Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life's Precious Moments at Precious Moments Restaurant

Along  Buendia Ave.  near corner of   South Superhighway,  one would never expect  that there is an extra ordinary  restaurant  nestled in this  busy  highway.   I am talking about  the Precious Restaurant and Gift Shop  near  Cash n Carry.  It was my first time to visit the place and I never imagined it would be really precious for me and my  younger daughter whom I tagged along at the event.   Who doesn't know about Precious Moment, their famous tag lines "Dear God" and other cute stuff.   Before going to Precious Moment, I had a handful information about such place but I never knew there's more inside when I actually  entered the restaurant  and hear more  stories from  Restaurant Manager Jojo Sunillo.    Although I found some photos in the Internet,  still  everything was a big surprise for me.  Right that moment, I already knew  I will  be back here with my family and friends and let them experience a fine dining surrounded by cute dolls and other collectible stuff.    Aside from dining, one would also enjoy shopping for gifts  and  Christmas items. It's Christmas everyday in the shop.   As soon we get inside, my daughter couldn't believe what she had seen in the interior, the ambiance and everything  inside. Glad I tagged along my girl. she really had a wonderful day that weekend. She's totally amazed and she already requested to come back soon.

Photos below were taken at the first floor, Sam Brew Coffee.

After taking photos, we proceeded  to the second floor.   We were totally amazed when we went upstairs and everything was a revelation.  Different Precious Moments memorabilia such as dolls, bags, etc delighted our eyes.  We went there and thought about having a food trip alone without our knowledge that  we would be  really surprised that day.  It wasn't about dining alone but the feeling of satisfaction and having real quality moment at the restaurant.  This is what Precious Moments is all about, sharing, caring and touching lives.

I took more photos but  those shots weren't enough. I swear I'll be going  back here and promise to visit again  together with my family next time. I know for sure that my older daughter will love the place. Below are some photos taken at  the second floor. 

Sam Butcher, an American artist,  is the creator of  Precious  Moments characters.  Most of us are familiar with these figurines and  adorable little creatures with droopy soulful eyes but we're not aware that these  dolls have  been produced in the Philippines since 1981,  not for local sale but for export to other countries.   Last July 10, 2010,  Precious Moments  opened its  first store in Metro Manila.  Our country must be very lucky  and privileged to have Sam Butcher, the famous creator of Precious Moments products.   
It was  July 22, 2011 when  Philippine Precious Moments Collectors Club (PPMCC) was formally organized with 62 members.  Today the members have blown up to more than 600.  If you want to be a member of PPMCC, please contact them and visit their website and their  social  networking sites provided below.

We were served the following variety of extensive menu. Seaweeds and Century Egg Salad, Korean Squidd, Crab with Bihon, Baked Spare Ribs, Braised Pata Tim, Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu, Szechuan Style Prawns, Classic Carbonara and Mango Float for desert. Such food, which  were all like home-cooked  that suit my taste and  I totally  forgot about my diet again.  It was  very seldom to see my younger daughter who is  a very picky eater ate like the food were all her favorites and   perfectly blend with her taste buds. She loves the Korean Squid so much and it was her first time to eat squid. She doesn't really eat when I cook this food at home.

Over all I could  rate the food to the highest level I could give. I am not exaggerating because I actually tasted a bit of everything.  Aside from the food, you will also experience  Precious Moments memorabilia around.  The P-Noy Dolls, Aquino Sisters and Cory dolls caught my attention.  I swear there would be second, third and more visits here.  I will definitely visit back  and take more photos next time.

Let me share you some photos of the food we had during our visit.

And here's what we have for our dessert. What a sweet  way to end our meal. Mango Float.

Mango Float, Truly heaven! 

Precious smile with  Iced Blended Cookies and Cream. I swear, it tastes better that the one sold in a known coffee shop in town.

Trivia: The Country Manager shared stories/trivia  about the food tasting event wherein 5-star hotels and fine dining restaurants joined and voila!  Precious Moments won the  Best Food  and  Best Coffee  category.   No doubt, my little girl who is already a coffee lover was all smiled upon giving her a bigger  iced coffee cookies n cream.

Oh, there's a native food available too. We were rushing for the another event and had no time to go shopping,  but I'll make sure to buy some in our next visit.  Promise! It's been barely a week and I'm craving and couldn't sleep well, I want to go back real soon.. very soon.

 Precious Moments is perfect for wedding, christening and family events like reunion and anniversaries. Call them early and arrange the the menu and package that you want. Christmas is just around the corner, and it's Christmas everyday in Precious Moments.   You may  place your reservation ahead  for your Christmas Party packages now.   Please  call  and book early to avail  special freebies and discounts.

 Precious Moments Restaurant and Giftshop
95 Sen. Gil Puyat, Ave., Brgy. Palanan, Makati city
02 8875252 or 02 3871092
Website:  www.


  1. I'm so glad to see and hear about a wonderful mom and daughter bonding with Precious Moments! Indeed an amazing experience and the food are great!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I'm always on the lookout for non-mall dining alternatives. That seems like an excellent place for the family to have a meal together.

  3. hmm that resto is so nice! daming doll! and the foods omg!! i am starving now!!

  4. My youngest daughter will certainly enjoy going to places like this because of the gift shop.

  5. It was so nice to see you at the Precious moments event!

  6. i would definitely pay a visit here when i went to manila. i love looking at your pictures, it brings good memories

  7. this is such a beautiful place, + the food all looked delish! hopefully i can visit it with my little man soon! :)

  8. I hope we could visit that place, too! I love Precious Moments' stuff!

  9. We have a house near that place, seen that restaurant but haven't tried out dining there yet. Maybe one of these days


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