Friday, October 26, 2012

Entertain your kids the equestrian way

Let me first say, I love being a stay at home mom! It gives me time to spend quality time with my kids and bond with them, whilst also keep a constant eye on their development. There are so many negative influencers out there, so I want to make sure they are around things and people that stimulate their minds, their development and their experiences.

Recently, I started to consider after school activities for them, because we all know kids can sometime be hyperactive, so it is good for them to have an outlet for their excesses of energy. There are also other advantages to after school activities and hobbies, such a building their social skills. So many kids grow up in today’s society where the nearest and dearest friend is Facebook and Twitter or some other social networking site, I know I use it. But let’s face it parents, we need to engage our kids like our parents engaged us as children.

You should make it your top priority to sign your child up for something like football, or basketball, swimming or even horseback riding if that is what they are into. If you can still remember the Olympics this year, you probably marvelled at the exceptional performance of all the athletes, who made their respective countries really proud. They did not accomplish all they did by sitting in front of the computers all day; they went outside an engaged with other team players and the riders engaged with their. When you looked at equestrian teams, you did not see one person; you saw whole teams representing their countries decked out in their gateshouse rider wear from equestrian clearance or whichever gears they chose. Yes, it was truly astonishing to see such team spirit, and you know what, I want the same for my child. It may not be on an Olympic level, but I want them to dream big, because it could happen for them too.

It’s time mothers, time to inspire your generation. :)


  1. While I wish for my son to have other activities after school, I simply couldn't do that right now because of his hip problem. Doctor advised no running, no PE, no jumping for him until his hip bone fully heals. Sigh!

  2. when I was a child, I so wanted to learn how to ride a horse. Syempre, it's too expensive so we just get a chance to ride horses when we go to Baguio or Tagaytay.

  3. It is a good idea for children to have other interests and activities after school but it should be something they enjoy doing.


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