart.

  45. Thanks everyone for joining the contest! One lucky commenter won a gfit pack from Johnson's having the best caption for this entry.

    Congratulations Cza Roman! Thank you very much for joining!


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