Sunday, May 30, 2010

Johnson's Mommy Event

Finally, I got to meet mommy bloggers yesterday in Johnson's Mommy Event held at Citywalk, Eastwood City.
Caren Yrastorza, former ABS-CBN newscaster, a mom and a blogger hosted the said event.
Topic discussed in the event is about Johnson's Touch Therapy. Mommies shared their experience being a mom and other soon to be mom who attended the event.

There are many benefits of touch therapy just like massage. Aside from simply feeling good, massage gives numerous benefits like special bonding between mom and a child and promotes mental growth and development for the baby.

meeting pehpot and other bloggers..

Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and Johnson & Johnson for this mommy meet-up. Staff were very accommodating and friendly. Next event will be in Makati on June 5. Topic to be discussed will be Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Activities for your Babies and Baby Lullabies. Venue will be at Dome Cafe, Solid Mills Building, Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati.

*extra extra*
The food at Dulcinea was great, spicy chicken as main course and cream puff as my yummy dessert.
It was my first time to visit Eastwood. I read this in many blogs already that Eastwood City is a Pet Friendly Mall. So when I walked down the city and saw some pets, it never came as a surprise to me anymore to see pets roaming around. When I arrived home I told my little daughter that we can go to Eastwood Mall with our pet sometime.
Thanks Nuffnang and Johnson & Johnson for the freebies and the chance of meeting mommy bloggers.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nostalgia #2


I'll be featuring people again in my Nostalgia entry today. This would be my second entry for Nostalgia meme hosted by Rose of Nostalgic Marveling.

So, let's take a trip down to nostalgia lane. The photos I am sharing here are my former officemates. I miss those days with my old friends. I lost contact to some of them.

My photo way back 1992, days when I haven't discovered yet the power of Glutathione. (I know this is nostalgic, but I have to put this icon here. lol)

Where are you guys? Have not heard about you for ages.
Zoom-in again and see Easy Call
Oh, please zoom in to see me. Haha. I'm in the second row wearing big smile, next to the guy in white polo longsleeve. Oh well, those were the days.. I've been searching for this girl in blue jeans and polo top. She's my partner in crime. But I can't find her online. I hope she gets the chance to browse this page.

They're my friends from one giant telecom company today. I still have in contact with one of my friends here. I am not sure if she visits this page as I have this link in my FB account. She would be very surprise with our old pics here. Guess what, she's prettier and looks younger after 15 years. I saw her in my FB, she does 10km run, she's slimmer and in perfect fit and I am but a chubsahm now.

Do you still recognize the guy? He is Bryan who made smart a big hit when celfone was first introduced into the market. I felt nostalgic with my past.. I'll be featuring 80's music next week should there be unlimited theme for nolstagia #3. I am so into 80s.

Please click the badge above for more Nostalgic past. Thanks to Rose  of Nostalgic Marveling for letting us share memories of the past.

Laiya Getaway

Though very frustrated with my camera, I managed to get up and took some photos as it was already late afternoon and we're about to pack up. So, don't bother about the same background as photos here were only a quick shot to take home a little memory from the resort. Right now, my camera is still untouched and haven't decided yet whether to have it repaired or send it back to where husband purchased the camera. I am not if it still covered with warranty. Maybe it's about time to get DSLR for me. Opps, I mean ooops I hope husband won't get the chance to read this. I am not sure how mad will he get when he learned about the fate of this camera in my hand. The following photos were taken from my old digicam and it still works well. Thank you oldy cammy. You saved my very frustrating day.

That's all folks, the only picture that I had during our weekend getaway!
By the way, we stayed in Paseo Verde, Laiya, San Juan Batangas. It's a very affordable beach resort. You can rent a Papagan for day trip for only P2,ooo, roughy $45, maximum of 15 person. Excess will be charged 100/head. Manila to San Juan took us three hours including three convenience store that we stopped by. You may check the website for more info.

While doing this post, I rushed to see from inside window a little rain shower. It is partly cloudy here in Manila and I guess, it's an indication that summer is already bidding goodbye. Summer officially ends on May 28. So there, let's all say goodbye to summer. See you again next year!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PDF download

I was thinking a while ago about the search engine that I could open in several windows without affecting the performance of my computer. Every time I download data from the web, if not always missing file, it crashes down my computer. Now, I found a search engine in pdf download format that will allow me to find data that I want. By just clicking particular link, search engine would take me to list of PDF download. No matter what browser I used, it would be easier for me to download necessary file that I search online.

I just locate the link of the country that I am in now. From there, I choose the eBook dated today and the most popular topic that I wanted, "How to be Successful on the Job." It is easier to read, download, and it's free. There's no more hassle for me anymore to have eBooks that I need. Search engine is so fast and it is in PDF format. It is truly time saving and download is done in no time. Do your search now. Check the pdf download now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post-I-Note Tuesday


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Ruby Tuesday

My Ruby Tuesday entry #2. Please bear with poor quality of my photo here. This was taken from my old digicam. Still thankful I got few shots in our Laiya getaway. Photos in my broken camera are yet to recover.

The host of Ruby Tuesday is maryt/theteach.
Please visit other entries by clicking on the link above.

Monday, May 24, 2010

San Francisco Repair

Husband's first drive to San Francisco was an unusual experience since he's a total stranger to the place. He did not assume the mountainous place and steep road at times. He said it was a totally different experience. He checked everything especially the brakes to have his driving smoother. When he visited a friend, he asked about San Francisco auto repair just in case he needs to have his car repaired while on vacation trip. He first asked the reputation of the company before he proceeds his car for repair. For him, it is unwise to just leave the car to an unknown repair shop. He keeps his belief by holding on to the words of loyal and satisfied customer like his friend.

He said that ford is easier for him to drive but he is also considering other type of car. He checked the possible repair shop for honda accord should he gets the chance to have one and carefully evaluated the reviews from car enthusiast. He is not really a car enthusiast but he is much into watching drag racing and other off track racing challenge as influenced by his friend who totally loves car.

Right now, he is trying to learn more about the parts needed to be serviced regularly like the timing belt. He just found out that it needs to be replaced in scheduled time since it is made of materials that has to be done in due time. He is wondering the parts that he needs just in case he wants to replace timing belt. He is not really aware about it and most likely he will depend on the repair shop on what to recommend for repair. I advised him to ask the shop and further told the timing belt functions as the driving link between the crankshaft and the camshaft.

after weekend, to-do things list welcomes me

tasks and chores are piled up, laundry is up to neck, chores waiting, tasks to finish today and submit asap, more errands, and worst thing that gives me stress today is my camera. It was broke yesterday. Imagine the feeling of excitement to view photos uploaded and later found that camera was broke. oh well, life has to move on without the camera. i need to be a multitasker today, check each one of the task above, and be an accomplished sahm at the end of the day.

if i may rate the fun that we had yesterday, oh it was fun! We missed the boat ride and snorkeling that we earlier planned as the beach wave did not cooperate, but still it was a blast!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

error in publishing comment

I encountered a problem in my comment page. When i checked my email, there were comments waiting to be published but when I checked my dashboard, no comments showed at all. I tried the option of publishing thru email but this error popped up.. bX-6t5z21 I cannot locate anymore the comments. I just copied the comments from my email hoping the support group would be able to recover and fix the error.

For the meantime, comments are no longer moderated and I hope it will go directly to my comment page. In a rush for this post, have to attend to other things. I hope the blogger support will be able to fix this soon. I emailed the Support Group for details of the error. Anyone who encountered the same thing, and knows how to fix this?

Nostalgia #1


This would be my first entry for Nostalgia meme hosted by Rose of Nostalgic Marveling.
Let's take a trip down to nostalgia lane. Looking back at my old pics makes me nostalgic of the past.
I choose this entry when I was in my late 20's and missed those times when I was having my time, working fun with my co worker, and having Toby by my side. I became sentimental when I dug out this photo the other night.

All photos here are my co-worker way back 1996. In the last photo, Toby, a Labrador Retriever, was more than a friend to me. He was my constant companion and my stress and homesick reliever that time. Those were photos of my past, when I worked abroad and thought of sharing this for my first nostalgia entry.

Please click the badge above for more Nostalgic past. Thanks Rose of Nostalgic Marveling for letting us share memories of the past. Posting my unlimited option for my first entry.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

partying and dining

When our place was hit by typhoon few months ago, most of the furnitures in the house were broken but I did not replace the dining set furniture, instead we used extra stool available in the kitchen. I was afraid that another typhoon would hit again and everything will be wiped away with heavy flood. But when we moved to a new house, the first thing that I planned on doing is to replace the furniture but up to this moment I haven't bought any for the house.

When my daughter turned 12 last Monday, some of the visitors found no empty seats available for themselves in the house. Dining Chairs were lacking in the kitchen and I was so embarrassed because I did not anticipate number of visitors to come for the party. For my big girl, the party was a blast, but for me, it was a shameful moment that I wish I have prepared a little more for that day. I only came to know that it was not well planned when I saw them partying and dining in the living room with my children and the other visitors.

I immediately browsed the net the following day and decided to purchase new dining chairs. I was glad to see dining chairs available exactly the style that I wanted to. Although the price is quite expensive, the quality of the furniture is really great. You can choose the design according to your taste. If I reupholster the old ones, it would cost me much money and so I came up with the idea of buying new one instead.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

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Ruby Tuesday

This is my first time to join Ruby Tuesday and my first entry would be another Hibiscus. Two Hibiscus tagged in a row.

My first ever Hibiscus model who gladly posed for the camera, my sister. Lol. Taken at the resort last Saturday.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mellow Yellow MOnday

Found this Hibiscus (gumamela) as my photo subject in a resort yesterday. I just love the output result of my camera. Not a DSLR, but my Sony Cybershot. Husband is anti-DSLR and gave this new cam for me instead of my wish, an Olympus DSLR. I'm very tempted to buy DSLR but opted not to since it is working well and I'm starting to fall in love with this cammy anyway.

My Mellow Yellow Monday.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

simple but unique

I can't get over with our trip yesterday. The place that we went to is not an exclusive resort but it became a paradise for us after beating six hours hell of traffic. When we reached the place, the first thing that we did was prepare the table for our lunch. It was mid afternoon already and was almost time for snack. We were all in a hungry stomach and after taking a little rest, children rushed to take a dip in a clear pool water. It wasn't a beach weekend as earlier planned but beach trip still on our mind. One friend is planning for a wedding this year and we all planned of going to a beach while summer days still here. I hope that by next week, our beach trip will soon push through. This is two in one trip. Scouting a possible venue for wedding and an outing at a beach.

So while still on a vacation, my friend is now looking for unique wedding invitations but cheaper in price. Wedding is such a big event in one's life that one is looking forward too. She wants her wedding to be remembered by guests and that's what she's been aiming to, a unique wedding. Beach wedding is simple and I think hiring a wedding coordinator will make it easier and less stress for the couple. They will just provide what that they want to maintain uniqueness in a wedding ceremony. For me, it is simpleness that makes a wedding unique.

exhausting trip

This is a quick post. Haven't recovered yet from a very tiring and exhausting trip yesterday. Six hours trip from Manila to Laguna is unimaginable. On a normal traffic flow, it only takes an hour and fifteen minutes. Nobody wants to take this kind of trip and if you're caught on a traffic, all you would wish is just pull over and sleep.

on buying supplies

After a very busy weekend, buying school supplies are therefore my first in my list of to-do-things for the week. School days are fast coming and I'm thinking of buying supplies online. It saves more efforts and I can even get more discounted price buying in bulk order of supplies. Older daughter wants more books for her summer reading list. She already got three on her list and still counting while my little daughter asked me to buy rubber stamps. She loves art. She loves doing her art even on vacation and it seems that she wants some funny character these days. I've noticed that she's also creating that stuff lately. I found some of her old rubber stamps that she kept many years ago and was surprised to see some of her work of arts inside her closet too. She definitely loves to develop this skill on her own and keeping it as her pastime is one great hobby.

By the way, I'm going back to school tomorrow to check if books are available already for my older daughter. I already made reservation earlier but if those items are still not available, I might try to check it out in nearest bookstore. I need to complete those items, including reference books while other supplies will be purchased online.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Phone System

Are you having problem with phone systems in your office or home? Then click the link provided and choose a telephone system that is just right for you. Head over now to the site and see more offers waiting for you.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

camping products

Summer vacation is perfect for family outings and best season for family gatherings or reunion. We're planning for another outing on a beach or maybe a picnic this weekend. Two members of the family will celebrate birthday this month of May and we all agreed to put the celebration into one. Other family members suggest to make it in a resort. We're actually planning of pool party or just a simple picnic. My only worry is that, there is no facility in the beach since it is still not fully developed. I wish that somebody will bring necessary camping materials just in case the resort has no facilities to provide. As for me, setting up a tent is enjoyable and exciting.

Well, anyway, I just came across to this site that offers camping products. Aside from honda generators, there are kids picnic table, four fold and half table, camp tool, cooler light, lantern and other camping products. The site offers a very great deal and if you check the link now, you will see the price still on sale. This is even perfect as a gift for a family who loves to go out for picnic and outdoor activities. I would love to have one generator at home. I know I can use this too in case of emergency.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

Yey! election is over. I spare this Post It Note from election fever. Updates in Twitter, FB, Plurk and Blogs were all about election. Leave my Post It Note for my weekend, my opps, and my cuz..



Join us now with Post-It Note Tuesday and have fun.

Edited: re: cashing out fund. I was charged $2 as early penalty fee but at least I was able to withdraw my fund with 3P today. I just can't wait and too excited for the payment. :D

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