Saturday, October 27, 2012

Putting Up a Business-what to consider?

Putting up a business is something very risky to take. You need to gather a lot of information first  before  finally setting it up.  Have a concrete plan, objective and goal. 

Here are some helpful tips to consider in putting up a business.

Check the price, place and promotion. Is your product  easy to sell?  What is  the position of the competitor?  Do you intend to sell your product  to masses?  Who will be your first customer?  Would it be your neighbor or  friends?  How will you introduce your product?  Good and catchy advertisement are good  too but do not forget the  word-of- mouth  marketing because  this is a direct advertising for free or what we call  buyers-attract-more buyers  strategy.

Take a look at how you  showcase  your product. Check the display because this attracts the customers more like  a bee to honey.  If you are selling accessories and jewelry,  make sure you put them in  Jewelry Showcases. You may also add a better light for best viewing of  your items.
After sales service is very important for the customer to keep them coming back. If  you are into selling services, you need to improve in this area a lot.  If  you are selling a product, make sure you have a trained staff  to look after for the after-sales-care.

Technically, there are a lot more to consider like government law, securing business and permit and  you still need to  gather more information in putting up a business. Informative websites  are also available and  surely will  help you  a lot.

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  1. Putting up a business takes a lot of thinking and decision making!


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