Monday, November 15, 2010

Cruise Vacation

Few days from now, my little daughter will be celebrating her 10th birthday. I have yet to think of what to give on her big day. I already had my list of food to prepare. It will be a simple celebration and my daughter told me that she will invite her five best friends. I was thinking this morning of giving her something that will make her happy but I was caught by surprise when she told me that when she gets older and has her own job, she will give me a celebrity cruises vacation. I was of course overwhelmed to hear that from a ten year old little girl. I never really had any idea about how it felt like to be in a cruise but I know it would be much fun. I can just imagine a cruise ship with exquisite food, shopping and spa services. Even it is still far from now, hearing those words from my little girl is something I would cherish and wish that someday her plans will come true.

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