Monday, October 29, 2012

Central Colleges of the Philippines Gets To Know The DELL Team

Dell Philippines recently conducted a Campus Career Talk at the Central Colleges of the Philippines (CCP). The activity supports Dell's initiatives to become the employer of choice. Dell’s talent acquisition team, Rochelle Bulan (second row, center) and Chris Loyong (second row, sixth from left), shared about the company, its culture and people, as well as provided the students with valuable tips and advice for job interviews.

About 120 graduating CCP students participated in the event, made possible through the cooperation of the school alumni director, Ms. Rachel Vales (second row, sixth from right). The activity ended with quizzes and prizes for those who participated.

About Dell Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. For more information, visit

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Putting Up a Business-what to consider?

Putting up a business is something very risky to take. You need to gather a lot of information first  before  finally setting it up.  Have a concrete plan, objective and goal. 

Here are some helpful tips to consider in putting up a business.

Check the price, place and promotion. Is your product  easy to sell?  What is  the position of the competitor?  Do you intend to sell your product  to masses?  Who will be your first customer?  Would it be your neighbor or  friends?  How will you introduce your product?  Good and catchy advertisement are good  too but do not forget the  word-of- mouth  marketing because  this is a direct advertising for free or what we call  buyers-attract-more buyers  strategy.

Take a look at how you  showcase  your product. Check the display because this attracts the customers more like  a bee to honey.  If you are selling accessories and jewelry,  make sure you put them in  Jewelry Showcases. You may also add a better light for best viewing of  your items.
After sales service is very important for the customer to keep them coming back. If  you are into selling services, you need to improve in this area a lot.  If  you are selling a product, make sure you have a trained staff  to look after for the after-sales-care.

Technically, there are a lot more to consider like government law, securing business and permit and  you still need to  gather more information in putting up a business. Informative websites  are also available and  surely will  help you  a lot.

Smart Parenting October 2012 issue

Smart Parenting October 2012 issue features the top radio personality Delamar Arias. In this issue, she reveals her rocky road  to motherhood and the joys of discovering being a mom.

"Looking at him, I just feel so much love. It envelops me in a way that I feel, "why am I so lucky?" -Delamar


 Find out more of this month's issue. Grab a copy of SP  at your favorite magazine stands and  bookstores nationwide.  By the way,  I like this month's featured article, "Going natural"  the best.   I find it really helpful even during this time of modern age.

National Geographic Little Kids comes along with every issue of Smart Parenting. I enjoy my Smart Parenting while my little one enjoys  her mini magazine too.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Entertain your kids the equestrian way

Let me first say, I love being a stay at home mom! It gives me time to spend quality time with my kids and bond with them, whilst also keep a constant eye on their development. There are so many negative influencers out there, so I want to make sure they are around things and people that stimulate their minds, their development and their experiences.

Recently, I started to consider after school activities for them, because we all know kids can sometime be hyperactive, so it is good for them to have an outlet for their excesses of energy. There are also other advantages to after school activities and hobbies, such a building their social skills. So many kids grow up in today’s society where the nearest and dearest friend is Facebook and Twitter or some other social networking site, I know I use it. But let’s face it parents, we need to engage our kids like our parents engaged us as children.

You should make it your top priority to sign your child up for something like football, or basketball, swimming or even horseback riding if that is what they are into. If you can still remember the Olympics this year, you probably marvelled at the exceptional performance of all the athletes, who made their respective countries really proud. They did not accomplish all they did by sitting in front of the computers all day; they went outside an engaged with other team players and the riders engaged with their. When you looked at equestrian teams, you did not see one person; you saw whole teams representing their countries decked out in their gateshouse rider wear from equestrian clearance or whichever gears they chose. Yes, it was truly astonishing to see such team spirit, and you know what, I want the same for my child. It may not be on an Olympic level, but I want them to dream big, because it could happen for them too.

It’s time mothers, time to inspire your generation. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Play Games and Have Fun

Playing online is very easy these days and anyone can do it with only a click of  fingertips.  There are many  kinds of online games.  These games have different categories  for different person  like for example  shooting games, strategy games,   graphical games  and other challenging games like Bingo.  Whatever, playing online is good if  you are responsible enough and think about the game as  form of entertainment that you can enjoy anytime.  If you think about winning all the time,  that calls for another definition of  game. 

If you want to play a game and you want to try bingo,  go to a legit website online.  There are quite a few numbers of  websites that offer excellent environment to play and they offer any type of online games.   First off,  check the authenticity of the website if you want to play bingo.  Sportsbetting  is also another  game online. People enjoy  this game corresponding with the sports event that they want. Most of them place their bets to  the players that they want to win.  Some are just doing it for fun but others do it to gamble.  It is just alarming when   you find yourself  addicted  and  make this as a source of income and  not  for fun.

When you play, you enjoy your time and you have the chance to win a game. Whether you are in a world class gaming center or in an arcade, you just have to know when to indulge yourself  and play the game with winning and losing in your mind  at the same time.  If you have only a small knowledge into it, peek a little while,  ask some friends who call themselves lucky as a starter.  Consider gaming  and betting at the same time. After all, you just want to play and have fun.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Writers In 2012

2012 has seen a lot of literary cultural trends come into play such as the unique buzz around E. L. James's 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' series as well as the new addition to J. K. Rowling's impressive stock. However, some of the most impressive figures from the world of literature have gone relatively unnoticed by the consumers' market. Writing is an art and should be appreciated as such. If putting thought down on paper in a constructive manor was something everyone could co, we would all be writers. Creative writing takes time, passion and patience..

Hilary Mantel Hilary Mantel recently picked up the Man Booker Prize for Literaturethanks to her novel Bring Up The Bodies, the sequel to her Booker Prize-winning novel Wolf Hall. The novel depicts the rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell during the time of Henry VIII. Mantel has been writing since the 1970s and her penchant for historical fiction has been a constant trend in her work. Her literary career has flourished since the 1980s and she's gone on to write her own memoir as well as being a critic of literature and film for papers such as The Guardian.

Mo Yan Mo Yan is the recipient of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature , more than earning his spot on this list as a distinguished writer. Though he wasn't singled out for any particular work in 2012, it was his body of work that was commended, ranging from his Red Sorghum Collection to his most recent novel, Change. Heralded for the way he mixes reality with hallucinatory images, his unconventional writing style and career has often received a lot of attention, particularly due to his affinity for social realism and his obsession with previous Chinese eras. His complex and graphic style are a testament to his accomplished skill as a writer and his recognition this year comes off the back of a successful and acclaimed career.

Jo Walton Jo Walton is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer famed, and included on this list, for her 2011 novel Among Others. The book has won the 2012 Nebula Award , the 2012 Hugo Award and the British Fantasy Award for a Novel. Its recognition and critical success earns the writer a place on the list as one of 2012's best writers. Through a love of science-fiction and role-playing games, Jo Walton began to develop a keen sense of literary style during her teen years, finally having her first novel published in 2000. She holds a strong ability at creating worlds as well as offering reader-friendly services such as posting parts of unfinished novels online for free.

Tracy K. Smith Making her name via her poetry skills, Tracy K. Smith, recipient of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, boasts an impressive imagination which manages to invoke a strong sense of emotion in the reader, a powerful gift in terms of poetry. Born and raised in the USA, Smith has received a plethora of awards, fellowships and grants for her work since graduating Harvard University and continues to advance the notion that she is one of the top poets working today.

K-Zone Celebrates 10 Years of Awesome

Get ready for the most awesomesauce K-Zone issue yet, as the biggest kids' magazine in the country celebrates its 10th birthday this October! Keep your eyes peeled for the coolest prizes, epic top ten lists, plus the most exciting cartoons and movies to watch for in K-Zone's thickest ish, ever!

It's all treats and a few tricks as K-Zone teaches you how to level up your Halloween. Zombify yourself by following K-Zone's tips on how to tread like the undead. You can also get a set of FREE K-Zone Zombie tattoos in every issue!

In this ish, K-Zone features tenacious top 10 lists of the most rockin' TV shows, music, movies, cartoons, and books that rocked the last decade. Plus, see how your favorite kids' magazine has evolved in a look back at 10 years of K-Zone awesomeness.

But wait, there's more! K-Zone is also giving away awesome birthday swag in selected sections of the magazine. To join, K-Zoners can visit the 10th Birthday Blowout tab found in K-Zone's Facebook fanpage. Just fill up the form, type in your desired promo code (see October issue for the prizes and promo codes), hit Submit, and you're good to go!  Entries will be accepted from October 1 to 31,2012. Ten lucky winners will be drawn for each prize so hurry and join now!

Grab the October issue of K-Zone available in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets nationwide for only P125. For more of K-Zone online, visit and Like

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Georgina Wilson for 2013 Calendar

I admire Georgina Wilson so much.   She has a very pretty face and a  body of a supermodel that you'd rarely  see in  the entertainment industry.  Whether she's on her frown face or  smirking  smile, she still looks very  beautiful.   She is  the newest  endorser of  a famous brand of   liquor  for   2013 sexy calendar.   There is no doubt why she has a lot of endorsements from big companies in the country today.  She can make herself  looks  like a goddess in a paradise or a beach babe  in a  resort.   Whether she wears a skimpy white or  red bikini, still  she looks perfect  because of her body  like that  of  a  super model.  She carries  the fashion  effortlessly   but always comes out perfectly  even if she's asked to  wear or  endorse a  certain brand  out  in  the sun.   I knew that she will make  a perfect  model of this brand too.

The layout of the 2013 calendar is already out in  the Internet.   Before the contract for endorsement,  the company asked to vote who the perfect model should be. Most of the votes came from male respondents.  And who wouldn't be fascinated  with her  sexy  body?  She surely   made a lot of effort to attain that  perfect shape.

The  liquor company  did  a good job in choosing  Georgina  being the top model in the country. Aside from modeling, she is also into hosting  in cable and free TV.  When asked if she's ready to venture to another field like acting, she said that it all depends on her manager. Georgina was also a part of  Tyra Banks’ “America’s Next Top Model” (Cycle 17) as a stylist.”

She wears skimpy bikinis in five layouts in water sports like  snorkeling, beach volleyball, kayaking, Frisbee and surfing.

Asin, Folk Rock Band

I was browsing videos of old rock and folk band as I was already "umay." (is there such a perfect translation for this word, Google suggests "fed up", uhmm, I don't think it fits..)   with Korean hits  and  found this rare video of  ASIN, as they performed on Myx Live Performance.

Asin is a Pinoy folk and folk rock band from the Philippines formed in 1977. They started as a trio in the late 1970s, and was originally known as the Salt of the Earth. They later changed their name to "ASIN", which means salt in Filipino language.  source: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What’s so difficult about being happy?

Nowadays technology has increasingly developed, leading to the appearance of new gadgets and machinery. People tend to focus on having as much income as possible and therefore forget what life is really about: being healthy and content. Even if we live in a world which is dominated by laptops, tablets and smart phones we are still able to read books, many of them being available in ebook version as well.

Google engineer Chade Meng-Tan has written a novel entitled Search Inside Yourself, which is based on the course with the same title. It focuses on a series of principles, which will change people’s lives when applied accordingly. Improving one’s lifestyle and reducing the amount of stress in everyday situations are important factors which need to be considered when aiming to be happy. Awareness is also raised on the idea that final outcome is highly affected by the person’s initial thoughts and actions. Looking on the bright side of life usually helps get closer to the desired result. Attempting to explain the entire process is not an easy thing to do, however, the author successfully manages to do so. People who have read the book or attended the course have stated that their lives took an entirely different turn after applying the principles. It has led them to a peaceful and more enjoyable existence in which money is not the thing that matters the most.

Another strong publication that offers valuable advice and information is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. She has collected information regarding the subject from traditions, literature, philosophy and religion in order to provide a broad perspective to readers. This book can be seen as an instruction manual towards achieving happiness and success. Even if it does not seem like that at first, it teaches people how to recognize their own personal values and more importantly, how to cherish them. Many of us don’t actually know what our inner strength consists of until we actually look for it. The moment we recognize it, everything changes. In a nutshell that’s what Rhonda Byrne’s book is all about. One thing is certain, every one of us is different and therefore the manner in which it affects us will vary. There is no right or wrong way to perceive it. In the end, we all want to be happy.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Moms on the Floor event and Best Shot at Life launch

October 13, 2012- Mommy Mundo, the country’s go-to resource for active, modern moms is hosting the third MOMS ON THE FLOOR event. Moms on the Floor is a one-of-a-kind learning and bonding activity for the whole family. All the activities are done with the participants "on the floor" for relaxation and also "on the dance floor" for active fun promoting fitness.

The first portion offers prenatal yin yoga by Dona Esteban and labor and breathing exercises by Rome Kanapi for expectant moms.

The second portion offers mom and baby exercises by Gymboree and infant massage by Rome Kanapi for moms with infants and the last portion offers YogaKids by Michelle Aventajado and Zumba fun by Slimmers World for moms with kids 1 to 6 years old.


For many years now, Mommy Mundo has also been advocating child vaccination. Since 2010 they have partnered with GlaxoSmithKline in promoting free vaccination programs. To deepen that commitment, Mommy Mundo has designated a page in their website for this cause.

The page is aptly entitled Best Shot at Life offers information on how parents can ensure the wellness of their kids through vaccination and healthy living. It also has disease prevention tools such as a guide on diseases, an immunization schedule calculator and a clinic finder. In addition, you can also ask "Tita Doc" for vaccination-related questions.

Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva, the founder of Mommy Mundo shares "With Mommy Mundo, as you know, we have many advocacies we are passionate about- healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, mompreneurship, active parenting- and part of our active parenting advocacy is our passion to promote vaccination awareness to our community of moms and moms to be. We are so thankful to have gotten support from GSK in this project- our vaccination portal will be the source of information for the general public on news on vaccination, diseases information."

To know more about Best Shot at Life, visit

Moms on the Floor is co-presented by Shop Mommy Matters, Philippine Association for Childbirth Education, GlaxoSmithKline, Anmum, and Cordlife Cord Philippines. Also supported by Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradle, Philips Avent, Crystal Clear, Pigeon, Tiny Buds, Gymboree, Slimmers World and media partners Manila Bulletin, Working Mom Magazine, Smartparenting Magazine, Baby on Board, Urban Mom Magazine, Mommy Pages, Crossover 105.1 and the Lifestyle Network.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shop Wisely with Discount Codes

We all love shopping, some of us a little more than others but we have to make an concerted effort to insure we aren’t going over our monthly budgets or worse, ending up in debt through credit or store cards. The emergence of online discount codes has made many shoppers a lot savvier when it comes to saving but there are still some aspects left to learn when it comes to bargain hunting.Here are some great tips to follow:


  1. When it comes to using voucher codes found online, make sure you only buy products that you actually want, using vouchers for purchases not normally on your shopping list is not saving, it’s just shopping! 
  2.  When it comes to vouchers for eating out or other experiences of that nature, especially if they are for well-known chain, you have to make sure that the certain outlet of the chain you are planning to visit is in on the offer. There’s nothing worse than coming to pay for a meal and being told that their store is not participating in that specific deal. 
  3. Keep your vouchers in order. If you are the type of person who likes to make the most of discount vouchers from you have to make sure you keep them well organised, it would be awful to let one expire. 
  4. Keep your eye out for the sales. Everyone knows what time of year the big sales are in retail, January sales, mid spring/summer sales, and the end of season sales in September. If you hold off using something like a New Look discount code until these times of the year, you could be saving twice as much! Remember, again, to do your homework though, as some retailers may not let you use voucher codes on already discounted goods. 
  5. When it comes to luxury items, always look for a voucher code. There may not be one out there for the exact product you want but there will almost definitely be one similar. The luxuries are where you can make the biggest savings. 


Life's Precious Moments at Precious Moments Restaurant

Along  Buendia Ave.  near corner of   South Superhighway,  one would never expect  that there is an extra ordinary  restaurant  nestled in this  busy  highway.   I am talking about  the Precious Restaurant and Gift Shop  near  Cash n Carry.  It was my first time to visit the place and I never imagined it would be really precious for me and my  younger daughter whom I tagged along at the event.   Who doesn't know about Precious Moment, their famous tag lines "Dear God" and other cute stuff.   Before going to Precious Moment, I had a handful information about such place but I never knew there's more inside when I actually  entered the restaurant  and hear more  stories from  Restaurant Manager Jojo Sunillo.    Although I found some photos in the Internet,  still  everything was a big surprise for me.  Right that moment, I already knew  I will  be back here with my family and friends and let them experience a fine dining surrounded by cute dolls and other collectible stuff.    Aside from dining, one would also enjoy shopping for gifts  and  Christmas items. It's Christmas everyday in the shop.   As soon we get inside, my daughter couldn't believe what she had seen in the interior, the ambiance and everything  inside. Glad I tagged along my girl. she really had a wonderful day that weekend. She's totally amazed and she already requested to come back soon.

Photos below were taken at the first floor, Sam Brew Coffee.

After taking photos, we proceeded  to the second floor.   We were totally amazed when we went upstairs and everything was a revelation.  Different Precious Moments memorabilia such as dolls, bags, etc delighted our eyes.  We went there and thought about having a food trip alone without our knowledge that  we would be  really surprised that day.  It wasn't about dining alone but the feeling of satisfaction and having real quality moment at the restaurant.  This is what Precious Moments is all about, sharing, caring and touching lives.

I took more photos but  those shots weren't enough. I swear I'll be going  back here and promise to visit again  together with my family next time. I know for sure that my older daughter will love the place. Below are some photos taken at  the second floor. 

Sam Butcher, an American artist,  is the creator of  Precious  Moments characters.  Most of us are familiar with these figurines and  adorable little creatures with droopy soulful eyes but we're not aware that these  dolls have  been produced in the Philippines since 1981,  not for local sale but for export to other countries.   Last July 10, 2010,  Precious Moments  opened its  first store in Metro Manila.  Our country must be very lucky  and privileged to have Sam Butcher, the famous creator of Precious Moments products.   
It was  July 22, 2011 when  Philippine Precious Moments Collectors Club (PPMCC) was formally organized with 62 members.  Today the members have blown up to more than 600.  If you want to be a member of PPMCC, please contact them and visit their website and their  social  networking sites provided below.

We were served the following variety of extensive menu. Seaweeds and Century Egg Salad, Korean Squidd, Crab with Bihon, Baked Spare Ribs, Braised Pata Tim, Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu, Szechuan Style Prawns, Classic Carbonara and Mango Float for desert. Such food, which  were all like home-cooked  that suit my taste and  I totally  forgot about my diet again.  It was  very seldom to see my younger daughter who is  a very picky eater ate like the food were all her favorites and   perfectly blend with her taste buds. She loves the Korean Squid so much and it was her first time to eat squid. She doesn't really eat when I cook this food at home.

Over all I could  rate the food to the highest level I could give. I am not exaggerating because I actually tasted a bit of everything.  Aside from the food, you will also experience  Precious Moments memorabilia around.  The P-Noy Dolls, Aquino Sisters and Cory dolls caught my attention.  I swear there would be second, third and more visits here.  I will definitely visit back  and take more photos next time.

Let me share you some photos of the food we had during our visit.

And here's what we have for our dessert. What a sweet  way to end our meal. Mango Float.

Mango Float, Truly heaven! 

Precious smile with  Iced Blended Cookies and Cream. I swear, it tastes better that the one sold in a known coffee shop in town.

Trivia: The Country Manager shared stories/trivia  about the food tasting event wherein 5-star hotels and fine dining restaurants joined and voila!  Precious Moments won the  Best Food  and  Best Coffee  category.   No doubt, my little girl who is already a coffee lover was all smiled upon giving her a bigger  iced coffee cookies n cream.

Oh, there's a native food available too. We were rushing for the another event and had no time to go shopping,  but I'll make sure to buy some in our next visit.  Promise! It's been barely a week and I'm craving and couldn't sleep well, I want to go back real soon.. very soon.

 Precious Moments is perfect for wedding, christening and family events like reunion and anniversaries. Call them early and arrange the the menu and package that you want. Christmas is just around the corner, and it's Christmas everyday in Precious Moments.   You may  place your reservation ahead  for your Christmas Party packages now.   Please  call  and book early to avail  special freebies and discounts.

 Precious Moments Restaurant and Giftshop
95 Sen. Gil Puyat, Ave., Brgy. Palanan, Makati city
02 8875252 or 02 3871092
Website:  www.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mommy Mundo: Moms on The Floor

Mommy Mundo- the country’s go-to resource for active, modern moms is inviting moms to get on the floor this October 13, 2012, Saturday at The LOFT, Manansala Tower, Rockwell, Makati.

Getting “ON THE FLOOR” means fitness, bonding and fun! Moms on the Floor is a floor-based learning and bonding event for expectant moms and dads, and moms with infants and kids .

Now on its third year, MOMS ON THE FLOOR, promises to be equally exciting with the three portions Mommy Mundo has prepared.

The first portion is for pregnant moms from 10:00am to 12:00nn. The portion will feature prenatal yin yoga by Dona Esteban and labor and breathing exercises by Rome Kanapi.

The second portion is for moms with infants 0-1 year old will be from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. The portion will feature infant massage by Rome Kanapi and mom and baby exercises by Gymboree.

The last portion will be for moms with kids that are 1 to 6 years old from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. This portion will feature YogaKids by Michelle Aventajado and Zumba fun by Slimmers World.

Participation is free but PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as there are limited slots available per portion. Interested husbands or partners also need to register to join the event.

To register, email your name, mobile number and which portion you will join at with subject line: MOTF REG or you may also text the info to 0917-8162524. Registered participants will get a confirmation text or email.

All Participants must bring their own mats and come in comfortable clothing. :)

Moms on the Floor is co-presented by Shop Mommy Matters, Philippine Association for Childbirth Education, GlaxoSmithKline, Anmum, and Cordlife Cord Philippines. Also supported by Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradle, Philips Avent, Crystal Clear, Pigeon, Tiny Buds, Gymboree, Slimmers World and media partners Manila Bulletin, Working Mom Magazine, Smartparenting Magazine, Baby on Board, Urban Mom Magazine, Mommy Pages, Crossover 105.1 and the Lifestyle Network.

Press Release

AAAP holds seminar on policy issues affecting adults with autism

The Association for Adults with Autism Philippines (AAAP) will hold an educational seminar on diagnostic, treatment, and policy issues affecting adults with autism.   
The seminar will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2012, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Justitia Room, 4/F, Ateneo Law School, Rockwell Center, Makati City.
An all-Filipino panel of specialists based in Manila and the US are the featured speakers:
·         Autism Spectrum Disorders: Criteria and Causes. Speaker: Lirio Sobrevinas Covey, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry, Columbia University Medical Center, New York
·         Philippine laws on the rights of persons with disabilities. Speaker: Atty. Nina Patricia Sison-Arroyo, Assistant Director, Ateneo Legal Services Center, Ateneo De Manila University
·         Medical and pharmacological interventions for persons with autism. Speaker: Christine Leonor Ma. C. Conducto, M.D., DPPS, Fellow, Philippine Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
·         A comprehensive framework for understanding autism and the families with autism. Speaker: Ma. Lourdes “Honey” Carandang, Ph.D., President, Metropolitan Psychological Corporation
·         Enhancing creativity among persons with disabilities. Speaker: Erlinda F. Camara,  Ph.D. University of the Philippines
·         Residential community living for adults with autism: the Life-sharing Model. Speaker: Ronald Sanchez, M.A., Director, Camphill Community, Santa Cruz, California
Autism is among the most prevalent conditions recognized during childhood. It has been estimated that there are close to 1 million Filipinos with autism.  Caring for a child with autism is considered one of the most difficult of parental challenges. An additional challenge is that autism is a life-long condition. About a third of persons who meet the clinical diagnosis of autism may be able to lead independent lives as adults, but the greater majority will be dependent on caregivers to meet their daily needs throughout their lives.
There are few resources in the Philippines for persons with autism, even children and virtually none for Filipino adults with autism. As persons with autism approach adulthood, their family members begin to ask themselves the anguished question - Who will take care of my child when I am no longer able to?
Meeting this need is the mission of AAAP - to draw attention to the needs of adults with autism, to improve the quality of their lives, and to provide a safe, comfortable, productive, and long-term context for them, in the company of their peers.
The seminar is the first in a series of educational and training programs designed to build capacity for meeting the wide breadth of caregiving issues concerning adults with autism. Donations and proceeds from the seminar will go to the construction fund for the first residential community for Filipino adults with autism to be named “A Special Place”.
Further information about the seminar, AAAP, and A Special Place can be obtained at Inquiries may also be directed to AAAP officers at adults_with_

Monday, October 8, 2012

Philips Avent: From Pregnancy to Playground

Philips Avent, the number one brand recommended by moms treated mothers and their babies to a one-of-a-kind interactive exhibit: Philips Avent: From Pregnancy to Playground  last  Saturday, October 6, 2012 at the Shangri-La Mall. Featuring a variety of activities celebrating the different stages of motherhood, the exhibit  have three areas: Baby Bump for pregnant moms, New Baby  for moms with young children up to 18 months and Growing Baby for mothers with toddlers.

Headlining the Baby Bump area was a Belly Cast art exhibit by the artist, Mimsy. Perfectly capturing this interesting stage of  a woman's life, each belly cast tells a mother's unique journey including Neva Santos, Chesca Brillantes, Chiara Datu, Isobelle Camacho, Bami Alejandro, Ayse Trifyllis and Polly Fong. Each Belly cast will be accompanied by a prenancy portrait executed by photographer Stanley Ong.

Expectant moms had  a chance to capture this most wonderful phase of their lives with pregnancy portraits by professional photographers, which Philips Avent offered for free during the event. If mom was not ready for her camera moment, then she could  write a letter to her unborn baby at Mommy Mailbox in the comforts of a nursery room with soothing classical music. The letters will be published online in the Mommy Steps website.

The New Baby area  features a breastfeeding lounge. Moms and their kids also enjoyed special bonding moments as they created wonderful bib art.

Lastly, there is the Growing Baby area which gave families a lot of opportunities for fun while being served fruit and vegetable smoothies from the juice bar. They can either make scrapbook pages or color Truman the rabbit. As a special treat, moms can get lovely makeovers from Goody's beauty experts.

In the midst of these activities is the Mom's Best Choice Exhibit revealing the results of a groundbreaking survey where Philips Avent came out as the number one brand recommended by mothers. Beautiful product displays with relevant product information were  on display throughout the day.

Making this event even more informative for expectant moms were talks by childbirth educator Lin Fernando of  Philippine Association for Childbirth Education, baby sign language instructor Jaymie Pizarro, breastfeeding consultant Dra. Pat Kho, and Philips Avent Brand Ambassador Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan.

Philips Avent: From Pregnancy to Playground was a  day filled with joy and learning as families celebrate the many facets of  motherhood.

Please visit  to know more about Philips AVENT  or  like them on  Facebook

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