Monday, October 11, 2010

An Ipod

Just recently, my daughter's cellphone was infected by an unknown virus that corrupted all her files including the music folder. She got no other way to clean the system but reformat the memory card. She almost threw the phone and cried hard when she told me what had happened and requested for a new gadget instead, a new ipod touch. I promised last year to buy her an ipod nano but told me that she changed her mind and requested to buy her another one as a reward for having good grades. She saw it in one of her classmates. She just love new gadgets and gets amazed for new technology that comes her way like an ipod shuffle. Surfing the web and updating all her online account is her way of de-stressing. I hope that our budget permits us to purchase what she wishes to have.

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  1. oh, me and daughter were just discussing this last night, an ipod touch w/ camera. only discussing, hehe


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