Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cheap Textbooks for College

Sending my older daughter to a secondary school drained much of our savings. Her tuition fees eat a big chunks of our budget. It is not only the tuition that keeps getting higher but also miscellaneous fees. Almost two hundred dollars for this school year went to books and textbooks alone and she's only in secondary level. I wonder how much would it costs us to send her to college and that will be two years from now. Finding cheap textbooks for college would surely lessen the burden in her college expenses. As early as today, I'm already planning on how to save for her education. I know in two years time, tuition fees will become higher again. I don't see books getting cheaper as what I see in price trending but I do hope I'll get the best deal on textbooks by that time.

Education is the the best foundation for our child's future. Thus, we must invest and give priority for their future and make sure that they are getting the best quality education that they deserve.

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