Thursday, April 22, 2010

swimming, tanning and enjoying

just looking outside the window, makes me feel like a melting lava burning in blue fire. whewww! my daughter had her first day in swimming and she already got super tan. I don't know as to how her skin will turn out after the session. I guess, not suntanned or sunkissed but sunburned.

I only wish she could swim freely in different stroke. She is determined to be a swimmer, ah uhh... She already know a little bit and can swim few meters even before she started her swimming lesson. goodluck, you can do it girl!


  1. i the same age as your daughter...i almost drowned hehe..i learned swimming at 14 hehe...kaya ok na yang matuto siyang lumangoy habang bata pa.. ^^ may mapaglilibangan din this summer...

  2. so init nga dyan dito naman so lamig.. goodluck sa pretty daughter mo =) dont forget to wear sunblock.

  3. I love these shots sis, so refreshing. don't worry as she goes along with the training pasasaan bat at magiging expert na rin sya sa swimming!

  4. wohooo...way to go! nako bahala na mag ka sunburn te...mawawala din yan...hhehehe...d ba nagwork yung sunscreen? looks like she's having a blast....:)

    great the photos...ganda kasi ng kuha eh....ehhehehe!

    salamat po sa dalaw te....:)

  5. yehey!!! naku, dnt worry. practice makes oerfect. lol. i took swimming lessons when i was a kid too. she'll bring that skill

  6. hehehe same with my daughter, she is doing the swimming lesson now and she got too tanned already haist is there any lotion that could help her to have a light skin? hehehe


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