Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reward for Myself

I just had my usual manicure/pedicure treatment two days ago and that has been my routine every other week for many years now. Because of my frequent visit, salon attendants subsequently has became my friends. I don't have elegant hands. And what do you expect for one stay at home mom doing every day home chores. Visiting salon is the only reward I can give to myself. I just want to look good for myself and not for anybody else.

There is one good thing when you patronize one salon. One time, I asked them if I needed facial treatment. Because they know I don't need it, they told me honestly that I have no pimples, blackheads or even acne to go on facial treatment. These people are not after for the money and never take advantage of the customer. I am fond in giving tips anyway. Why spend less for people who make you beautiful. That is my own view and my way of thanking and appreciating them. Sure, I don't need treatment, and even if I needed, I probably would just resort to home remedies for acne rather than go to a clinic. I am just glad I don't have acne by any means. Ugh, to be honest, I use daily maintenance for my skin and I really give attention on my face.


  1. we really need to be pampered! ;) it's a way of relaxing and enjoying the " Me Time".

  2. i always go to the salon for manicure/pedicure, to the spa for facials and sauna, andi get home massage treatments. haha. ang gastos ko! im planning to get eyelash extensions pa. lol

  3. One great reward for having yourself a ME time.Good for you dear^_^


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