Wednesday, April 7, 2010

financial assistance

Managing finances is one stressful task for me especially if the budget does not seem to meet everyday expenses. During recession time in US, a lot of employees had lost their job including my MIL. The company where my MIL is working, has laid off employees, and said it was only part of temporary retrenchment. But just in time MIL had lost her job, husband was hired by the same company and that helps us support our financial needs. I was a little bit scary at first to think about monthly expenses and it happened during the time of enrollment and school expenses are much to be worried about. I honestly do not agree about the idea of acquiring loans but in times of emergency, I have no option but run to personal loans to temporarily fill up our tight budget and help our finances both ends meet.

Having loans means debt, so we must think about the responsibilities when we get personal loans too. When husband was on his vacation a month ago, he used his credit card to pay for our shopping spree. I reminded him to please minimize his use of card credit. He said, he used his credit card in all of his purchases in the US. But then he said, he is responsible enough that even the car he's driving was purchased out of his credit card. He's still on track on his finances. When he returns back to US, he got bulk of mails and checked first all mails that need his attention especially about finances needed to prioritize. Loans are not bad as long as you are responsible and following the right track when it comes to purchasing using credit cards.

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