Wednesday, April 7, 2010

off to salon

We just arrived home for a little make-over. nah! not me, I was supposed to have a hair makeover but my two girls asked me to go out malling this afternoon. So we went out malling and the two had a total bonding time, not shopping but hair salon.

Already bored and tired with the old hairstyle,
we visited salon.
When it comes to girls thing, the two shares the same interest. They both love the same music, the same artist but extremely different with their personality.

but they compliment each other and ask each other's opinion on
what hairstyle suits best for themselves.

And the result..
Oh.. I still love the old hairstyle.


  1. wow..ikaw na ikaw ah...nice ^^...naalala ko, need to cut my hair too ^^

  2. waaaaaaa....pampered na pampered eh...galing naman ng bonding!


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