Monday, October 11, 2010

Monitoring my Weight

Blame it to Ondoy! Since the day I broke my old weighing scale due to Ondoy flood, I was not able to monitor my weight and I found out that I gained 10 pounds since then. I bought a new one yesterday and need to wipe off that extra pounds on my weight. And why blame my weight into a broken scale when I honestly couldn't end my day without having junk foods, softdrinks and heavy meal. It has been my everyday activity before to check my weight and reduce my extra rice into half cup immediately once found over weight. Now I have no excuse to get that overflowing cupcake belly again. I'll monitor my diet and check my weight from time to time. Btw, I was holding my camera and a bag when I weighed myself here. Lol.

P.B. I'll take note of the progress on my diet. I don't want to lose a week and post an update next week without any improvement. Lol. So for the nth time, please wish me goodluck. =)

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  1. I weigh 120...waaaaaa...kakainis! hehehhe...I need to lose weight,kaso masarap kumain!


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