Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Blues

I'm getting a lot of ads in my email that sometimes lead me to click the link because of the great deal and big discount and even offer free gifts and shipping. That's too good to be true right. But then, the season just kicks in and if you have a long list for Christmas, giving it a shot is a good way to start shopping to cross out  items from your long  list. If you have no idea yet of what to give for holidays, why don't you give something unique like bone guitar saddle  for music enthusiast. Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Silent Disease

According to IOF, osteoporosis affects over 200 million people worldwide. Approximately one in three women and one in five men over the age of 50 will break a bone (also known as osteoporotic fracture) due to the silent disease.

Fractures, specifically hip fractures, can cause loss of function and independence with 40% of patients unable to walk independently; 60% requiring assistance a year late; 33% being totally dependent on or in a nursing home. Moreover, hip fractures cause the greatest morbidity with reported mortality up to 20-24% in the first year after a person suffers a hip fracture "We at the Pfizer Consumer Healthcare support the IOF in its advocacy to inform the people about osteoporosis and the fact that it can be prevented," says Dr. Egbert Dorado, a senior medical manager at PCH. "We echo IOF's, key message: Adequate intake of the right nutrients contributes to bone health at all ages and is a first step in osteoporosis prevention. For those who already have osteoporosis, a bone-healthy nutrition should be part of their treatment and rehabilitation program.

Three of the major nutrients that help optimize bone health are: calcium, vitamin D, and protein, with recommended daily allowances varying throughout life. "Regulating calcium levels in the body promotes better bone mass density (BMD), alongside improving muscle performance and balance. Taking a calcium supplement with adequate levels of Vitamin D3 also helps maximize calcium absorption," adds Dr. Egbert.

While proper nutrition works, it is also important to have holistic approach to osteoporosis prevention and management. "It is indeed crucial to build strong bones early in life by following a healthy diet as it is the key ingredient in helping a person achieve peak bone mass, and maintaining it throughout life. But it is equally important to avoid other modifiable risk factors including sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and alcohol use," explains Dr. Egbert.

Osteoporosis is an incurable disease, but controlling its risk factors and complying with treatment regimens where prescribed can ensure a mobile, independent, and fracture-free life.

For more information on osteoporosis and World Osteoporosis Day 2015, visit, follow IOF on Instagram (@worldosteoporosisday) or on Facebook (, or subscribe to its YouTube channel (

Shoot With The Stars 2015

The Actors Guild of the Philippines in cooperation with CATMATES, Inc. will have its first ever ‘’SHOOT WITH THE STARS 2015’’.  Shoot with The Stars is a two-day shooting competition for a cause event happening on November 07 -08, 2015 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at Southern Police Distrrict (SPD) Firing Range, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Registration fee is Php 1,000.00 that will cover the entrance and a raffle ticket. The event will feature actors and actresses who will be competing with gun enthusiast and from PNP, AFP and other organizations.

Over 300 shooters expected in participation.  We would like to invite you to become one of our sponsors for this “Shoot with the Stars 2015” most awaited event. Attached are the sponsorship pa

Those who would like to be a sponsor and those who want to help this advocacy can do so by being one of the following:

1. Shooters
2. Sponsors
3. Ticket Sale
4. Booth  Rental

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact 09076299 or 09175504180 / 09175504172, just look for Jerry or Liezl. You may also e-mail

Actors Guild of the Philippines is an organization mandated to foster goodwill and camaraderie among film and television actors and to promote and protect the rights and welfare of actors and workers of the film industry. It has also recognized excellent artistic performances as a guild of the Film Academy of the Philippines. #starshootfest, #catmates, #actorsguild 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Random Sight on Friday Morning

I walked past the three men who looked like serenading a lady in a busy corner of a street at the very early hour of the morning and I figured out why they were drawing crowd with only spitballs in their hands. On a Friday morning, the sight was such a pleasant view and listening to  their music makes me feel like I was in a different place, relaxing and having a real good time. This is what I love when you're not rushing to go on a work or running to catch the train. I wish it's always Friday with nothing
much to think of workloads and just enjoying random sight.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Amazing Bubble Man

Louis Pearl - The Amazing Bubble Man makes his first ever visit to Manila at RCBC’s Carlos P. Romulo Theater from 23 - 27 September!

Louis Pearl, The Amazing Bubble Man has been thrilling audiences around the world for nearly 30 years with the art, magic, science and fun of bubbles. He has performed to more than one million people, including royalty and celebrities, in hundreds of cities around the world. He is also a favourite at the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he returns this year for his eighth successive season.

From square bubbles, layers of bubbles inside bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, volcano bubbles to flying UFO bubbles and even people inside bubbles – The Amazing Bubble Man is set to enchant adults and children alike with his unique blend of skill and humour.

With infectious enthusiasm, The Amazing Bubble Man explains some fascinating facts about bubbles, bringing science to life and into the realm of fun. As well as exploring the dynamics of bubbles, The Amazing Bubble Man conjures shrieks of laughter and gasps of amazement from all ages.

This wondrous 75 minute show combines breath-taking artistry, colourful music, plenty of audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep all ages entranced. Louis Pearl says of his show, “The kid in everybody gets excited. The audience connects with what's happening onstage at a pre-verbal place. There's so much joy."

Producer James Cundall, Chief Executive of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, says “I saw Louis Pearl’s Amazing Bubble Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and was absolutely mesmerised. I had no idea you could do so many amazing things with bubbles!”

“I went to talk to Louis after his performance about touring internationally – I thought ‘if a producer with 25 years in the entertainment business can be blown away by bubbles then surely people all around the world will be amazed by this incredible show too.’”

Louis Pearl, The Amazing Bubble Man is produced by Concertus Manila and Lunchbox Theatrical Productions in association with Louis Pearl.

* * * * *
“By the end of this show, your spirits will be soaring up with the helium-filled bubbles floating about the ceiling.” EDINBURGH FESTIVAL REVIEWS, 2010

“Just brilliant” The Guardian, UK

“Makes the audience squeal with delight” San Francisco Chronicle

About Louis Pearl
Louis Pearl was born in San Francisco and in 1980 started his own toy company, making amongst other things a big bubble-making toy - ‘The Bubble Trumpet’. To help sell the toy he learned a few bubble tricks and soon he was performing at summer camps. Encouraged by the response Louis Pearl developed a stage show, and started touring around California, before taking his show to a wider audience around the USA and overseas, becoming an established sell-out performer at the famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He has written two books about bubbles, made a video called “Light, Camera, Bubbles” and produced many bubble inventions.

Types of bubbles invented by Louis Pearl:
People-Inside Of Bubbles
Square Bubbles
Spaceship Bubbles
Universe Bubbles
Centipede Bubbles
Edible Bubbles
Bubble Brains
Trampoline Bubbles
Trumpet Bubbles
William Tell Bubbles
Bubbles in Bubbles
Kids in Bubble
Wearing Bubbles

Date: 23 - 27 September, 2015
Venue: RCBC Carlos P. Romulo Theater
Orchestra AA to H 2,700
Orchestra J,K,L 2,500
Orchestra Back 2,300
Loge Center 2,000
Loge Sides 1,800
Balcony 900
Orchestra AA to H 2,950
Orchestra J,K,L 2,800
Orchestra Back 2,600
Loge Center 2,000
Loge Sides 1,800
Balcony 1,000
*Ticket prices are exclusive of TicketWorld fees

Executive Producer Media and Marketing Associate
Concertus Concertus
Email: Email:
Tel: +632 403-8678 Tel: +632 403-8678
Mobile: +63917-537-0539 Mobile: +63917-827-9856

Smoking Bubbles
Amazing Bubble Hat
Trapped in a Bubble
Juggling Bubbles
Fog- f i l led Bubbles

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Where to store all your music equipment

Do you know where you can  easily store all of  your music equipment?  A friend referred me to musician friend workstations   and it is just so  wonderful  that will  save you  from all the stress of  having to combine all of  your  music equipment  that you need in one space.  This makes the recording or producing of music much easier.  I have finally found a workstation that could inspire everyone  to exhibit  creativity and talent for making music.  

Saturday, June 27, 2015

What It Takes to Make A Better Music

I am totally amused of these people who have talent in composing a song with only a single instrument with special features like     rocksmith guitar cable.  It truly needs a heart to make a better story inside the song because no matter how hard you try, if your soul is not in it, nothing would come up with your  composition and would just end it like an unfinished business.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Common Mistake When You Buy

Finding a musical instrument takes a lot of time and looking for accessories is another thing. Not all these are testable in-store. In fact you would only know how it works when you're home to test the quality of sound. Sometimes you end up going back to store to change the item and try it over and over again. The process repeats until you find the perfect one that will fit for your taste. The best way is to read reviews and check online store so the next time you want to buy any accessories like proline parts, you   wouldn't go on the tiring process like going on a trial-and-error test.

How to make a natural air freshener

We used to pick the  leading brand of air fresher whenever we do our  grocery  routine on  month-ends.  It costs more or less  P300 ($8)  and sometimes  it didn't even  last  for  a  month.  It actually  consumed a big chunk from my budget where  I could already buy  a lot of  supplies with that amount.  Whenever I cook something in the kitchen,  which is only a few steps from the living room,  my children couldn't take the smell especially fried fish as it is so stinky and brings unpleasant smell.  We don't have an exhaust fan.  Could you imagine our everyday dilemma facing that fishy smell or unpleasant odor. Oh, well not until I  visited a friend and  witnessed how she made  her natural air freshener.  I got curious as it smells good and  you wouldn't even think it's a home made freshener.  When I got home, I tried to make the same freshener with all the ingredients  available in the kitchen. I use a stronger vinegar, Heinz apple cider  but I'll try the white one next time.  I bet you wouldn't buy  the one in the market  once you tried it. It smells like a morning breeze. 

So here's how to make a natural freshener:   Vinegar, calamansi and detergent. Mix them  together and put in a  spray bottle.  That's it.  You now have a natural air  freshener.  Spray  it  in your room or any place you want.

Edited: Use the commercial or white one instead.

We Will Meet Again

You've gone away, left us today

For another place and time
With so much more to give,
so much life to live
So much love you've left behind

That's what makes it hard for me
That what makes it so unfair
I only know that someday, somewhere

It may take a lifetime
But wait for me my friend I promise you

But we're connected at the heart, oh
There's still memories to be made
And I won't be afraid, no

We will meet again
We will meet again
Though I must let you go
I know it's not the end

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dancing with Music

Dancing helps us to achieve the ideal weight and body we ever dream of provided that it is done regularly and accordingly. Well, it helps us burn down the carbs we have inside our body. There are types of dances everyone could choose for depends on the taste he or she’d like to, it can be ballad or hip-hop and so much more. And it is more perfect if this is done with music especially if you do have tube amp head for great sound. Make sure to check 12au7 tube reviews so you would know what next product to get if you're planning to because having good sound also helps us to get active even more. Great music comes with great outcome!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Here Comes Spring Time!

Spring time is on! Time to enjoy the perfect weather, green grass,  trees and  beautiful flowers that are blooming!  But with all these beauties, come all sorts of allergies and insects!  I love spring time but I hate the part where all these insects come out and live out of  your porch and worst is,  they get inside your house and  stay comfortably. Last year, my worst problem were flies!   I hate them! And who would love these crawly creatures roaming around your way!  I tried different home remedy to get rid of them but nothing works!  I even bought a mosquito net for the door but they still get their way  for some reason. Thank goodness!  I discovered one good solution for this and now planning to get myself one of  these traps.  Check out the Skeetervac traps at Northline Express!  See it for yourself.  I hope this solution works best  and  finally enjoy the spring season.

Happy Springtime!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sofia's Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen

For those who want to have a flawless-white skin, try Sofia’s Glutathione soap with Kojic and Collagen.

Try Sofia's Glutathione soap with Kojic and Collagen to have a flawless-white skin.   It is FDA Approved,
and Philippine made.

Main Ingredients:


A natural anti-oxidants that eradicates toxins or free radicals in the body. As Glutathione properties is synthesized into a Glutathione soap, it inhibits the melanin formation and eliminates melasma, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, freckles, dark spots. This results to a natural skin lightening.


A natural protein that binds skin tissues to avoid fine lines or wrinkles. As a person age, decrease in collagen becomes apparent. With collagen supplements, such as soaps, creams, etc., natural collagen develops to avoid unwanted lines on your skin.


Kojic Acid, another form of skin lightening property, is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungus that is found to cure melasma, dark spots, and acne.

Vitamin E and C

Antioxidant properties that promotes natural skin repair. Both neutralize free radicals and aids development of your body’s natural glutathione.

Today, SVR Infinity have more than 400 resellers and  50 distributors and 2 executive distributors.

For more details, please visit the website.
(02) 3588762
(02) 6228273

Monday, February 16, 2015

Thinking Man's Classroom

With today’s landscape of information and technology dominating media and the web, it is easy to say things without really thinking about what we say. Such a condition reduces and simplifies the contemporary world in all its complexity. At the same time, however, these advances in the availability and growth of information and technology also brings about the possibility of bypassing traditional means and modes of production and exchange, one of which is education.

An online channel featuring 4 shows initially, Thinking Man’s Classroom envisions itself as an avenue for the free discussion of ideas and culture, with several podcasts segmented, highlighting different aspects of reinventing education.

First of these is The Museum of Randomly Perfected Broken Bodies, a story telling show with a darker angle on life's little secrets, little untold stories which cuts through the usual limits of what can be said. Hosting this show is Manu Respall, a visionary conceptual artist, a character actor, a poet, writer and an explorer of realms. Manu believes that there is beauty to all the madness in the world. With random characters guesting in the show to contribute in its subtle abstraction, the stories will be written by Manu himself.

Second in the line-up of shows is Random Fandom, a show designed to turn up the geek inside all of us, whether it be movies, shows, toys or pop culture. Hosting this show is Jon SideƱo, a book enthusiast and an avid fan of Star Trek and James Bond.

Next is Principals of Principle, a talk show turning to matters of philosophy and opinion in free-wheeling discussions among its hosts. Principals of Principle brings together a panel of people from different walks of life to exchange ideas which aim to present as many sides of the topic as possible. Hosting this show are sci-fi enthusiast Nii Foronda, journalist Alma Anonas-Carpio, VJ-presenter Angel Jones, poet-critic Vince Dioquino, cathecist Kim Tengco and photographer-activist Niccolo Cosme.

Last but certainly not least of Thinking Man’s Classroom’s lineup is For Word and By Word, a show about the power of words over a population of upright creatures that communicate through sound and gesture, performance and imagination. Hosted by performance poet, educator and radio host Kooky Tuason, the show aims to prove that words are more powerful than an army of armed warriors in the arena of life because we are moved by words and live by them.

Born through Kooky’s vision of helping out fellow artists and forged through her innovating initiative, Thinking Man’s Classroom aspires at becoming a space for different people to freely discuss what is happening in today's world. Directed by Clayshop's August Lyle Espino, Thinking Man’s Classroom premieres February 23, 2015. Stay up to date and follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Instagram: @thinkingmansclassroom 
Twitter: @tmclassroom 
Pinterest: Thinking Man's Classroom

Special thanks to Chapter IX Books and More, Chub Couture, Ananda Kanani Accessories, F*ART Fashion Art Gallery, Khumbmela
Thinking Man's Classroom

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How weight affects your fertility

I am lucky to have two beautiful daughters and it's the best thing that happened to me. I know some people that are trying to conceive for years now and still not getting lucky. Usually it's medical reason but possibly just wrong timing. To help other women out there that wanted to conceive, here's a short article  that might help millions.

Did you know that more than one in six couples suffers from some form of fertility issue that makes it difficult for them to get pregnant? According to, one of the biggest factors affecting fertility is something weight and/or diet related. Maintaining a healthy weight can go a long way towards affecting your fertility, and it’s one of the biggest things that a woman can do on her own to affect her fertility. Doctors say that if a woman is overweight, losing as little as ten percent of her body weight can dramatically improve her fertility. Of course, eating right and exercising regularly will benefit the body in all sorts of ways, not just fertility related ones, so it’s a great choice to make. It doesn’t have to be a major thing, if you want to lose weight to boost your fertility. Just incorporate exercise into your daily routine, maybe as an evening walk after dinner, and pay close attention to your food choices. Junk foods, processed foods, and foods like fast foods and sugary snacks are all very bad for fertility and weight gain both. All it takes to improve your fertility is changing the way you think about food, diet and exercise, and taking time to think things through and make better choices when it comes to what you are putting in your body.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


The Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2015 presented by Alaska program will tip-off in Manila with a coaches clinic on January 24 followed by an open clinic on January 25. A second coaches clinic and open clinic will be held in Bacolod on January 31 and February 1 respectively. Returning for the eighth consecutive year, this year’s program will reach more than 700 schools and communities nationwide.

Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA is the league’s international youth development program that promotes basketball participation, sportsmanship and teamwork, and an active lifestyle among boys and girls. The 2015 Philippine schedule includes school clinics as well as coaching seminars in the lead up to Regional Selection Camps where standout participants will be selected to participate in the National Training Camp in April. The National Training Camp will culminate with the selection of 10 Jr. NBA and 5 Jr. WNBA All-Stars, providing the select campers with a unique NBA experience which they will share with fellow Jr. NBA All-Stars from across Southeast Asia later in the year.

The program remains free and open to players between 10 and 14 years old. Registration is now ongoing through the official Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA website Fans can follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter at For all things NBA, visit

The complete Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2015 schedule will be released at a later date.

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