Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to make a natural air freshener

We used to pick the  leading brand of air fresher whenever we do our  grocery  routine on  month-ends.  It costs more or less  P300 ($8)  and sometimes  it didn't even  last  for  a  month.  It actually  consumed a big chunk from my budget where  I could already buy  a lot of  supplies with that amount.  Whenever I cook something in the kitchen,  which is only a few steps from the living room,  my children couldn't take the smell especially fried fish as it is so stinky and brings unpleasant smell.  We don't have an exhaust fan.  Could you imagine our everyday dilemma facing that fishy smell or unpleasant odor. Oh, well not until I  visited a friend and  witnessed how she made  her natural air freshener.  I got curious as it smells good and  you wouldn't even think it's a home made freshener.  When I got home, I tried to make the same freshener with all the ingredients  available in the kitchen. I use a stronger vinegar, Heinz apple cider  but I'll try the white one next time.  I bet you wouldn't buy  the one in the market  once you tried it. It smells like a morning breeze. 

So here's how to make a natural freshener:   Vinegar, calamansi and detergent. Mix them  together and put in a  spray bottle.  That's it.  You now have a natural air  freshener.  Spray  it  in your room or any place you want.

Edited: Use the commercial or white one instead.


  1. Thanks for sharing on this one! I also tried making my own homemade freshener yesterday but it didn't come out too well but maybe this time it will by adding some detergent...

  2. Mas mabango siguro if lemon ang gagamitin, ano sis?

  3. Ma-try nga to, I have all the ingredients and I have an empty spray bottle :)


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