Sunday, April 18, 2010

BC Bloggers' Party: who's nuts


Known as Nuts in blogging, (not famous though) my real name is Nora (i don't think i need to explain more, as to where my parents got my name and that's certified in my birth certificate. lol. I am comfortable with this blogname "nuts" since I used this pen name already when I started blogging but Mommy Nors is fine with me too. Now, even my very own children call me "mommy nuts" while other bloggers address me as Mommy Nors sometimes. I am a stay at home mom, but not a boring SAHM anymore. I'm blogging about everything and doing some paid post from time to time, giving me a little extra at the end of the month. Don't ask me how much, I say, enough for a SAHM.
I have no recent photo right this moment but you can see some of them in my previous post or in my profile.
Let me introduce my family btw..
This is my eldest who will turn twelve this May. You may call her Meyz, she's bigger than her age and even taller than me now. She loves reading, surfing the net and and active online. Oh teenager..

and my little jill and with our "bunso". she loves playing with our pet. we call our pet, "magic.." they are inseparable. they always play together.

and my husband.. our provider who lives and works in a pharmaceutical company abroad.

I spend most of my time with my two blogs, Embrace Life and MorethanjustaSAHM with my family as my source of inspiration. BC Blogger's party is one of the biggest event in my blogworld where I can introduce myself and know more of BC Bloggers as well. Let's celebrate BC Bloggers, Kudos!


  1. Yahooooo, dami ko natutunan dito ah hehehe, di ko kasi alam mga name ng mga junakis mo sis dati lol.. Napapka playful ni Jill ano hehehehe.. Super serious naman lagi ni hubs mo sa photos lol and as usual madaya ka, alang pics lol..

  2. Hi Nuts, nice to know you though you don't have a pic.. :( Thanks for adding me plurk pala.. :-) And being one of my co-bc blogger. :)

    Here are my 3 blogs pala: Cacai M.'s Place
    Thoughts, Ideas and Resources
    Cacai's Steps and Journey hehehe.. muahhh!

  3. great to know more about you and your family! thanks for always trying to join Mommy Moments din :D

    see you around! dropped by from bc bloggers!

  4. @rose, thanks for the visit.. now you know more about me..haha

    @cacai, will always visit you there.. i've got few knowledge about who's behind those three blogs.

    @chris, thanks for the visit. loving MM as always.. and now we're here together as BC bloggers.

  5. hi there!! I'm from BC Bloggers party and nice meeting you here :-)

  6. daming kung nalalaman about you and your family te..thanks for sharing....glad to know some facts about you....:)

    my gosh, Meyz is not even a teenager yet...akala ko teenager na sya....she's matangkad kasi....:)

    oh ic, abroad pala si banana mo te...ngayon ko lang kasi nalaman...ehehehe!

  7. It's nice to know a little more about you, Nuts!

  8. Nice to know you tita nuts! and thanks for dropping by my site! this is baby inigo from bc bloggers!

  9. Hi there Mommy Nuts! Dati I was really thinking what your real name is... so now I can freely call you Mommy Nuts... hehehe... And you've got big kids na po... waaah!!! I can't imagine Alyssa at those ages... hehehe...

  10. Hi, Mommy Nuts. Same as you, I'm an SAHM with an OFW husband. You have beautiful daughters, same as mommy? (Haven't seen your photo yet.) Glad to meet you. Came from the BC Bloggers. It is a good idea by Mommy Paula. God bless!

  11. @anonymous, please leave your link.. i assume you forgot to open your url comment..


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