Friday, December 31, 2010

Fixing the Broken Pieces

This morning as I was at the laundry area, I took the old hose connecting to our washing machine as it was already broken but I can't use it anymore. Since I am planning to buy a new household equipment, I am thinking of buying a new teflon hose too. I found out that it has already some leaks and cannot be used anymore. I am rushing now to purchase online with hope that I'd be able to fix everything in the house this week. New year for me means fixing everything in my life and that includes old and broken pieces of furniture too. Let's all be positive this year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nostalgia 33: Christmas Nostalgia

Our original plan was to go EK. But since everyone disagreed because of the bad traffic and long lines for the rides, we decided to just have a picnic at Tagaytay. That day turned nostalgic when I thought about our parents who have never seen or witnessed our children growing up. I longed for their presence even if I knew that it was impossible to turn back the hands of time and spend even a single moment with us. Maybe in our heart and spirit.

They surely would be happy seeing their grandchildren now. How nostalgic!

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Lighting Wall Sconces

I am back to my normal routine. I am almost done cleaning the house. Two days from now and we will be welcoming a new year again. Another year of blessings and challenges to face. I say challenges because of too many pieces of furniture needed to be replaced soon. My washing machine just got broken. It is really such a waste of time in the laundry the whole day instead of doing other tasks, besides, my hand got badly bruised. Anyways, cleaning is such a big breather for me. Now, I am thinking on what to put in my bare wall. I was thinking the other day of framing my cross stitch works that has been in my old box for years now and hang it instead. Upon looking and analyzing what best fits inside my house, I came to think of putting up wall sconces instead. My wall is literally clean and I thought of dressing it up the elegant way. I find peace with a bare wall. Maybe simple lightings will do for me. I hope this coming year brings me enough blessings so I can put everything into reality.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Weekend

Saturday. Manila-Laguna-Batangas-Tagaytay-Manila. In twenty hours we were able to make the best of our Christmas weekend. On Sunday morning, we left Batangas and headed Tagaytay before lunch time. The traffic was so bad that day but we enjoyed the moment left for us to wander at the park.

At the Zipline area.
Posed before the hanging bridge. It was not their first time to see the place but they were all very excited again as if it were the first.
Did you see the Zipline at the back? I was wondering if anyone wanted to try, so I asked, but none volunteered. The Zipline is 300 meters offground with a speed of 60km/hour and 250 meters long of scenic views.

For 200 pesos, one can experience a one way Zipline. A combination ride is available at P300/person for weekday rates.

Weekend rates are available at 300/person way ride and 400/person for a combination ride.

Jump before steep side valley. We just couldn't let that moment pass without having a jump shot. I told them to be very careful with their jumps for they might fall in a deep ravine.
Do not try! They're actually few meters away from ravine.
I was not able to take a panoramic view so I took two separate shots. Just in case you're wondering why everyone was looking up in the clouds. They sat down in the kite area and took a rest after few hours of strolling at the park.

Can you figure out what is this picture above? Our last stop over. Horseback Riding. The sun was already bidding goodbye. They did not enjoy the horse back riding anymore. Everybody seemed so tired after a long walk and wanted to rest. Horses looked overly tired too and hardly respond. But each one had their own moment for an hour rent. My camera battery turned red too, an indication that all of us need to rest.

Tired that day? We arrived home in Manila around 10pm already. I was dead tired and my home chores just added to my already tiring day but I was happy anyway! Instead of starting my pending tasks on Monday, I slept the whole day to recharge myself and only started my chores on Tuesday. Blogging hiatus resumes today, Wednesday. I'll be busy again for our Media Noche but I will blog in between. I want to welcome 2011 with a clean dashboard. Thanks guys for visiting my blog. Promise, I'll blog hop in between too. :)


Family, love, nature, home, friends, memories, and time are some of the best things in life that are free!

Baby Shower

Baby shower is a special moment for both parents even before a child is born. A friend or relative can throw a baby shower for them. In planning this event, one must list down items needed and baby shower invitations are one of the first items that one must prepare to be customized or personalized to make it more special. Since this party is being held prior to child's birth, everything must be put into details. When I attended a launching of a baby product that features "baby world of firsts theme," I was truly amazed seeing chic and unique items for giveaways. It is truly a precious moment that parents and other relatives should all witness to share such special event.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Motocross Outfit

Are you into off road sport like slamming whoops and explosive action of sliding? Then motocross is the sports that fits you. Motocross is such an adrenalin active sport. You cannot join this sport without wearing safety outfit like helmet and motocross boots. Imagine yourself without proper outfit? Of course you cannot survive this sport wearing only safety gear. You are only risking your own life because you need to completely follow or wear the outfit that exactly fits you. Leather gloves and jackets also serve as protection from road rash. Don't even try this sport without this. You also need to be tough and disciplined to survive this game. You cannot just go on a race and quit. This is the most dangerous sports I think and one must be physically fit to join. Further, mental preparation is also needed as it plays a big part to survive.

Nostalgia 32: Plan on Christmas Day

We've been planning since last month of going back fo Enchanted Kingdom this Christmas vacation. I was cleaning this morning and sorting out old photos when I saw this picture taken at EK seven years ago.

We're planning to go there maybe next week on weekdays. Children will not enjoy EK during weekends as it is expected that volume of people will flock to visit this place during weekend. We all hate waiting for long lines just to take a ride. I am not sure though if this will push through. Well, I hope.

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Gift Ideas and Shopping

It's never too late to do my shopping. I still have few more hours left to run to the nearest mall for holiday rush. Thanks to my in laws who never failed to send me money for my shopping spree. I am thinking of going to the bazaar and pick what's available for my special friend. I already bought half of the items in my lists but I'm still pressured to find the best gift. Because most of my items are meant for girls, then, I only need one store to find some gift ideas for her. I am thinking of buying a bag, a jewelry, a perfume or a book. Shopping is not easy right? I've been racking my brain to find the best deal. Maybe I should start shopping online today and do the rest of my lists tomorrow.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Are You Sensitive?

I have a very sensitive teeth and gums and I stick to only one brand of toothpaste. When we went to the leading supermarket few weeks ago, there was no available brand so I chose the other one instead. The problem is, my gums and teeth become swollen every time I try the other brand with flavor. It should be at least plain and no flavor at all. Now I am back to Sensodyne.

Sensitive teeth are most likely to happen when you drink or eat cold or sometimes hot foods or drinks. I already had this painful gums yesterday but I still craved for chocolates and donuts with strawberry fillings. I should not complain now. I gave in to my cravings that added to my swollen gums today.

I remember one time when I consulted the dentist about sensitivity of gums and prescribed a certain brand. I forgot the name. :( When rubbed, I immediately felt relieved.

Filing a Tax

Every person living or working around the world is responsible for filing a tax. If you are a law abiding citizen, it is just your righteous duty to file your tax on time. Filing a tax seems like a hard thing for everyone. Now there's tax preparation software to help you complete your tax preparation which is faster than traditional paper filing. Everything can be done now through online even with this matter. Some never never really have any idea about filing a tax and file wrong info and data. Filing a tax return is difficult even for taxpayers like me with simple returns. I remember one time when I filed and rushed to beat the last date of filing. I even entered the wrong data. Today, I learned that there is such a thing as e-Filing. This is really amazing. Best of all, the staff are ready to answer online or even chat with them to get the full info and details on tax preparation. Filing is such an easy task now with all the technology surrounding us today.

Craving for Polvoron

I call her my cousin even if I haven't traced yet our roots. I like her vibrant personality. She's smart and pretty. But most of all, I like best her polvoron. ') It just tastes so good and I swear you'll even crave for more. Thank you Fedhz. I am now officially a big fan of the most delicious polvoron. Kids were like monster that Saturday evening and left nothing for me but one piece of polvoron.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gutter Leaf Guard

If you own a house, the first thing that you need to do on top of your list is maintenance. Of course, you are one happy owner and that includes responsibility about repair and keeping the house in good condition at all times. It is not only the inside but also up to the gutter. Keeping the house maintained will bring you less trouble in the future. Keeping the gutter clean is a tough job but it also creates a good impression of the house. Imagine a house with break or damaged gutter? It will totally ruin the house. During rainy season, we always prepare for the downpour of the rain and the volume of water to pour down in our gutter. With leaf guard, you won't be troubled anymore about such worries of getting the gutter clogged. With this, the water will run freely to the downspouts. Even if your house is not under the trees, you still need to maintain the gutter because the gutters also collect debris, twigs and dirt and if these become too much, there is no other way for the water to go but overflow and so cleaning is a must regularly. Don't turn your house into a disaster. Make it a beautiful home. Start with the guard for your gutter.

Mommy Academy Magazine

Included in my loot bag given during Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party is a Mommy Academy Magazine. I only read it last night when I was in bed so as to get myself become sleepy out of reading magazine. It has many parenting tips and found myself reading page to page.

Pages say it all. To all mommies out there, please check it out now and discover parenting tips from Mommy Academy Magazine.

Carpet Cleaning

I started cleaning our house few days ago to invite the positive vibes as I welcome 2011 which is about to come in few weeks time. I also want to purchase new items for the house. When I was at the store the other day, I noticed some sale items in home furniture. Carpet price was marked down too. My two daughters requested to purchase carpet mat for our living room. It is not in our list of priority items to acquire but they love to have it anyway. They just want to lay down in a carpet while watching their favorite movie. But contrary to their idea, I always thought that carpet would be an instant mat for our pet. Although my pet dog already knew some house rules, still there will come a time where he will unexpectedly pee in the mat leaving a horrible smell in the room. No matter how ready I am with my cleaning materials, still I couldn't manage to clean it in an expert way. Now I can't imagine should our pet do this even once. If we have carpet cleaning Portland, then it won't be a problem anymore as they leave the carpet smelling fresh with no traces of bad odor after all.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Debt Management

Many people are now enjoying the wonderful spirit that the season brings. It is the time of the year where giving is the real spirit of the holidays. People are rushing everywhere and grabbing all the sale items they can get without thinking much about the budget. They hop from one store to another and shop till they drop from dusk till dawn. They enjoy evening market wherein this store accommodates shoppers who are busy enough to do their shopping during the day. The season brings much joy to many people but this joyful spirit also put these people into debt. In situation like this, J. Hass Group will help them manage debt settlement. People need to be smart enough in this aspect. They should know the problem first and then the solution to settle everything without much trouble as they welcome new year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nostalgia 31: four years ago

This was taken four years ago. I just missed the place where Ondoy swept away most of our things inside the house. But definitely wouldn't want to stay here anymore as it caused much trauma to us. Ondoy flood reached almost on top or an inch away from the table. Now, we live in a better place where we can sleep without worrying much of the flood.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moringa Milk Body Lotion

If you are a follower of my blog, you definitely know about my affection to beauty products. I have tried different brands and experienced the benefits of them to my body. This MORINGA MILK BODY LOTION definitely is my favorite. It keeps me hydrated this season and the smell is perfectly good. After every shower, I apply this to my body and the smell is terrific leaving my skin fresh all day long. It isn't just the smell that keeps me using it, but the natural moringa content that moisturizes my body. This is a non greasy lotion and the moment I rub this into my body, my skin feels so soft and smooth. I just so so love Moringa Milk Lotion. I swear you'll love the smell and the many benefits of this lotion too.

Sexy Corsets

Would you be surprised if you see big women wearing sexy corsets? Don't be. This dress flatters any shape of a woman so it is not far from possibility of seeing an old or big woman wearing this kind of dress. When I saw a model posed for a fashion magazine with this style, I was totally amazed by the way she carries herself in that outfit. She's so fabulous and I want to think I fit in this style too. Oh well I have such a fabulous imagination too but I swear I can only wear that in my dream. Or maybe yes with a jacket or any clothes and accessories to compliment my outfit.

Ainon Mosquito Repellant Patch

Since the day I became aware about dengue, I started searching for products to keep my kids safe from mosquito bites. Good thing there are Ainon products that will keep us worry free these days. Companies like Ainon know the needs of a mother who makes everything to ensure the safety of their children from dengue.

Ainon Mosquito Repellant Patch


  • Made of high polymer non-weave fabric. Non-toxic and No DEET.
  • Uses pure and natural nanometer citronella essential oil.
  • Patches are individually shaped as cute Ainon Babies
  • Uses US 3M Sticker that does not fall off easily
  • Attaches on clothes, pants, crib, stroller or any material
  • Repels mosquitoes and bugs within 1 cubic meter area for more or less 72 hours
  • Safe, NO harmful side effects
  • Convenient to use and bring anywhere (ideal for traveling, outing and camping)


  • Peel off the patch from its backing and attach on a clean and dry area of clothing or item
  • Do not stick on the skin
  • After opening, keep unused patches sealed in its resealable pouch to maintain product effectiveness

Other Products from Ainon



  • 35 sheets of bio-degradable wipes
  • Made of woven fabric
  • Hypo allergenic with green tea extract that is safe for baby's sensitive skin
  • Handy and ideal for moms on the go

Ainon Baby Superfine Cotton Buds


  • Cottonbuds with superfine tips that is ideal for babies' small nostrils, ears and belly buttons; ideals for adults too.
  • Safe and eco-friendly-no flourescent and with paper stems
  • Buds do not come off from the stem
  • Available at 200pcs/400 tips per pack

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soyami Soya Chips

People these days are becoming aware of possible toxic that some junk foods contribute to our body. I am glad to discover that there is Soyami Chips that are made of real soya and enriched wheat flour. It has no MSG which makes it very healthy for me and my kids as well. Soyami is also high in protein that gives energy to our body and fiber that helps our digestive track healthy.

Aside from the endless health benefits of soya, it also contributes to bone health, cancer prevention, heart health and more. I will definitely include this in my shopping list. So love love Soyami. Just perfect for my healthy diet!

Soyami are now available in selected leading supermarkets such as Robinsons supermarket, SM Snack Exchange, Puregold, Hi top, Land Mark, all Fitness First branches and next month at Rustans, Shopwise and other Supermarkets.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Affordable Health Insurance

It's never too late to enjoy the benefits of having a good exercise to our body. I do more physical exercise now. At my age, I'm getting more aware of serious ailments associated with being old. I'm almost into middle age but even if I don't smoke or drink alcohol, I'm still aware about the possibility of getting confined into the hospital because of serious sickness. I hope it is not too late for me to get an affordable health insurance to cover up my expenses just in case I get sick. Life is too tough these days. I don't know where to get money if these hard days come unexpectedly. Just thinking about this situation makes me really sick now.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday with Magic Effects

I was playing tricks with my camera using Magic setting here. Set to Drawing, I was able to capture this view straight from the camera. The first view was taken a while ago, while the second pic was yesterday. I thought of uploading the photos as I was happy with the result.


While I was at the salon few days ago, I heard a pretty lady complaining bitterly about her recent break up with boyfriend. No, I was not alone listening to her her story as she was actually sharing it out loud that everyone in the parlor paid attention to this lady. It was really a serious moment turned laughter when a gay staff cracked a joke that everyone became distracted and started laughing at his silly moves. Sometimes the world can be so unfair but somehow it lightens the load and ease the feelings even if you don't know the person whom you share it with. I wish I have a longer time that day and stayed a little longer so I could talk with her and let her discover Scottsdale singles to make her smile again. Anyways, when I have a chance to see her again, I will ask her to join the site and move on with her life soon.

GSM Blue Flair Idol 2010

Showdown during introduction number of 15 finalists from top HRM colleges around the country.
GSM Blue endorser dressed up in blue Anne Curtis surprised the crowd. She gave away 2011 calendar and sang few lines of her favorite song as requested by the crowd.

Confetti poured over the stage as they announced the Grand Winner of GSM Blue Flair Idol 2010.

Flair Idol 2010 winner Donn Mark Celestino

Congratulations to GSM Blue Flair Idol 2010 Don Mark Celestino and G.S.M. Blue for a very successful event!

Spirits high in GSM Blue’s Flair Idol finale
The country’s most exciting bartenders strut their stuff in epic showdown

An innovative form of bartending has captured the imagination of bar hoppers around the world, and has made its way to the country’s glitziest night spots. Known as flairtending, this performance art features flamboyant bartenders who flip and throw liquor bottles in the air like seasoned jugglers, and oftentimes even dance to pulsating beats and perform close-up magic tricks.

On a mission to find the most exciting flairtenders in the country, leading liquor brand GSM Blue launched the annual Flair Idol competition in 2007. This year’s grand finals at the San Miguel by the Bay in SM Mall of Asia saw a very exciting conclusion, as Donn Mark Celestino of DLSU, DasmariƱas Cavite emerged as the winner, besting 14 other hopefuls to bag the grand prize of P30,000 plus an all-expense paid trip to an Asian destination.

The Flair Idol competition, once limited to the Greater Manila Area, became a nationwide event this year. The tilt is part of GSM Blueniversity roadshow campaign, which brought a team of professional bartenders to hundreds of colleges and universities across the archipelago in the past year. In each road show, the GSM Blueniversity mentors gave training sessions to third year and fourth year HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) students and budding flairtenders on the various aspects of bartending.

“This year’s GSM Blue Flair Idol was our biggest one yet,” remarked Nelson S. Elises, Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. VP for Marketing. “We really went the extra mile to ensure that we find the most promising flairtenders in the country, who can best represent their schools in this competition. And we definitely found what we were looking for in Donn Mark Celestino, as well as the rest of the finalists.”

The most promising young flairtenders of the campaign were selected as contestants of the Flair Idol regional legs, where their drink mixing skills, originality, and style for performance were put to the test.

Leading up to the big showdown, the finalists underwent a special six-day training to further hone their skills and expertise in flairtending and the bartending business, and develop their individual performances for the finals. They then showcased their skills in a special demo performance at the GSM Blueniversity Bar in San Sebastian College-Recoletos prior to the finals.

“The training that the finalists went through goes beyond the technical aspects of their performances,” said Mr. Elises. “An important X-factor in being chosen as Flair Idol was stage presence, and that requires confidence and the ability to excite and connect with the audience. After an exciting night filled with excellent performances, the judges picked the one who has it all—skills, bravado, and charisma.”

Aside the awards given to Flair Idol 2010 winner Donn Mark Celestino, a cash prize of P20,000 was given to 1st runner up Leonard Ian Dee of St. Joseph Tech Academy, Davao, while P10,000 was awarded to 2nd runner up Robert Jorge Dela Cruz of St. Joseph Tech Academy, Davao. The school of this year’s Flair Idol, DLSU, Dasma also received a special prize from GSM Blue: a fully furnished HRM laboratory cum mock bar.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Island Vacation

I received an email today about a vacation offering a big discount. I have been blogging about vacation lately but this one just caught my attention. The cottages are so tempting as attached in my email. Too many choices of vacation whichever you want for a break. I wish I can book myself right now but thinking about other tasks plus the budget makes me sigh and wish I have all the means to grab this offer. Holiday in a cottage is so tempting. For one travel enthusiast, such offer is one great vacation that he/she surely wouldn't want to miss. I wish I could share it here now. You sure will be amazed by the view too. The kind of privacy and peacefulness in one of the cottages are just so inviting. I can only dream of living there permanently because I am sure, I won't be going back home once I set my foot on the island. By just looking at the picture, a three days/two nights stay is not even enough for a package.

Nostalgia 30: Remembering Good Old Days

Last Friday, I attended an event at Meralco Theatre Lounge about the new features of Meralco Appliance Calculator (M.A.C). The place is not really strange to me as I worked there for six months in Training Division and that was 19 years ago. (as far as I remember) Lots of memories flashed back into my mind, remembering those good old days with staff of training department. How nostalgic.

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You feel it is Christmas when you read the updates about shopping, vacation and events all over the net. I have been blogging about Christmas for the last two months but until this time I haven't yet bought anything for me and my kids. Budget is too tight this month but I'm happy anyway. I can stretch my little earnings and I have this means to make both ends meet. My kids school party will be next week and so this weekend we'll be going again to mall and buy them clothes. Children have been waiting for this date to come and I can't spoil their excitement to wear new dress this Christmas. It comes only once in a year anyway. I'll set aside grand vacation like canal holidays or cruise but when I have enough money I will surely book a grand holidays for us.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5th Wheel Insurance

When you drive, it is important and a must to have an insurance. 5th wheel insurance
is especially designed for RVs. You cannot just ask a quote for a car insurance since this kind of auto needs specialized insurance to provide the maximum coverage should your car needs to file claims. I'm just wondering why a friend of mine who owns an RV had car insurance instead of this 5th wheel. Maybe she's not aware yet about the benefits and full policies having such insurance. I must buzz her now and let her check the site. There are many options to choose what type of insurance anyway.

View from Seattle's Best Coffee

I took this shot last week during blogger's brunch at Seattle's Best Coffee. Visit SBC's Greenbelt 3 branch and experience this ambiance while having breakfast and coffee. I so love love the cafe and its relaxing view.

More Watery Wednesday entry right here .

Party and Blinds

Our Christmas party will push through as scheduled this coming weekend. The party is being organized for free by a fellow blogger and she's still ironing out the details. She's still finalizing the sponsor for the venue. We haven't finalized yet the complete details of the party. We were also told to bring old items to be donated to a chosen foundation. I am thinking today of organizing the old stuffs in the house and bring those to our party. At least we're holding an event like this party for a good cause.

I am multitasking right now. I'm cleaning the house and at the same time pulling out old items which I think have still value especially for less fortunate. I'm actually cleaning everything and starting to remove all the dirty stuff. I already took down the old curtain and bed sheets. I'm planning to buy new blinds instead of curtains in time for holidays. Cheap woodweave blinds are now available anyway and I think this is the best time to shop online for Christmas.

Sickness and Treatment

At my age now, I'm becoming more aware of possible sickness and closely watch the diet that I follow everyday. I sometimes experience hard breathing lately but I am not sure though if this is related to any heart problems. And because my parents both died of cancer, I always consult the doctor regularly to check my health condition. Few months ago, I visited my ob-gyne and underwent required several examinations. Waiting for the result seemed to be a lifetime for a patient like me. I was a little bit worried that early signs were developing already without knowing it. I was afraid about the result but I thank God that everything was normal and ultrasound showed nothing. I do not need to undergo any therapy or even mesothelioma treatment. Even if I'm not exposed to asbestos or any other chemicals, I'm still aware about possible sickness I can get like any other individual. Everyone is prone to different kinds of diseases and I'm glad that all the test results fall within the normal range.

an afternoon of style and more

I attended two events last Friday. First, I went to Meralco for an afternoon of style. Meralco reinvented their new website and new Meralco Appliance Calculator (M.A.C). They showed us the new feature and learned many tips and benefits in using M.A.C. Aside from efficiency management, I was able to rediscover about myself too without spending much from my budget.

Second, the campaign for "Help Fight HPV." I became aware of this HPV now. I must admit, I have zero knowledge about this and that event opened up my awareness about the campaign.

Help Fight HPV! Please visit

My entry for Ruby Tuesday.
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Monday, December 6, 2010


Are you looking for affordable holiday packages? Then look no further. I just came upon this site and found a new getaway place that one surely would wish to spend for at least three days and two nights package. How would you love the idea of a vacation with great peace of mind at the heart of the city. Would you love to go shopping, watch concert, sip the best wine or taste the finest accommodation in a the luxury hotel for a very affordable price? Well, you can have that deal for cheap city breaks. Wouldn't it be wonderful for least once in your life, you experienced the best and grandest vacation that you deserve without spending too much. I know this might be a dream for me right now but who knows, I might win the lottery in the next draw. I'll book a vacation right away. Sure, I'll treat all my fellow bloggers and we'll have fun together in the city. I guess we all need a break before the year ends.

Christmas Dinner

While we were having our dinner tonight, my little daughter asked me about our plan and where to spend this coming holidays. Because we're only three to celebrate Christmas in our house, she suggested if we can just go to one of my sisters' house and spend Christmas with them. I thought it would be a good idea but then I cannot just leave the house empty on the day of Christmas. Maybe I should invite them instead and have a simple get together dinner. I'll just prepare buffet dinner and serve traditional ham and cake. Of course, Christmas dinner would not be complete with out chilled white wine. Children will surely be happy by simple exchange gifts. We're planning also to visit the most enchanting park down south. I hope to get a huge discount since we will be going there in troop. Maybe I should start listing down things now and do the shopping to avoid the rush.

Pink Magaline's Christmas Giveaway

Who wouldn't want to have this for Christmas? When I saw this posted in her blog, I said yes and followed the mechanics right away. I would love to win the items below and here's my official entry for Pink Magaline's Christmas Giveaway. Please join now and have the chance to win the following items.

Here are the prizes at stake:

-black Forever 21 tank top
-white Gooey shorts
-Bobbie red nail polish
-Bobbie blue nail polish
-Bobbie green nail polish
-purple vanity kit
-Finess Oil Control Sheet
-Sofeel facial tissue (3 travel packs)
-Nivea Passion Fruit & Milk Proteins soap
-Nivea Strawberry & Milk soap

Plus two items from Pink Magaline's closet that she never used:

-ethnic bracelet
-Forever 21 leaf earrings

Here's the mechanics of the contest:
The more points you earn, the bigger the chance of winning.

1. Follow Pink MagaLine + comment on why you should win this giveaway (1 point)
2. Blog about this giveaway, adding the Pink MagaLine link to your post (plus 1 point).
3. Display the giveaway button to your sidebar (plus 1 point)
4. Add Pink MagaLine to you blog list or link list (plus 1 point)

When you're done with the first step, you still have the another option should you want to get more points by doing 2nd, 3rd and 4th step.

Here are the mechanics for Facebook subscribers (equivalent to 1 point only) Bloggers are also free to do these to get another point.

1. Like the Pink MagaLine page.
2. Share the Pink MagaLine giveaway link.
3. Tag Pink MagaLine together with your shared link.

If you have followed all the rules, comment in her blog contest post and mention the steps that you followed together with your email address.

Please head over now to Pink Magaline's Christmas Giveaway. Who knows you might be the lucky winner to have this fabulous item this Christmas.

This giveaway is extended until December 15, 2010.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cowboy Party Theme

Looks like Christmas Party for mommy bloggers will push through this coming week. Other mommies are finalizing the venue and this will be the first Christmas party for mommy bloggers. Our party theme will be a western cowboy and so we will hold the party in complete cowboy get up. Since Christmas is meant to be a cold weather I can still use ugg boots in any other event. It looks good and I want to get used to wearing this. For my hat and long sleeve, I'll ask some of my fellow mommies where to buy this get up. We're all excited for the coming party. I already blocked off the date and other fellow bloggers also confirmed so there's no other reason to move the scheduled date to another day. So bloggers, prepare your best cowboy attire now. And hey, don't forget your cowboy belt, your gifts and giveaways.

Help Save Baby Ric Andrei

I read this from Kaye's blog this morning and I would like to re-blog this for a worthy cause. My fellow blogger Jade's cousin who is living in Dubai at the moment is in the hospital with her baby because the cousin suffered pre-eclampsia when she was seven months pregnant. The baby was delivered prematurely, and had to be incubated. We hope that through this post, we can secure the help of your kind heart to save the little boy’s life.

Here’s a copy of the letter of the parents to friends and family:

Thank you for those who have prayed, for those who have helped us and who are willing to help us more in the most difficult stage of our life struggling between life and death… Our baby boy Ric Andrei is still fighting in the ICU at Zulekha hospital in Dubai and until now we still don’t have enough money to cover all the expenses which may be up to 1 million in pesos or more… we hope that there are more kindhearted people who will help us and thank you for those who are continuously supporting us…

And we are praying that the baby will be fine sooner…all your prayers are indeed badly needed and any financial assistance even small amount will be a great help for us.

For more details on how to send help, you can read the full post HERE at Jade’s blog.

Thank you so much. Any help would be appreciated. Give love this Christmas and help Save Baby Ric Andrei.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shutters for Bedroom

We were supposed to go out malling today but my energy is just so down that I preferred to sit down in front of computer and finish my task online. The weather is very cooperative today and I can feel fresh and cool wind even if we are living in an urban place. It just says that season for holidays is coming. This also brings my mood to dream of something which I've been longing for a very long time now. I just want to imagine myself in a bed with shutters to keep me feel secured right now. Shutters are best for maximum security and privacy. Definitely I will have a sound and deep sleep too should I have this in my bedroom. This kind of setting in my room is quite stunning and I think this is also perfect for my kids' taste as well.

Help Fight HPV

When I received an invitation about Look Who's Talking the night before the event, I did not think twice about saying yes. As a woman, I felt that this topic needs to be spread widely in the web. Many people are not aware about this HPV, its common cause and misconception about this virus. Yesterday, after listening to the script reading session and information shared by Jennifer T. Co, M.D FPOGS, I became more aware of HPV.

What is HPV?

Cervical Cancer is caused by a virus. This common and highly infectious virus is the HVP.

Approximately, 20 million Americans are currently infected with HPV. Another 6 million people become newly infected each year. HPV is so common that at least 50% of sexually active men and women get it at some point in their lives.

What is genital HPV infection?

Genital human papillomavirus (also called HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). There are more than 40 HPV types that can infect the genital areas of males and females. These HPV types can also infect the mouth and throat. Most people who become infected with HPV do not even know they have it.
More about HVP, its cause, prevention and treatment can be found here.

Although HPV is associated with some of head and neck cancers, most of these cancers are related to smoking and heavy drinking. Visit

A special script reading session and bloggers forum on the risks, threats and and prevention of genital warts were the highlights of the event.

Of course I didn't let the chance pass by without striking a pose with with Boys Night Out Magic 89.9 DJs Slick Rick, Sam YG and Tony Toni. These guys were excellent enough to play their roles in the script. Two thumbs up!
Photo credit: Professional Photographer Nykko Santos

With Staff of MSD (

As a woman, it is just and my great concern to help spread the word. Prevention is better than treatment, right? So prevent the diseases to spread right now. Tips on how to manage or prevent include Abstinence, Doctor Consultation and Improve Immunity.

For more information, please visit their website and Help Fight HPV. Be well, share this to a friend!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nostalgia 29: Souvenir from Blogging

I keep all my press kits, catalogues, magazines and other freebies as souvenir whenever I attend any blog events. The photo below is the magazine that I've won from Eskapo contest last year where I shared my experience during my younger years. It was nostalgic. You can read my entry here.

and the picture behind the story.

My entry for Nostalgia. Please visit other entries for more nostalgic moment. The host of this weekly meme is Beautiful Rose of  Nostalgic Marveling.


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