Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unlimited Domain

Last week, I was overwhelmed with the price of web hosting companies offering big discount for web hosting. I was almost tempted to buy domain from this hosting site. But since I was still contemplating, I put this plan on hold. Before opening a web site, you must understand first on what to choose from list of web hosting types the kind of host that suits your need. I say this because I was technically illiterate about web hosting. Honestly, I have no knowledge about this. When I bought my own domain, the blog host automatically bought domain from its partner. So it was an easy purchase and I started my blog right away since I also have my own designer and did not even bother to learn about it. Today I am starting to read more about web hosting. I am planning to buy more domain. Since web hosting offers unlimited domain, I might probably open more blogs in the future.

Brunch Blast!

Yesterday, I attended a bloggers brunch meeting for Seattle's Best Coffee food tasting event held at Greenbelt 3 Makati. It was an informal event, not official launching of new product but I enjoyed a lot. I'll blog about the said event later.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reward for Myself

I just had my usual manicure/pedicure treatment two days ago and that has been my routine every other week for many years now. Because of my frequent visit, salon attendants subsequently has became my friends. I don't have elegant hands. And what do you expect for one stay at home mom doing every day home chores. Visiting salon is the only reward I can give to myself. I just want to look good for myself and not for anybody else.

There is one good thing when you patronize one salon. One time, I asked them if I needed facial treatment. Because they know I don't need it, they told me honestly that I have no pimples, blackheads or even acne to go on facial treatment. These people are not after for the money and never take advantage of the customer. I am fond in giving tips anyway. Why spend less for people who make you beautiful. That is my own view and my way of thanking and appreciating them. Sure, I don't need treatment, and even if I needed, I probably would just resort to home remedies for acne rather than go to a clinic. I am just glad I don't have acne by any means. Ugh, to be honest, I use daily maintenance for my skin and I really give attention on my face.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am sick!

I may not be able to visit you folks. Will hop as soon as I can. I have had colds and runny nose for days now. I'm a little bit okay after taking Neozep Forte and feels like a bed bed bed day today. Will hit ma bed now. Yes right now! Goodnight! ye, goodnight at noontime!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am an Optimist!

And the quote says, "an optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day." I should say, a new diet everyday. I am not really getting tired of looking for something new that will keep me slim and fit. I just came upon this site p90x.org and gives me a new insight about keeping the muscle toned in a different way. Sometimes, I want to try different methods to keep me fit. But thinking about the side effects it will cause my body, I chose the way that I am used to. I am an optimist and I believe that sooner than soon, I will attain the body weight that I once desired.

Nostalgia 28: Summer with Magic

"Pets are Not Allowed in the Resort." This was posted in one resort where we spent our weekend last summer. But daughter insisted not pet but a member of family. Never did she call even once as dog or pet but by his name. She said that he got his own name so why addressed him as dog.

Typical lifespan of dog is 12 to 15 years but this depends on the breeding. Longest time recorded is 24 years. I am already starting to condition the mind of my little girl about dog life span and that they live shorter than human.
I don't know how it would be like when time comes that Magic has to leave us. It surely will break our heart.

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Best Buy Items

Remember the day I proclaimed that we need to save this month by spending no mall weekends, well, today I'm getting back my words. I already promised my kids that we'll go out this weekend again to check the Best Buy items. Holidays are just around the corner and shopping malls are just inviting me. I don't want to be in a rush and go on panic buying on the last week of the season. This comes once in a year. Yeah, I just ate my words. I just can't let these coming holidays pass by without going on shopping. Yey, shopping! Who wouldn't love shopping? I hear my kids shouting now for joy. I'm a smart buyer and know where to shop the smart way anyway.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Batibot TV Comeback

Kiko Matsing, Kapitan Basa, Ningning, GingGing, Manang Bola, Pong Pagong.. these are the characters that I clearly remember when Batibot was a hit for all kids during 80s. This Saturday, November 27, Batibot will make a TV comeback which will be aired at 8:30 am on TV5. Not too late for my younger kid who just turned ten. She's familiar with Batibot as I kept mentioning about Batibot characters and the song, pagmulat ng mata, langit nakatawa, sa Batibot.
There was no Batibot yet during my time but I am definitely a fan of this child friendly show. Now you know my scheduled activity on Saturday morning. Let's see what new Batibot will offer on its comeback. *wink.

source: http://ph.yfittopostblog.com

Multitasking Mom

The laptop that my daughter is using is starting to show problem. She did not ask her dad for new laptop but asked for a camera instead. The laptop is still working well anyway but if I get better deals on laptops, I might get one for myself. I am currently using desktop but I find it very inconvenient for me now as a stay at home mom, doing household chores and online task at the same time. With laptop, it would be easier for me to move around the house and be a multitasking mom.

MYM: Star

The star shines bright in our Christmas Tree.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Successful Event

As Christmas comes closer, more events are being held in different areas. Other manufacturing companies are launching new products to take timely offers for the season. Few weeks ago, I attended product launching and was totally impressed how the event was organized. I love how the venue turned out into a homey environment since the products were all about baby stuffs. Mommy bloggers and media were all pleased with all the food, the venue, freebies and other invited celebrity guests. The event was successful since it was planned well. Overall, it was rated by media and bloggers a perfect ten. I say, the company must acknowledge the event or conference organiser for this. It is really important to note important matters in order to avoid disastrous turn out. Not all conferences are successful as I have previous experience with full of disappointment too.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Field Trip without Camera

Daughter arrived home late from outdoor educational field trip so tired and exhausted. Because the scheduled activity includes hiking, tree planting and other strenuous games, she did not bring the camera and just contented herself with cellphone. She shared her wonderful experience, less the photos and now learned the real meaning of journey without best friend, camera.

photo credit: internet

Getting a Health Insurance

Do you have health insurance? If you have, then consider it as a big advantage for you in the future. I don't have health insurance and this troubles me a lot lately. I am now in the stage of middle age years and I'm starting to feel symptoms of an aging woman already. I can't imagine myself getting sick, confined in the hospital and pay everything without any insurance company to shoulder, if not all of my expenses, at least part of my hospital bill. See the cost of not having health insurance? I should have gotten an insurance for myself and my family. I am glad that I wasn't involved in any accidents or illnesses. Getting an insurance is a must for everyone. Having no health insurance could drain our savings or worst when we have no resources to run to. We should not buy insurance only when we need it because we never really know what lies us ahead so get your health insurance today.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Daughter's Wishlist

I have not purchased yet the bed that I promised for my kids but I do hope that before the year ends, I will be able to buy it for them. My older daughter is requesting for cabin beds where they can store other stuff in their bed. Since a cabin bed has under bed storage and pull out desks, clutter in the house will be lessened too. I need to save more for this bedroom. How can Santa say no when this bed is included in my daughter's wish list. Besides, I know the comfort it will give them in their bedtime hour.

Nostalgia 27: my birthday girl

sorry for my late posting. i was kinda busy yesterday for my little sweetie. see how time flies. it's just so fast. :)

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Warranty

My sister lives down south with her family. We get to visit them once a year or when there is special occasion to attend to or simply family get together.

Photos below were taken last year the night before we went to a nearby resort. Kids get to play even at night. The community is very quiet and very safe to live and children can even play under the moonlight.

All my siblings are close and simply serves as a comfort zone for each other. The last time I went there in my sister's house was last year. I get to talk with her often whenever she needs advise particularly about the kids.

When I visited her sometime last year, we talk about the house and she told me that the new phase that was once were exclusive for company employees are now open to non members. I told her that it is a must to secure a HMS Home Warranty. I further explained that home owners won't have any burden for house repair anymore with home warranty. This will save costly repair after a year even the house with high maintenance.

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

I am fond of watching documentary and late night shows especially during weekends. Last week, I watched a well documented story hosted by the most popular newsman in the country. I felt pity for the family of the victim believing he was innocent for the crime he was convicted. Today I have stumbled the website of San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer and remembered the documentary show I have watched that affected me so much. These lawyers handle criminal assault charges. For those who see San Diego as wonderful city with perfect climate, I assure you this is not only about San Diego and its perfect climate. You can also find the top criminal defense lawyer in the city. It is hard to think that there are about thousands of innocent people being charged of crime they did not commit. I wish these innocent people know whom to call when the worst nightmare of their lives happen. It is even harder to think that they were innocent, went into trial, spent thousands of dollars and still charged guilty in the end.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


While other people are now starting to do shopping for their Christmas list, my friend abroad is now busy preparing for this coming holidays. She and her family are planning to spend vacation on a place where they can spend quality time together. I came across to this website and told her to browse the site where they can avail a South Cornwall Holiday Cottages. This is another exciting getaway wherein tourists will surely find it amazing. Aside from the experience of staying in many selection of fabulous cottages, they also look forward to shopping in nearby areas, food dining and other activities at the same time. Speaking of holidays, we will just spend our vacation at home and invite some friends at Christmas eve and have dinner together. It will be a simple celebration after the midnight mass.

Christmas Tree

I can't smell the pine but I can smell the Christmas now. With the help of my daughters and my nieces who were on a holiday because of celebration of Islamic religous Eid'l Adha, I was able to put up the Christmas Tree today with too many helpers around to decorate. We used ribbons this time. Smell the holidays? Christmas is just around the corner.

Cheap Textbooks for College

Sending my older daughter to a secondary school drained much of our savings. Her tuition fees eat a big chunks of our budget. It is not only the tuition that keeps getting higher but also miscellaneous fees. Almost two hundred dollars for this school year went to books and textbooks alone and she's only in secondary level. I wonder how much would it costs us to send her to college and that will be two years from now. Finding cheap textbooks for college would surely lessen the burden in her college expenses. As early as today, I'm already planning on how to save for her education. I know in two years time, tuition fees will become higher again. I don't see books getting cheaper as what I see in price trending but I do hope I'll get the best deal on textbooks by that time.

Education is the the best foundation for our child's future. Thus, we must invest and give priority for their future and make sure that they are getting the best quality education that they deserve.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Here's my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday. Credit goes to my little daughter who aims to be a photoblogger someday. She took this shot when we visited Taal Church about two weeks ago.

I am not really familiar with the name, although these flowers can be seen everywhere.
are these yellow bells?

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Cruise Vacation

Few days from now, my little daughter will be celebrating her 10th birthday. I have yet to think of what to give on her big day. I already had my list of food to prepare. It will be a simple celebration and my daughter told me that she will invite her five best friends. I was thinking this morning of giving her something that will make her happy but I was caught by surprise when she told me that when she gets older and has her own job, she will give me a celebrity cruises vacation. I was of course overwhelmed to hear that from a ten year old little girl. I never really had any idea about how it felt like to be in a cruise but I know it would be much fun. I can just imagine a cruise ship with exquisite food, shopping and spa services. Even it is still far from now, hearing those words from my little girl is something I would cherish and wish that someday her plans will come true.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!!

Having the advantages in size and weight, still Margarito did not make it to win the fight. What's surprising here is that Margarito still up in 12th round after bruised and messy face and punches he received from Manny's hand. Manny Pacquiao was just as quick as lightning. The fight ended up to the last 12th round. Manny Pacquiao wins record 8th world title via unanimous decision over Antonio Margarito. Pacquiao with face as good as first round is now holding the WBC Super Welterweight Title. You just made the Filipinos on top of the world again!

Congratulations Congressman Manny Pacquiao!!

photo source: internet

Saturday, November 13, 2010


It really feels great to be reunited with old classmates in grade school after so many years. I have talked to some of them last week and we're all excited for a planned mini reunion. Since most of them are working abroad, we set the reunion early next year when they come home for vacation. We are still planning for the venue and that depends on how many of our batch mates will attend. I am so surprised when I saw that one of them turned out to be a blooming lady, remembering how she looked like during grade school years. Seeing her in profile picture makes me think that she used the best acne solution as she's oozing with sex appeal and charm in her flawless skin. She looks younger than her age as if she's only in her twenties. Imagine about 25 years of not seeing each other, there should be a lot of difference to recall and compare how funny we looked like then. I am now excited to see all of my old classmates. That must be a happy and memorable moment to look forward to.

Forever 21

My daughter, being fascinated with F21 insisted to visit Megamall where only branch of Forever21 is located. We went there two weeks ago and look for the tops that she saw online. We were greeted by different western style in the store but not one of her favorite was available. I thought it was a lucky day for me that I was able to save some, but she asked and insisted for other brand of loose fitting shirt and knitted cardigans. When we came home, she browsed the site and decided to just purchase online what she missed in F21.

*photo source: internet

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Healthy Way

If you think that crash diets or bursts of exercise are healthy way to lose weight, think again. You are actually risking your own health. Our body needs gradual changes in food and exercise. If your body used to having full meal or has not exercised for years, then you need to slow down until your body gets through with the system. One or two pounds a week is not bad. But do not starve yourself just to get the weight you desired. If you need to trim down quickly yet you want to retain firm muscles, then you need the worlds fastest fat burner. This will tone down your muscles and achieve the firm belly that you desired.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Clear Signal

Our cable has been receiving poor signal for two days already. Because of such unreliable service, I have decided to transfer our old cable to a new provider. We oftentimes experience poor signal and limited channels. I already inquired for a new cable and asked for subscription rate plus other requirements needed to install. Cable upgrading for better and clearer signal means higher bill too. I chose a postpaid subscription since this is also affordable just like car insurance rate. In return, our TV time will be wonderful and my kids would surely be satisfied to just stay in the house on weekends. We're overspending already and I declare a no mall weekends for this month. We need to save extra bucks for the coming season. Funny that I want to save money but I'm looking forward to spending again this Christmas. Oh well, I guess this is worth the additional expense.

Nostalgia 26: Me and My Bag

Notice the bag that I used during J & J event. This bag was given to me by none other than the host of Nostalgia meme. It goes well with my outfit right. And I guess not only with the color of my top I was wearing in this photo but it sure fits to any outfits having a neutral classic color. Love love it! Thanks Rose for the gift. This will be forever precious to me.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WW: Smell of the Rain

I like how it smells after the rain. I just love the calmness and the smell of grass after the rainfall. I can't exactly tell the smell. It's just so refreshing seeing dew drops on leaves.

But I don't like the smell of rainfall in the city. It smells different. So stinky and fishy and the flood is scary. I am glad that when we went home last halloween, I was able to smell the rain again.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Site Optimization

My online banking account is still inactive since the day I entered a wrong password and was not able to retrieve it then. And because I could not log in to my account online, I always do my bank transaction over the counter when I want to use it to purchase online. I haven't visited back to update my bank status for many days now. Now that my annual fee for my domain blog is about to expire and need to pay it on time or my blog will be redirected to my hosting site, I am thinking of visiting the bank again to finally issue another password or whatever the bank tells me so. I am tired of going to the bank every now and then and do transaction over the counter since that account is intended for online transaction only. I am also planning to buy a new domain site so I have no choice but keep this banking account active. It was actually my plan many months ago to buy a domain blog, but due to contemplating mind, that plan was put on hold. But as soon as I have finalized the concept of the blog, I will publish and register it in web directory and let SEO experts handle my site optimization for this.

Ruby Tuesday

I got this token from Johnson's Baby Press Launch and Akiko Thompson and Marielle Santos Po's Baby Shower. Some kinda sporty that fits for Akiko's theme. Akiko's contribution to the world of sports in the Philippines is legendary. She is still active and busy as Philippine Sports Commissioner although she's no longer training competitively now.

My entry for Ruby Tuesday.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Summer Holiday

Without doubt, summer is the best time of the year for my two kids. The two have their own plan of where to go vacation this coming summer. I have planned our summer vacation already but my two kids have their own preference on where to spend summer. I want a tourist spot or historical place to visit but since my children seem to like beach vacation like holiday parks uk, I will just inquire now of how much I will spend for a package trip then. Our next family outing would be my treat for my daughter as a birthday gift too. We will start planning as early as possible to avail of promotional package and spend less on vacation. Two-day vacation is not enough for me but planning ahead of time will make our vacation becomes memorable.

Looking for Apartment?

Looking for an apartment is kind of tiring job. You have to consider many things first before you narrow down the search. The kind of community you have and the location are the most important things to consider aside from the model of the apartment itself. It can be very stressful and tiring to find the great one but you need to do the steps before you finalize the contract. I had been renting the house we are staying now for a year already. Few weeks from now, I will be renewing our lease of contract with the unit owner. In different countries, there are proper laws applying to renting an apartment, protecting both the lessee and lessor and if you are in apartment london, then you are not an exception to this. As lessee, you are entitled for your full rights and responsibilities, same goes with lessor.

Baby Shower from Johnson's Baby

Akiko and her husband Chips during their baby shower by Johnson's Baby

Whether it's your first time or second time to be mom, there's always first time for us to be cherished forever, first touch, first galaw, first bath.. I remember the many firsts for my two children, now grown up, and how Johnson's baby witnessed the many firsts of their life. Now, Johnson's will be giving away grand Baby Shower to three lucky mothers across the nation. This promo will be accessible through Facebook by searching Johnson's Baby World of Firsts. Non moms can also nominate any of their friends or family members who will be expecting a baby soon. The expectant moms that will be chosen will star in their very own JOHNSON'S baby shower TV episode and receive special prizes. This is another memorable moment of the many firsts for both mom and baby.

For the mechanis and steps on how to join, simply log in to your Facebook Account and Search "Johnson's Baby World of Firsts" or you can click right here.

You may nominate yourself or your pregnant friend. The Johnson’s® baby Shower promo is open from November 2010 to January 2011.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ferrari Car

I try not to be envious with rich people who seems like only buying shoes in getting a new car. I know it is a sin to get envy with them but I sometimes dream of a new Ferrari and drive myself around the town too. I know it is too pricey to have this ego boosting car but I have no idea how it really felt like driving a Ferrari. Ferrari parts are also very stylish and unique and this gives a very sportive yet sexy look to this car. I can only dream of this now but if fate allows and if I have money to buy, I would choose to have this stylish car too.

Go Natural, Live a Healthy Life

It is not a surprise for us anymore, my siblings in particular, about how our oldest sister observes healthy living and actually applying them in their everyday life. No soft drinks, no junk food and no artificial flavorings such as seasonings for any of her recipes. Her children used to live without any processed or junk food, and she explained to my children how this food affects our body. For our two-day vacation in their house, my children learn to love calamansi juice instead of soft drink and sweet potato instead of junk food. So natural! It is healthy to stay healthy, following food pyramid guide and reducing sugar and bad cholesterol, eating fruits and vegetables and less processed foods intake are some of healthy ways that we all need to practice.

now, my younger daughter is craving for this. ^-^

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jewelry Making as Profitable Hobby

I envy my sister who is really good in making jewelry. She taught me how to make jewelry but no matter how much effort she exerted to teach me, still, I find it hard to understand the process of making it. Maybe it's in the hand and it needs passion to be able to create one. My sister started making jewelry as a hobby and later that hobby became her business too. Now that holiday season is coming, my sister expects volume of orders for jewelries and other accessories. If she can close a deal for corporate giveaways, definitely, she will have good sales for the month. Jewelry business is profitable with affordable jewelry making supplies too. Ber months are my sister's favorite months of the year. She is looking forward for many orders this season and wishes that good sales last throughout the year.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Health Insurance

I am blessed! I am not blessed materially but having two healthy daughters is enough for me to be happy. I only wish simple things in life and that is to have a healthy family and friends I can call on when I'm down. I am contented to whatever I have in my possession. I consider simple things as as big treasure and always thank above for providing things for us. I have been into the hardest and lowest point of life and that experience helped me understand what life is all about. I always remind my kids that life in not always easy and fair, and that we need to prepare and save a little money everyday. Maybe, I should get a child health insurance to insure their future and not to worry much when hard time in life comes.

New Bedroom

I only realized today that our bedroom needs to be painted again. When we moved into this house, the owner painted it with color white. Now, that the color seems to be fading, I am thinking of repainting it with different color to look neat. I preferred to have it painted with light peach. I hope that it be done before Christmas. I just finished cleaning the room and found out that the bed headboard is starting to develop rust in it. Until today, the bedroom sets that we plan to buy is still at the display area waiting to be purchased. I have no enough budget right now, but since the store offers a big discount, I might buy it as a surprise for my kids.

House Renovation

Having your house renovated is just as costly as building a new house. So if you choose your house to be renovated, make sure to only choose the best like Boston replacement windows. It is really stressful when you have a particular project in your mind and you can't decide because you consider the price first. Next is the personnel who will handle the installation. Would you trust the personnel whom you don't know and with zero background. New windows surely will create a pleasing look to your house. It will even help moderate the temperature inside to fit for different season to come in a year.

There are many things to consider in looking for Boston replacement windows. The staff should be ready to answer all the queries and is knowledgeable in different kind of doors and windows. Other customers are looking for suggestions and in particular case like this, the staff should know what to offer for the client whether a modern or an old fashioned look.

Investment for the House

I used to work in Makati before but when I passed by in the area yesterday to attend an event, I felt like a stranger to a place I once called home. It has been a long while since I last visited the area. Although I attend to some events nearby, I seldom see what's inside the city and the new establishments. Yesterday, the place was really new to my sight. When I passed by the unit that I rented many years ago, I was amazed how it looked unlike the way it was before. I say, totally new house although the old foundation still there. The owner must have repaired the old house and replaced doors Washington DC . It was totally wonderful. I am not sure though if the house is still owned by my landlady. If ever, then she made the right decision by investing for the house. Or if it is owned by someone else now, still the money they invested is worth the price for the installment of window. They can even resale it for a higher value. I'm just feeling nostalgic seeing the old place and old house again.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nostagia 25: Halloween in Batangas

When we visited our province last weekend (Halloween), we attended mass at Basilica de San Martin de Tours (Taal) together with my sister and her family. Taal Church is the biggest church in the Philippines.

Taal, the heritage town, is known for its Barong Tagalog, Balisong and Tagalog capital of the Philippines.

Some of the products also produced in town are Burdang Taal and Panutsa. Panutsa is a sweet delicacy from Batangas cooked in sugar cane and shaped like bowl or mangkok.

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Fab Hotel

The weather seems to be so gloomy today. I just came home from media launch of baby products and felt so tired now. I'll blog about the event later. The event was successful and I think it was my third time at the hotel. I have attended seminar twice in the place and I think the last time I went there was a decade ago when I attended the wedding of my former office mate. The hotel still looks as fabulous as it was fifteen years ago. The interior design is amazing not to mention the location which is very accessible to shopping areas in Makati. From the venue of the event, you can see the pool area even with tinted window. It was lightly tinted and I wonder how closely it resembles with window tint indianapolis. I just browsed the site and I am thinking again whether to request the unit owner for tinting of our window or not.

Book An Artist

During weekend, I usually watch noontime show after my house chores. I am a fan of both local and foreign artist and often fascinated by their great voice or talent on TV. I knew someday that I will be watching them live perform in the big dome. Concert producers should take a look into booking good artists ahead of time since it is important for a fan like me not to put on hold or move the date due to unavailability. Like if they Book Fabolous ahead of time and confirm the show, then I can plan and decide the best time to watch the show too.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


She can't play guitar but loves to strum with her own guitar chords. She wanted to enroll guitar last summer but online world occupied all her time and forgot or maybe it's not her real passion. I hope that she pursues the lesson next summer vacation or when her schedule allows her this school year.


I was able to check some updates of my old friends through social networking site today. Today is the start of autumn in the place where one of my friend is based now. She's complaining about the cold season and now that it is coming again, she thinks that conservatory blinds uk would be the best way to protect her this autumn. Have seen houses with blinds for the roof and wall and me thinks that it adds a little protection for whatever type of season comes. I used blinds for our window few years ago to block the sunlight and so even without the autumn season here, blinds help protect direct UV rays of sunlight. Now that I've heard about this for home improvement, I think I will keep the thick curtains for future trendy home and use blinds instead.

Eyeglasses for Us

Daughter and I were discussing a while ago about the frame that will suit her best. She wants to try a new eyeglasses with unique color and design this time. She's tired of wearing the same color already and wants to try a trendy eye glasses to match with her age. She wants to try a new design too. Her next eye check up will be this coming month. Good thing, prescription eyeglasses online are now available at a very affordable price and this comes in great quality too. My budget for the month will not be affected even if I purchase additional eyeglasses for her. I think I need one too. My eyes are showing symptoms and read letters in blurred image lately.

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