Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Georgina Wilson for 2013 Calendar

I admire Georgina Wilson so much.   She has a very pretty face and a  body of a supermodel that you'd rarely  see in  the entertainment industry.  Whether she's on her frown face or  smirking  smile, she still looks very  beautiful.   She is  the newest  endorser of  a famous brand of   liquor  for   2013 sexy calendar.   There is no doubt why she has a lot of endorsements from big companies in the country today.  She can make herself  looks  like a goddess in a paradise or a beach babe  in a  resort.   Whether she wears a skimpy white or  red bikini, still  she looks perfect  because of her body  like that  of  a  super model.  She carries  the fashion  effortlessly   but always comes out perfectly  even if she's asked to  wear or  endorse a  certain brand  out  in  the sun.   I knew that she will make  a perfect  model of this brand too.

The layout of the 2013 calendar is already out in  the Internet.   Before the contract for endorsement,  the company asked to vote who the perfect model should be. Most of the votes came from male respondents.  And who wouldn't be fascinated  with her  sexy  body?  She surely   made a lot of effort to attain that  perfect shape.

The  liquor company  did  a good job in choosing  Georgina  being the top model in the country. Aside from modeling, she is also into hosting  in cable and free TV.  When asked if she's ready to venture to another field like acting, she said that it all depends on her manager. Georgina was also a part of  Tyra Banks’ “America’s Next Top Model” (Cycle 17) as a stylist.”

She wears skimpy bikinis in five layouts in water sports like  snorkeling, beach volleyball, kayaking, Frisbee and surfing.

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  1. Her angelic face made me love her more...sayang wala na sila ni Richard G.


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