Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Pink Magaline Pink Party!

The owner and author of  Pink Magaline, Jingke,  just turned 32  and we celebrated the big day  in pink.  She is a  beauty,  lifestyle and fashion blogger  by heart  and  loves this craft besides  being a busy mother,  wife,   student,  and  friend.


Friendship survives even across the seas. Seas talaga? So many, so far,  but she could always be reached.  Jes was present, as always, all the time and she came  in  pink too.

The early bird catches the Popcorn Maker!   No one could   beat her.  She was the earliest at  Jingke's place about  lunch time and the party was set to start by 3pm.   Honey,  you already.  Haha.   Can we set now for another party?  How about a Popcorn Party.   

Less words. Let my photos speak for this post. 


Happy Birthday Virus Killed my Computer

How my computer acquired a happy birthday virus, I don't know.  I remember this message "don't kill me, i'm just send message from your computer..."   Known also as Surubaya in My Birthday, this kind of  virus is fatal. It can paralyze your computer. When it popped up in my monitor,  I had no option but clicked    because  no matter how many  times I deleted the message,  still,  it kept popping up.  It  turned my monitor into white,  slowed  down my internet,  and  paralyzed my computer. 

I googled how to remove or delete the virus but the virus hid  somewhere and disguised into another name.  I manually followed how to to  delete it  but only a reformat  procedure could erase and clean my file.  I don't think I'll recommend deleting it by yourself,  well unless you're an expert,  because  if it happens to your computer,  better secure all your files, save important documents if you can still save it, because at any moment, your computer might   stop.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3M Philippines goes hand-in-hand with Make Believe Productions in celebrating young, creative minds

With its Post-it® and Scotch® Brands, 3M Philippines supports youth creativity and self-expression by partnering with Make Believe Productions in this year’s summer workshops for kids.

Various activities such as Small Tales: Storytelling and Crafts for Kids; Little Fashionista: Fashion and Crafts for Girls; Camp Rock: Singing and Songwriting for Kids; and Superhero Art: Cool Drawing and Crafts for Kids were conducted during the 12-day long workshop. To conclude the summer program, Make Believe Productions recently held its culminating activities at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, Maria Montessori, and Imagine That! Creative Play Space in Three Salcedo, Makati City.

“This fun and engaging initiative of 3M Philippines with Make Believe Productions aims to build a relationship with the children while they are enjoying their talents in creating stories, visuals, crafts with the help of Post-it® and Scotch® products. We are more than happy to come on board and to be part of these children’s creative lives,” says Ms. Haydee Casapao, Stationery Products and Office Supplies Division Head of 3M Philippines.

During the workshops, the kids were provided with Post-it® and Scotch® Products such as the newest Scotch™ Kid’s Scissors, Post-it® Page Markers Ultra Colors, Scotch® Magic™ Tapes with Cool Color Dispensers, Scotch® Glue Sticks and many more.

All products are already out in leading bookstores and office supplies stores. 3M, Scotch® and Post-it® are trademarks of 3M.


In photo: Kids of Make Believe Productions act out as animal characters during their culminating activity to showcase their talents in acting, singing and dancing

About 3M

 3M captures the spark of new ideas and transforms them into thousands of ingenious products. Our culture of creative collaboration inspires a never-ending stream of powerful technologies that make life better. 3M is the innovation company that never stops inventing. With $30 billion in sales, 3M employs 84,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries.

For more information, visit or follow @3MNews on Twitter. 

About Make Believe Productions

Make Believe Productions is a creative center that aims to nurture the natural creativity of the youth most especially kids at an early age through the use of mixed media arts.

The Body Shop Pulse Store

Last  Saturday, June 23,  The Body Shop relaunched its new Pulse Store at SM Mall of Asia.  I was given a chance to attend the event wherein  most attendees  were  beauty  bloggers  and  discovered themselves the   new  Pulse store  that offers  TBS  renewed products.  

The Body Shop  Pulse boutique  is set to bring a whole new generation of beauty-centric, values-savvy individuals.

TBS  is engaged  to create  a range of  products inspired by nature, bursting with sensorial ingredients that tell a rich human history and additional in-store campaign-led events will capture the imagination of customers to actively participate in the Body Shop community, aiming to make the world a better palce.  Pulse is where activism, beauty and community collide.

International Brand Director, Ann Massal, says: “Pulse is a heartbeat in the community. It is where Beauty With Heart comes to life through our Community Fair Trade products, our passionate teams, and through our community and values walls which allow for consumer engagement and interaction.” With commercial benefits, community benefits and the five core Values of The Body Shop in mind, the Pulse store is bursting with features that create a feel-good shopping experience on every level.

Here are some facts about the Pulse Boutique:

· The Body Shop welcomes over 275 million shoppers to our stores every year
· The Body Shop has over 2,700 stores in 63 countries worldwide
· New Pulse store openings will be a combination of brand new stores and remodelling existing stores
· In April 2012, Hungary will be the first country to open as a new market using only Pulse stores
· We have made a public commitment to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50% in our stores by 2020
· In a third of our stores we have automated meter reading, helping us to monitor and control our energy consumption
· Philippines' first Pulse store is in SM Mall of Asia. Opening its doors June 2012.

The Body Shop Values in Action

The Pulse stores reflect the five core Values at The Body Shop - Protect The Planet, Activate Self  Esteem, Defend Human Rights, Support Community Fair Trade and Against Animal Testing.


Free Makeover

See more photos below during the relaunched of the Pulse Store, The Body Shop at SM Mall of Asia.

The Body Shop Beauty with  Heart!

photo credits to

 Cruelty-Free Make Up

 Earn more points with these products

Have you visited the  The Body Shop  PULSE store in SM Mall of Asia lately?

The Body Shop Facebook Fan Page

Monday, June 25, 2012

Real Living Ultimate Makeover 2012

Makeover promo!   Yes! Not  just makeover but an  ultimate makeover   that  you should  not  miss.   Check it  out  as  Real Living magazine is inviting  you to join  the Real Living Ultimate Makeover 2012.   Submission of  entries has been extended until  July  5.   Please  check  the mechanics  below and   visit   for more details. You might be the lucky winner.   Join now!

Click the image for a clearer view.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FAST TRACK: The Careers @ Ayala Group Job Fair 2012


 As market forces change and create new avenues for growth, Ayala breaks new ground by entering new markets and industries, while remaining grounded on values of vision, integrity and faith in the Filipino. This year, we want to highlight how Ayala sets nation-building in motion. Ayala changes the game by increasing ways to contribute to the development of Filipinos. What better way to make this happen than to provide not just “jobs” but career opportunities through the 1st Ayala Group Job Fair (FAST TRACK: The Careers @ Ayala Group Job Fair). Happening on the 21st of June 2012 at the Glorietta Activity Center (from 10am to 7pm) within the country’s central business district of Makati, we are opening doors for more than 2000++ career opportunities within the conglomerate. Career opportunities span from various industries like: Real Estate, Banking, Telecoms, Water and Waste Water Works, Electronics, Automotives, BPOs, Utilities, Investments, Facilities Management, Construction, Hospitality and Non-Profit Foundation.

10:00 am – 11:00 am              Venue opening
                                                On loop the whole day:
-    VO spiels
·         welcome applicants
·         invite guests to talks
·         announce activities
·         invite guest to concert
·         promote website and Twitter
·         announce segments + companies
 -   Careers @ Ayalagroup AVP presentation

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm                  VO to announce start of Talk 1
                                                Host to welcome guests and intro speaker
                                                Talk 1: The Hunt for the Right Look
                                                Host to extro and invite public to activities

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm                  VO to announce start of Talk 2
                                                Host to welcome guests and intro speaker
                                                Talk 2: The Hunt for The Right Social Network
                                                Host to extro and invite public to activities

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm                  VO to invite public to concert
                                                VO to announce start of concert
                                                VO to intro host
                                                Host to welcome guests (do a recap of the day’s activities)
                                                Host to intro Never the Strangers
                                                Never the Strangers to perform
                                                Host to do announcements (as Rico Blanco sets up)
                                                Host to intro Rico Blanco
                                                Rico Blanco to perform
VO to close

Incidentally, this Ayala initiative is also consistent with Makati’s on-going campaign of “Make It Happen, Make It Makati” which is all about creating opportunities for all to live, shop, be entertained and work.

To know more about upcoming job fair and about the Ayala Group, you may refer to the following links:

  1. Official website:
  2. Facebook Profile Page:
  3. Facebook Fan Page:
  4. Twitter:
  5. JAZA Fan Page:
  6. FZA Fan Page:
  7. Make It Makati Fanpage:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bradley, Pacquiao and Jessica Sanchez

Bradley  himself didn't even  believe  that he won  but  I want to congratulate him anyway!      I  heard a rematch?   That was too quick,  a  few seconds  he was announced as the winner.   That's the business of  the  game.  Definitely, a game, not a sport. 

Pacquiao  could  have  beaten Bradley,  and the result  would  have been cleared  if  the game was finished  by  a TKO. 

I was a bit disappointed when  Jessica Sanchez sang the U.S. national anthem.   I knew that she is an American girl but she  has the blood of  Pinoy.   To hear  Jessica sang  the US  national anthem  in  Pacquaio's  fight,  where millions  all over the world were watching,  was something not really pleasant to my ears.  She nailed it but I was not proud at all.   Okay,  she  is  an  American,  but  she should  have  given the Star Spangled Banner  number  to Phillip Phillips. 

Photo source: internet

Friday, June 8, 2012


Nuvali is just near Manila and since we haven't visited the place yet, we joined the Mendiola family to Sta. Rosa and Tagaytay trip.   We only knew one thing about this place,  other than  high end residential subdivisions and  condominiums,  the Koi fishes. And we are right. :)  

It was around 9:30am when we reached Nuvali  and the sun was really really hot. We asked  the staff  at Nuvali  where we could have our little picnic. They  pointed us to an area with  bench,  but  there's no shade.  Wow,  it was terribly  hot!

All the photos taken inside were a real quick shot.  I could feel the temperature that rises higher and higher as the sun goes up.

Instead of walking down to the picnic bench,  we  just  seated  in the grass  under the  shed of  a little  tree and  had  our  morning snack.  This time,  it was not Adobo alone,  now  with  pasta,  spaghetti.

 You are here!   Yes, we were there.. :)

See,  how colorful!  The first time I saw  too many  Koi fishes!

If  you  intend  to go to Nuvali  for family activities, do it early in the morning or  late afternoon.   They're lacking of real cool  residents, the trees.  

There's a man-made river where families could   rent  a boat  and  feed  the Koi  fishes.

Another quick shot at the fishes. So many,  so beautiful.  The children fed them with bread.

Give me quick smile and hurrah,  hurry  hurrah  to Tagaytay!
We were hurrying up,  not because we were running out of time or something. We were,  because we couldn't  bear the heat anymore.  

Nuvali  Evoliving is about 1840 hectare in area (source:  Nuvali website)
Sta Rosa Laguna

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pawikan Conservation Center

We saw a road sign going to Las Casas but  we headed first to Pawikan Conservation Center.  We have no idea on how far it would   take us to get there and only relied on the signs, "Straight Ahead to Pawikan."    There were a  few signs but not  the approximate  kilometer or  minutes  away  from the center.   I was thinking  we're   just  a  few  meters  or  ten minutes  away  to the destination. After  about  more than half an hour,  we saw this arrow pointing us to  Pawikan Center and behold,  we finally reached  Pawikan!    We  would like to extend our  big thanks to  Joy's  husband,  John for  this "Straight Ahead to Pawikan"   trip.   That  was  a  no retreat- no surrender trip!    We already had two stops,  Dunsulan Falls  and  Mt. Samat  before this trip  and  already  needing and wanting  for rest.

We went there to visit  sea turtles  but we really don't know what to expect.  It was included in  the  itinerary but I  did not  google   it  before the trip.   We have no idea what awaits us at the center.  We were already cracking jokes on our way  to the center  that there were no  turtles  anymore and have already returned to  the sea.   And  we said it right,   but there were  three.   We were a little bit unlucky  because a hundred and fifty  baby Pawikan  were released  to the sea, a little late,  just a week before our visit.


The  volunteer/guide  was very kind to us and explained  about  the program of  the Pawikan Conservation Center.    There were quite a few volunteers inside  the center  and some of  these men  once  were  hunters of  Pawikan  as their  means  of   livelihood,   now turned  volunteers  to help save the Pawikan.


 There were different informative posters in the center.  It was another knowledge trip and we learned more of the Pawikan and their importance to ecological balance.

There were only three Pawikan left in the center,  Olive Ridley, Green Turtle and Hawksbill.   Olive Ridley  (above photo)  was donated to them by the owner  because the owner cannot sustain anymore to have a pet   Pawikan.  This Pawikan stays only in one corner   because,  it  grew up  living in  a  basin,  finds home  in  the corner  of the pond   and  that   corner  becomes its  habitat.  They couldn't  free Olive Ridley  to the sea because  it doesn't  know how to dive.

Hawksbill, (hunchback) and Green Turtle (see photo below)  are also  resident sea turtles at  the center. 

See more photos below.

The Life Cycle of Sea Turtle

Visiting the Pawikan Conservation Center was a great experience although we didn't  get to see eggs or little hatchlings. If you are planning to visit the center,  better call them  first  to know the perfect time to visit if  you want to see baby  turtles.  There is a season where the sea turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs  from November to December. The  turtles that  were  born here come back after 25 years.

There are rooms for rent in the center for those who  want to stay overnight. I can stay here for the whole day,  listening to the  waves of  the sea  while waiting  for the turtles to come.  The sound of the waves rushing to the shore make my heart beats faster.  I love the sea  but  not  for  swimming.  We  then  proceeded  to our final destination  Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar    right after that  quick visit.

And because we came here on Monday,  there were no other guests again and that's the only thing I love about  Mondays!

It was all worth the trip. It's another great exposure for the kids, and adult as well. :)

There are 7 Pawikan species in the world,   five can be found in the Philippines. Of these five,  three Pawikan  (includes  Hawksbill, Olive Ridley and the Green Turtle)  can be found in the entire coasts of  Bagac and Morong.

Pawikan Conservation Center
Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan

My Outdated Phone

I'm  already  using a new phone unit now.  For  my friends who are in my contact list,   please send me a message via text   with  your name as it doesn't appear in my new phone anymore.   Your contacts were not saved in my  simcard.  My old unit just died.   But don't worry too much, it's not a high end cellphone anyway.  I swear, I tried hard  to revive  but  it just  died a natural death.  Anyways  it's served its purpose well.   No amount of  accessories or  new case   would keep my cellphone back to life.  Perhaps  it  needed a new  lithium battery   even  if  it's  an  outdated model  but  it's already  too late to revive.  My kids kept  telling me  to just put my cellphone to rest. I swear,  I tried hard! We've been together for almost five years.  But  as what they say,  everything that has a beginning has an end.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dunsulan Falls

From Mt. Samat, we  asked the locals about  Dunsulan Falls. We were  told  that  it would take us about  15 to 20 minutes going to the falls.   We then proceeded to the road as instructed,  but after only about fives minutes on the way,  we saw a sign pointing to  Dunsulan Falls.  We concluded that the 20-minute travel probably  is estimated  going to Dunsulan Falls on foot.   The road going to Dunsulan  is quite narrow where you need  to give  way or a full stop  if there's a vehicle coming on the other  side.  


A caretaker met us at the entrance and told us that the water is not ideal to swim.

This is what I love traveling on Monday.   There are no tourists inside.  The caretaker told us that during peak of  summer,  families and travelers flocked to this place  for  vacation.

 We did not swim so we just took more photos inside.


 The falls is about 5 meters in height and with 40 feet deep.  You would see a sign,  "Bawal Maligo sa loob ng Falls,  Delikado!"  There's  an area where tourists could swim but  the bad weather and hard rain  made  the water turned muddy green.


At the peak of summer,  the place is a favorite  picnic area  and others  who included the falls as side trip  from  their  visit  to  Mt. Samat. 

  Tourists could do other activities like ziplining and horseback riding.  I also spotted a sign of  firing range nearby.   Taking a zipline   to a length of 540 meters,  the longest zipline in Luzon that  will give you  an enjoyable  trip with the mountain view  from Mt. Samat to Dunsulan Falls.  

It was a quick  visit to Dunsulan Falls.   We just took some photos around the picnic area and  went  straight to Pawikan.  See my next post.

Dunsulan falls is located at Barangay Liyang, Pilar Bataan.
Entrance fee is P50  for adult and 20 for kid.
The cost for a zipline ride is  P350 per person.

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