Saturday, October 27, 2012

Smart Parenting October 2012 issue

Smart Parenting October 2012 issue features the top radio personality Delamar Arias. In this issue, she reveals her rocky road  to motherhood and the joys of discovering being a mom.

"Looking at him, I just feel so much love. It envelops me in a way that I feel, "why am I so lucky?" -Delamar


 Find out more of this month's issue. Grab a copy of SP  at your favorite magazine stands and  bookstores nationwide.  By the way,  I like this month's featured article, "Going natural"  the best.   I find it really helpful even during this time of modern age.

National Geographic Little Kids comes along with every issue of Smart Parenting. I enjoy my Smart Parenting while my little one enjoys  her mini magazine too.


  1. I have a copy, too, and yes, my son enjoys his National Geographic Little Kids. Buying Smart Parenting magazine is like hitting two birds with one stone!

  2. Del has a very cute baby! Will check her story out once i get a back issue. :)


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