Sunday, May 16, 2010

simple but unique

I can't get over with our trip yesterday. The place that we went to is not an exclusive resort but it became a paradise for us after beating six hours hell of traffic. When we reached the place, the first thing that we did was prepare the table for our lunch. It was mid afternoon already and was almost time for snack. We were all in a hungry stomach and after taking a little rest, children rushed to take a dip in a clear pool water. It wasn't a beach weekend as earlier planned but beach trip still on our mind. One friend is planning for a wedding this year and we all planned of going to a beach while summer days still here. I hope that by next week, our beach trip will soon push through. This is two in one trip. Scouting a possible venue for wedding and an outing at a beach.

So while still on a vacation, my friend is now looking for unique wedding invitations but cheaper in price. Wedding is such a big event in one's life that one is looking forward too. She wants her wedding to be remembered by guests and that's what she's been aiming to, a unique wedding. Beach wedding is simple and I think hiring a wedding coordinator will make it easier and less stress for the couple. They will just provide what that they want to maintain uniqueness in a wedding ceremony. For me, it is simpleness that makes a wedding unique.

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