Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ipod for my daughter

While my younger daughter is enjoying her vacation with her best friend, a pet shih-tzu, my older one is busy with her laptop. My two girls definitely have extreme differences. One loves to go out,while the other one would rather stay home. When husband called last night, my older daughter asked her dad an apple ipod for her birthday. And this made me think that we only need one ipod since my younger daughter prefers to just play around with our pet. But no! I was wrong, she's into electronic gadget too. She asked me then, "can I have one too?"

What could be the best gift for teenagers other than ipod? Generation today are luckier that new technology is being discovered everyday. I remember when I was a kid, I only used recycled materials to play. I only have rug dolls which my mother created for me. How I wish I have ipod too in my younger years. I'm contented by just sitting in one corner watching the children playing outside. Oh well I think I need to start browsing the page now and see ipod and accessories for my two precious girls.

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