Saturday, October 30, 2010


Our lunch meeting was set to 11am as brunch but we've met nearly 1pm or was it past 1pm. I actually arrived the place earlier but went to watch service center for repair of my old watch that just stopped for no reason at all even with new battery. The staff told me to have my watch serviced. Ok, too much for the watch segue, Lol. So I went down to meet blogger friends waiting at Burger King past 12noon already. As soon as we were complete, we went to Conti's as we chose the resto known for its great pastries and food. It was actually our first time to meet Bambie, our dear fab mommy blogger who just arrived for a quick vacation in the country. Her Kawaii Princess is celebrating 2nd birthday with family and friends and for some reason, we did not make it to attend today. Anyways, there's still many occasions to look forward in the future.

Captured the laughters..
Topic: Smiley in camera and how it works. Jingke tried to capture Jes in frown face. We all wondered how camera detect the smiley features. lol

we were not in the laughing scene here as Fedz, Peh and I occupied the other side. We talked about bloggers who were not around. Kidding. We were talking about our life before blogging here. Lol. See Fedhz? Now I know her inspiring story. I might be her big competence in business, soon as I get to know the secret. lol.
It could be a simple meeting, a lunch date but memories are sure a treasure to keep.

Happy Halloween! See you guys next week. I'll blog hop if I can but I doubt if I can make it with poor internet connection in the place where I am heading to.

*laughters in the title? in a hurry for this post and laughters first came into my mind seeing photos of them in their priceless laughs.. :))

*scheduled post

Computer System

The pc that I am using right now has been with me for over three years now and still in good condition. I personally did not know the exact specifications when I bought this. The salesman did a a very good job anyway and closed the deal knowing I have a little knowledge in terms of full specifications of pc. Now, I am aware already of where to buy the best computer system, pc or Industrial pc. My system runs as fast as when I bought it is still working well to date. I bet, by next year, my pc would not be as fast as it is now, so this means an upgrade or look for a new and latest system.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Battery Warranty

Daughter has been complaining about the battery of her laptop she has been using for the past nine months. She cannot use the laptop without being plugged in direct to the power outlet. The battery lasts for five minutes only and the power would shut down at once. If we have laptop warranty including battery, then I could just bring the laptop to the store and ask for replacement. But since we don't have the receipt of warranty, I doubt if we could get a replacement for this.

Nostalgia #24

I was reorganizing photos in their album last week when I found this old photo. She was three years old here. I scanned this photo for my nostalgia entry and I will try to create a photo book for them this week. Some of her photos were already cropped when she made a scrap book for her school project. Many people think she got a well rounded eyes. Today she wears an eyeglasses and wants to wear contacts with thought that wearing this will contribute a big difference to her looks.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

only this sembreak

would  i allow  junks  at home. i'm a spoiler but i'm a disciplinarian too. watching dvds in pyjamas, in a high cool room, is life for them. spending vacation their way at home. this sem break is an exception. it's a break from school and  stress anyway!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Away From Home

It is hard to accept sometimes that people have to work abroad away from their own home just to provide living for their family. Many people are working abroad and I knew how hard it is for them to be away from the family just to earn money for a living. Although there are lots of ways to get in touch with them like internet, telephone or mobile phone where they can call when they miss the family anytime of the day, still, being with them is the best way to spend birthdays, holidays, Christmas or any other occasions. Visiting local christian singles will be a great way to help them at least ease loneliness inside. It feels good to share the same views with friends and learn things from each other.

trendy slippers

it's already a trend in the country. people wear jeans and flip flops when going out even when attending events. Philippines is a tropical country and it is very unusual that you see ladies wearing boots or closed high heeled shoes because the weather is warm and you can't stand wearing boots unless you are in the high lands (not the legume and roasted peanuts in a commercial) where they experience cold weather almost all through the year. daughter loves wearing flip flops and this is her common get up with skinny jeans or jeggings. but not during our last malling when the strap of her slipper suddenly broke. good thing, her cousin had this extra running shoes that she used during the fun run.

I'm Excited

I'm excited for next weekend. We're invited by one fabulous mommy blogger who will throw a party for her little darling. Now I need to shed off extra pounds in my weight as soon as possible. All of my clothings are getting tighter. I lost two pounds last week but it remained stationary. I want to lose at least five pounds this week or I'll buy new clothes that will fit me. I regret that my diet is not successful. The less I eat, the more I crave for food and my body feels weak. I need to slash this extra pounds on my weight. I cannot just depend in any other diet pills. Maybe I should make research on lipofuze reviews to maximize and achieve what I want. I hope to make it before next weekend.

it's a sun shiny day

and this is usual! usual when typhoon is expected to arrive. usual when strong typhoon is predicted. daughter's field trip was postponed to another date due to typhoon. we are in a tropical country anyway with equatorial climate. so expect the sun to shine in storm and heavy rainfall during summer.
thank God for the sun today!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bank Transaction

I was in a local bank a while ago to submit the requirements needed for failed transaction I did in my online banking account. It happened when I changed my password online but when I checked the ATM using the same card, it surprised me why ATM did not accept the password I just entered. While waiting for bank teller, I inquired about asset based lending which was posted in their bulletin. List of acquired assets were posted too and I wonder if those were unpaid loans that were sequestered by the bank. The price is quite affordable for anyone who wants to invest in house or land. My main purpose is to get a new card but we end-up discussing about lending and I went home unaccomplished. Anyways, I got some ideas about the difference of financing and lending. I shall return next week when the assigned teller comes back from vacation leave.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Every Girl's Dream

I was browsing pages of men's magazine this morning when I accidentally saw a photo of this hunk actor. I am curious if he used natural male enhancement pills. I must admit, I am a big fan of him before but when he left show business and got married, I hardly heard about him since then. Now he's back in the limelight. I prefer not to mention his name but he is the man of every girl's dream. Though he's been linked with different girls already, he's still the favorite of most leading ladies to be their leading man in the movie. I hope to see him in person someday. If I have a chance, I will ask for a picture of us together. Omg. I can't wait for that day, maybe I'll just proceed to studio and see him right away.

Nostalgia #23

They're are not twins. But I love them wearing the same shirt, same outfit when they were still young. Photos were taken many years ago when they have no right to choose on what clothes to wear. Lol. Today, they never even wear the same color whenever we go out and they would tease each other and immediately change the shirt if caught by chance wearing identical color.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Board Games

During this kind of weather, we can't help but stay inside the house. We would just watch DVD or play online game. If I know how to play backgammon sets, then I would just invite friends and play games with us. I'm not really playing any board games but I remember when I was younger then, our father used to teach us Dama Chess. Yes, I still know a little about this one. Now, my children are not even playing scrabble or any board games and only fill their time on the computer when home. Sometimes, they watch players playing chess but never really focus on the game. Board games for them are boring. Children, even if they're not really interested with this kind of pastime, should know traditional games too and should pass this on to the next generation. I love the games of the past era and I missed those times when we would just sit down the floor and play cards. I miss the simplicity of life back then.

Old Friend

I was really surprised this morning when I received a message from an old friend in one social networking site. She's a good friend of mine way back in college and now based in US. I hardly recognized her face in her profile picture and took a second look to recall our old times together. And what do I expect for more than a decade of not seeing each other even online. She looks totally different now. Although she changed physically, her attitude and sweetness never change a bit. I honestly missed her and when we chatted this morning, I came to know how her life had been for more than a decade now. She had her own business now and a stable job but she's all alone in her life. Her story was touchy and told me that she might just register in one networking site where old singles meet in particular. She will spend her Christmas in the country and hope to meet her again soon.

Juan Exited

It's gloomy again today and typhoon Juan already left PAR but PAGASA spotted new potential storm. Anyway it is still far from the area and government's main concern is now focused in the trail of destruction that super typhoon left. I think PAGASA made a very impressive report for this weather disturbances. They learned already from the past and kept the nation updated for latest weather condition every hour. Although recent damaged were estimated to be in billion pesos, because of preparedness, only few people were hurt and died in the storm compared to super typhoon that already hit the country with the same signal.

PAGASA-DOST MTSAT-EIR Satellite Image for
8 p.m. 20 Oct. 2010
Visit PAGASA website for updated satellite image.

Stay Free of Wrinkles

I noticed some wrinkles that started to show up around my eyes a couple of months ago. I cannot deny it anymore that I'm getting older and that I need deep wrinkle treatment to stop this signs of aging, wrinkles. I have been using seven solutions for almost two years now but I think this is not the real treatment for wrinkles. Seriously my younger sister always told me that I look a lot younger that her and I believe so. I always apply treatment for my skin even before wrinkles started to build up. I always make it a point to visit a clinic regularly for facial treatment and consult about how to prevent them in showing up. Today, wrinkles around my eyes are getting less noticeable. I love it when someone tells me that I look a lot younger than my real age. =)

WW: Make a Wish

Every time my little daughter sees a fountain or well, she always ask for coins and throw it right away in the water and make a wish.

What could be her wish?

More Watery Wednesday entry right here .

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On Losing Weight

Since the day I started my diet, I felt that moving for me becomes easier and lighter. I am very optimistic that I'll get my desired weight few weeks from now with the help of supplement like apidexin. I'm excited much. Certainly! This is the first time that I weighed myself and losing two pounds in a week is a big achievement for me. I want a gradual weight loss to fully adjust myself to eating habit that I used to do before. I hope to keep myself permanently fit. With determination and discipline, losing weight is easy and possible.

RT: Mall of Asia

Took this last weekend as we watched MOA's Royal Marching Band performed Bon Jovi's Sweet Child of Mine and Sway.
My entry for Ruby Tuesday.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dirt Bike Gear

I was on my way to my daughter's school this afternoon when I saw an accident on the road that involved motorcycle and a car. The motorcycle driver dropped his slipper into the road and there I saw the back rider slumped himself into the gutter. Good thing, even if the two riders were not wearing even safety helmet, both did not acquire injury even minor bruise. And because there's an available traffic officer who was on duty nearby, the accident was reported immediately and the flow of the traffic went out smoothly few minutes after the incident. It was a miracle. No rider should be allowed without the helmet or any safety gear just like the motocross racing equipped with dirt bike gear before heading the track.


photo source: internet

New Furniture

I can now start decorating our Christmas Tree. Halloween is coming very soon and after this break, few more days to count and here comes long holidays, Christmas. I always wait for year end sale and always thought of buying Max Furniture to compliment the season with new and positive home environment. I want to welcome the New Year too with big bang and want our old furniture be replaced with new one. We sneaked into the mall yesterday for only few hours and looked for clearance sale. Unfortunately, home furniture that we all expected to be on sale is still on a regular price and I need to wait till I get discounted price that will suit my budget. We are actually looking for a comfortable couch and carpet to match the flooring too.

MYM: Almost Wordless

I'm sharing one weekend in MOA. Almost wordless.

with cousins
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chess Board

I am truly fascinated whenever I see anyone playing chess. I don't really know how this game is being played. I have no idea on playing any board game neither chess but if anyone is willing to teach me even how to set up a chess board, then I will. When we pass by in one mall for Chess Olympics, I can't help but be amazed by players who did it well in this game. I am not really a fan but I love the game. I honestly don't know the different pieces on a chess board or even how to arrange so I closely watched and wondered if I can take a video of them. I asked the game coordinator but was told that audience is not being allowed to take a video clip. I should try online games instead and be familiarized how the game is being played. Chess is a mind game that needs a very competitive skill.

I knew it!

She said that her feet was hurting and her chucks shoes was too small and uncomfortable for her feet already. So we headed back to shoe department and look for a comfy slipper but she pointed out this one. I knew it! It's her own way to have this Hello Kitty sandals even if her running shoes is still fit and comfortable. She eyed for this attractive sandals when we passed by and there she made it her way!

Love, love it!


I just received a message from a friend abroad. She and her family is taking a grand vacation and they are currently staying in one of finest cottages in UK. Wow, I feel green with envy and wish to fly where they're staying right now. I can just imagine them having a great time in a worry free moment in the resort. Oh la la, I always love vacation and when I'm on my holidays, it means real great time and great food. I set aside my diet for a day or two. I want to eat one heavy meal and indulge myself with no guilt and give in to all my cravings. I'm on holidays anyway and that includes my diet, right? I can make up with my program anyways. Oh! I'm not stressed. I just want a vacation right now.

Kids Holidays

We're not going out this weekend and will just do some review for coming exam this week. Since Halloween is just few days from now, we'll just wait for long weekend break from school and take a vacation somewhere, a beach, a resort or holiday in theme park. If I can afford to give kids holidays, then I will book right away and choose the best one that my children will truly enjoy no matter how much I will spend for it. I think they deserve a long vacation too. Kids also experience stress from school not only adults so they needed some rest or off from any pressure. Although weekend was declared as no assignment day, still, they review a lot and do extra activities like advance studying to catch up the lesson for the week.

Twister Fries Here!!

I just love Twister Fries period! And today is Saturday, are you ready for your order? I should grab Twister Fries now or my weekend will not be complete.

What's more? There is no minimum orders at Mcdelivery, just a fixed delivery charge of P40 and this will be up for a limited time only.

Just call 8-McDO (or 8-6236) or go to

Vertical Blinds

I just finished my weekend task. I'm done with general cleaning and laundry including bed sheets, and washing dirty sneakers of my children. I took down the curtains but now undecided whether to put new one again or buy a Cheap Vertical Blinds. I have been planning to buy one but I'm still waiting for clearance sale to purchase a cheaper yet high quality brand. Sun rays that directly enters the house just tell me to purchase one now. Window blinds will add more comfort and I can take a nap at daytime in our living room without the sunlight to bother me at all. Even if I have thick curtain to block the sun, vertical blinds will be a good protection should I want a gloomy or bright light inside the house.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ondoy-like rains

Did I read it right? I was just browsing the net and found this in the news. Storm Megi to hit Cagayan Valley, may bring Ondoy-like rains? source. OMG! I pray to spare this country again from devastating flood. It was just last year September 2009 when we experienced heavy flooding and was told it only happened once in one hundred years. Oh please, spare us, not again, not this soon :(

Most Effective Way

I know, I know. I'm on my second week of my diet and I'm afraid I'll post an entry next week with no improvement in my weight. Do you expect a five pounds off in my weight on my next update? Oh no! No matter how hard I tried, nothing seems to work with any of the program that I follow like exercise and vegetable diet. I must try the most effective diet pills 10K now. Oh well, I already tried everything and tired of this extra pounds that keeps coming back to me. My medium sized shirts are waiting for me. I just missed my old built. Sigh.

Acne Treatment

My daughter is getting conscious already with her blackheads. I always remind her to take care of her skin by eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables. When I was her age, I didn't remember having any skin problems especially acne. I easily get conscious and it scares me a lot whenever I have pimple so for my daughter, I keep on reminding her not to touch or squeeze as it will lead to acne scar. But having this kind of problem isn't a big deal anymore today. There is always a solution for every problem. You may click here for a solution that will make your life more beautiful. Don't let the skin problem stop you. Face the world with confidence. Stay fresh and acne free.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nostalgia # 22: My Tween

I think I need to clean and organize my photo archive. I really couldn't locate other pictures of my kids. For now, I'll share photos then and now of my tween girl..

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

House Security

I was scared the other night when I saw one strange guy standing near my neighbor's gate in the middle of the night. The dogs keep barking and people in the neighborhood went outside to check the man who ran away and headed down the alley near the building. I was a little bit secured because I know that any thief would surely have a second thought to enter our premises. Thank heaven, we have all the security equipment in the house and we're provided with alarm, security lighting and maintenance. Even if the apartment rental fee is quite high, I wouldn't trade the security of my family for any low cost rental in an urban area.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

weekend at MOA

Taken last weekend during our visit to MOA with my kids and nieces.

Monday, October 11, 2010

An Ipod

Just recently, my daughter's cellphone was infected by an unknown virus that corrupted all her files including the music folder. She got no other way to clean the system but reformat the memory card. She almost threw the phone and cried hard when she told me what had happened and requested for a new gadget instead, a new ipod touch. I promised last year to buy her an ipod nano but told me that she changed her mind and requested to buy her another one as a reward for having good grades. She saw it in one of her classmates. She just love new gadgets and gets amazed for new technology that comes her way like an ipod shuffle. Surfing the web and updating all her online account is her way of de-stressing. I hope that our budget permits us to purchase what she wishes to have.

Monitoring my Weight

Blame it to Ondoy! Since the day I broke my old weighing scale due to Ondoy flood, I was not able to monitor my weight and I found out that I gained 10 pounds since then. I bought a new one yesterday and need to wipe off that extra pounds on my weight. And why blame my weight into a broken scale when I honestly couldn't end my day without having junk foods, softdrinks and heavy meal. It has been my everyday activity before to check my weight and reduce my extra rice into half cup immediately once found over weight. Now I have no excuse to get that overflowing cupcake belly again. I'll monitor my diet and check my weight from time to time. Btw, I was holding my camera and a bag when I weighed myself here. Lol.

P.B. I'll take note of the progress on my diet. I don't want to lose a week and post an update next week without any improvement. Lol. So for the nth time, please wish me goodluck. =)

Finding a Job

This morning while browsing the headlines of news online, I read one article about total percentage of unemployment that gets higher every year not only in the country but around the world. Too many college graduates find it hard to land a job that is related to the course they finish even if with perfect resume. Some of them resort to working abroad for a better opportunity even if the skill required is far from the experience they possess. I hope that statistics will get better in the future and other skilled worker and trained professionals that were layed off last year will get back to their work this year. With government's promise to create more opportunities including engineering job, many people are still hopeful for a stronger economy soon and that includes unemployment rate to lower down.


I just love the outcome of my little daughter's photograph and thought of sharing it here for my Mellow Yellow Monday entry. Can you tell me what kind of orchid flower is this?

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Floor Lamination

The construction of the house adjacent to us is completed. I was invited for house warming today and was amazed by the interior design of the house. The house has four units with mezzanine on the second floor. Two units were already occupied by the tenants while the other two for the owner of the house. I like the overall design including the flooring on the second floor. The floor is shiny and looks very neat. When I came back home I checked the discount laminate flooring and recommended the same flooring in my sister's house. She told me yesterday about fading look of their flooring. I am now convinced about the idea of laminating the floor upon seeing it in my neighbor's house and surely she would love to have it installed in her house too.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blinds for my Window

Yay! I already finished my task this weekend. I'm done cleaning the house. I am planning to purchase blinds for my window before I finally set up my Christmas decorations and that will be my assignment next week. Sunlight in the afternoon directly enters the window and I think horizontal blinds are perfect to block the sun's rays and cool down the temperature inside the house. Daughter had been complaining whenever she stays in the living room and felt annoyed with afternoon sunlight. I got two sets of blinds but I will install it instead in the kitchen window. I just checked the blinds that will compliment the color of our wall in the living room. This is exactly the blinds that I saw in my friend's house and I love it. You may click here the blinds that just caught my attention while browsing online this morning. Anyways, this coming Sunday will be my official day off. It will be my rest day and blog hiatus unless there is necessary task to finish. *wink

Nostalgia #21

She was barely two years old here. She was a chubby little girl, now a typical tween. She's not teenager yet. I just can't imagine it was only ten years ago and now I have a little lady taller than me now. Just this morning, I combed her hair while she was putting a little powder on her face and can't hardly reach her height. I think she is two inches taller than me now. She gets the height from her dad.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Document Storage

It has already been one year since the big typhoon happened that caused heavy flood in the country. Many lives and properties were displaced. I just watched a video clip of the news and realized the importance of storing important property and documents in a Storage store. Typhoon brought big damaged and people affected by the calamity all over the country had to secure copies of important files that were lost in the typhoon. To be honest, I just keep my files and documents in a plastic file box. When the calamity happened last year, our important documents were the first thing that I secured. Some of them were dropped in the flood but I'm still thankful that other important files were saved and if it rained more, I wouldn't save any. Now, I am thinking of putting documents into a safe storage. It just adds to my worries and keeping them in a safe place would make me feel a little bit easier when another typhoon comes. Oh well, I hope and pray not another calamity as devastating as last year.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Can you tell me what is this? Daughter took this shot during our weekend stay in the province. I am not even sure if this is a flower or anything wild.

My entry for Ruby Tuesday.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

New Investment

I bought a present for a very good friend who will celebrate a grand birthday party this coming week. I had a hard time choosing what to give but then finally ended up with an inspirational book. I was supposed to send the item via courier but since she just moved in near Baytown Texas, I delayed it till I confirm and check the new address. I just chatted on her online this morning and said that last week seemed to be the longest week in her entire life. Moving in gave her so much pressure and needed a grand vacation to unwind after her birthday celebration. She just bought a new house after seven years of living in the states. She was a bit emotional leaving the old house but as said, moving is just part of life. She's happy with the new investment though and planned to have another celebration, a house warming by mid of the month.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dhemz's 3rd Giveaway Contest

Hurray! Dhemz will host another blog contest that will run from October 1 to October 31. This is her 3rd giveaway contest. Big prizes await the lucky winners so check it out now!

1st prize (purse + earrings + bracelet)
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6 winners of Sunglasses
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Plus a bonus cash prize worth $50.00 (2 winners of $15.00 & 2 winners of $10.00)

To qualify:

1.Visit, FOLLOW, and ADD these sponsored blogs
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3. And don't forget to link the url of your post.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Passion in Photography

Most of my photos posted in my blogs were taken by my two daughters. They are both camera lovers. My older daughter loves to pursue photography and nature has become her subject recently. She took photos with the right angle and timing and did it well on her own. She could be one Richmond photographer in the future. I just browsed the site and was impressed with all the photographs captured with great passion. Simply amazing!

Part of my blogging activities is photography and I wonder how my blog would look like without this. Thanks to my two lovely ladies who are my regular contributor of photos for my blog. Both want to open their own photo blogs but I told them to just wait. I love to hear from them about their passion at young age. If that happens, then we will be three photo bloggers of the family. That would be fun! We could just walk around with camera and take photos of all the subject we could get.

oh my cinnamon!

I started to love cinnamon roll when I first had it for snack one rainy afternoon in Goldilocks and it has been my favorite since then. Daughter came home today from their practice in school play and brought three cinnamon roll for us. She knew already my favorite. Do you smell the aroma of my coffee and and the sweet smell of my cinnamon roll? C'mon, have a snack with me!
Now I can blog in full comfort. =) I'll blog hop later tonight. See yah!

Moving In

Moving is stressful right? I knew it since we have moved thrice already in less than five years. But moving in is only stressful if you do it by yourself. Why not let the movers like webster tx do it for you. No stress, no damage and what more, you are guaranteed 100% of their expertise in moving.

We moved in to our new abode last year due to major damaged brought by typhoon. And since we all were scared for any calamity to happen again, we moved in to a higher place. It was really stressful to think that we only asked help from our friends nearby. Some of our things were left scattered and other furnitures were broke. I was a bit depressed when my favorite picture frame suddenly dropped down the floor and broke into pieces. But I just kept my mouth and thanked our friends for the help. I was really sad, I should have hired people who were expert in moving instead.

craving for gelato

she was craving for gelato and so when we passed by in one store, I told her to just order sundae in near fast food area. but after dining in, she told me that she didn't want any except gelato.

one scoop costs P90 roughly $2, way too expensive for one scoop!? (duh)
but how would you say no to this little girl craving for gelato. she ordered mint flavor and took her time in her own world in the..

midst of the busy hallway of the mall and didn't care about passersby at all.. =)

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Winning a Trophy

I still remember when my daughter was in her kindergarten years. I always encouraged her to join all the events in school. She's a shy type of girl and hardly attend any school program but I pushed her and told her that it wasn't about winning but joining the event. So when she joined the contest, I gave her all the support and told her to just carry herself and present herself confidently. She never thought about going home with the title. So when her name was announced as the winner in the later part of the program, we were all surprised. The presenter gave her the biggest trophy as she bested the other participants and got the Best in Costume award. She captured the heart of the judges because of her way of presenting her costume and that made her a big winner. Other runner up participants received trophies too.

After all these years, her trophy is still in our house and well kept as a souvenir of her achievement during her preschool years.

their signature poses

for my little one, you would always see her in this pose. she got too many wacky poses in her album.

but she can be serious too..

and my little lady in her signature smile.. =)

Happy Weekend!

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