Friday, April 16, 2010


The news sometime last month came as terrifying headlines for me, seeing poor miners coping up with the hard hat job and that led me to think about the facilities that they're being used. Production depends on the facilities of miners. Sometimes I think about the miner in the future using only laptop instead with the help of modern technology. Would this automated mining be possible in the future? Manufacturers of engine dyno are not quite sure about it, I guess.

When I went deeper to the stories of miners, I wonder how they perform their task devotedly with this very complicated job. I know they are real heroes risking their lives with this nature of their work. I wonder if the dyno provided by the mining company are in excellent condition too. Although, the equipment are reserved for particular purpose, electric motor must also be provided even it costs more expensive than other types of dynamometers. It is for the good of miners who work hard to reach a productive end.

I was trying to browse more dynamometers online to see and compare the difference and how it works. It came to my mind how about automated mining in the future? Would it be necessary to use more high technology equipment for easier job? Whatever it is in the future, dynamometers work best for miners right now.

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