Monday, November 22, 2010

Batibot TV Comeback

Kiko Matsing, Kapitan Basa, Ningning, GingGing, Manang Bola, Pong Pagong.. these are the characters that I clearly remember when Batibot was a hit for all kids during 80s. This Saturday, November 27, Batibot will make a TV comeback which will be aired at 8:30 am on TV5. Not too late for my younger kid who just turned ten. She's familiar with Batibot as I kept mentioning about Batibot characters and the song, pagmulat ng mata, langit nakatawa, sa Batibot.
There was no Batibot yet during my time but I am definitely a fan of this child friendly show. Now you know my scheduled activity on Saturday morning. Let's see what new Batibot will offer on its comeback. *wink.



  1. Nice! that's good news! A truly classic TV Show that kids will love.

  2. oh miss ko ang jingle batibot! hehhehee....glad to know they are back....:)


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