Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unlimited Domain

Last week, I was overwhelmed with the price of web hosting companies offering big discount for web hosting. I was almost tempted to buy domain from this hosting site. But since I was still contemplating, I put this plan on hold. Before opening a web site, you must understand first on what to choose from list of web hosting types the kind of host that suits your need. I say this because I was technically illiterate about web hosting. Honestly, I have no knowledge about this. When I bought my own domain, the blog host automatically bought domain from its partner. So it was an easy purchase and I started my blog right away since I also have my own designer and did not even bother to learn about it. Today I am starting to read more about web hosting. I am planning to buy more domain. Since web hosting offers unlimited domain, I might probably open more blogs in the future.

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