Thursday, May 27, 2010

Laiya Getaway

Though very frustrated with my camera, I managed to get up and took some photos as it was already late afternoon and we're about to pack up. So, don't bother about the same background as photos here were only a quick shot to take home a little memory from the resort. Right now, my camera is still untouched and haven't decided yet whether to have it repaired or send it back to where husband purchased the camera. I am not if it still covered with warranty. Maybe it's about time to get DSLR for me. Opps, I mean ooops I hope husband won't get the chance to read this. I am not sure how mad will he get when he learned about the fate of this camera in my hand. The following photos were taken from my old digicam and it still works well. Thank you oldy cammy. You saved my very frustrating day.

That's all folks, the only picture that I had during our weekend getaway!
By the way, we stayed in Paseo Verde, Laiya, San Juan Batangas. It's a very affordable beach resort. You can rent a Papagan for day trip for only P2,ooo, roughy $45, maximum of 15 person. Excess will be charged 100/head. Manila to San Juan took us three hours including three convenience store that we stopped by. You may check the website for more info.

While doing this post, I rushed to see from inside window a little rain shower. It is partly cloudy here in Manila and I guess, it's an indication that summer is already bidding goodbye. Summer officially ends on May 28. So there, let's all say goodbye to summer. See you again next year!


  1. Cacai M. has left a new comment on your post "laiya getaway":

    Hello mommy Nuts, dropping-by in here.. ooh how sad that your new camera was broken.. :( am sad too.. :( If I am the one at your side, for sure I'll be depressed and disappointed especially because it's new.. :( Anyway, life must go on, so they say. :) Nagsasalita ba ang magaling, ano? Sorry to know about it mommy Nuts.. ~hugs~

    Anyway, you guys had fun but where are you in the pic? heheh.. muahhh!

  2. @cacai, i act as photographer so expect me behind the camera. no pic for me. :)
    i moved the file as I've found out that my post setting was outdated. so I re-published and just copied your comment here from my email. thanks so much for dropping by. i'm slowly getting over with the camera.. *hugs*

  3. ako din I'm using my old cam, kasi yung bago kung coolpix nilublof ng anak ko sa balde, akala niya kagaya ng sa uncle niya na underwater cam... para ko siyang kainin... sad din ako ... pero ... di bale... enjoying seeing you in your getaway...

    dropping by here too sis...

  4. buti nlng may extra camera. :) ganda ng pictures mo.

  5. not bad yung price....:)

    waaaaaaa...sana mabasa ni banana ang post na ito...ehehhehe...pagingggggggggggggg!!

    maganda parin naman ang kuha mo te.....ako din, I have been wanting a cheap DSLR...pero d naman cheap yung 500 bucks...yon kasi ang pinaka mura....hahahaha....but still can't afford it...kaya tyaga nalang ako sa cam ko...ehehehe!


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