Sunday, November 7, 2010

Go Natural, Live a Healthy Life

It is not a surprise for us anymore, my siblings in particular, about how our oldest sister observes healthy living and actually applying them in their everyday life. No soft drinks, no junk food and no artificial flavorings such as seasonings for any of her recipes. Her children used to live without any processed or junk food, and she explained to my children how this food affects our body. For our two-day vacation in their house, my children learn to love calamansi juice instead of soft drink and sweet potato instead of junk food. So natural! It is healthy to stay healthy, following food pyramid guide and reducing sugar and bad cholesterol, eating fruits and vegetables and less processed foods intake are some of healthy ways that we all need to practice.

now, my younger daughter is craving for this. ^-^


  1. Wow sarap naman nyang kalingking hehehe

  2. Healthy living does have a lot of benefits pero I don't think I can live without junk food and specially soft drinks, unfortunately we have a bodega of that, it's a family business. I don't know if I'm lucky or cursed. Sometimes I can stay away for weeks and then there are weeks where I can't get enough of it. I need more discipline, I know. :D

  3. oh my...that's the life I would like to junks and preservatives...oh boy, lahat nalang ata nang pagkain dito sa tate!

  4. penge ulit te...ehehehhe!

    thanks sa comments at dalaw...glad to be here again...ehehehe...she bangs she bangs na pla tau ngayon....:)


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