Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WW: Smell of the Rain

I like how it smells after the rain. I just love the calmness and the smell of grass after the rainfall. I can't exactly tell the smell. It's just so refreshing seeing dew drops on leaves.

But I don't like the smell of rainfall in the city. It smells different. So stinky and fishy and the flood is scary. I am glad that when we went home last halloween, I was able to smell the rain again.

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh, yes. And one of the most perfect odors in the world!!! I love the smell of rain.

    Here is My Watery Photos Post Do stop by when given a chance. Have a great Wednesday!!

  2. so vivid! I love this shot te...:) fishy and stinky ba naman ang ulan sa!

  3. Very true, there is a difference of rain from city and in the country, as is just the plain air... lovely wet leaves!
    stopping by from WateryWed.
    Faythe at GMT~

  4. ganda nman ng pagkashot sa leaf nato, parang plastic lng na nawisikan ng tubig...

    my fb pala add me

    catch u there. salamat sa time:)


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