Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lighting Wall Sconces

I am back to my normal routine. I am almost done cleaning the house. Two days from now and we will be welcoming a new year again. Another year of blessings and challenges to face. I say challenges because of too many pieces of furniture needed to be replaced soon. My washing machine just got broken. It is really such a waste of time in the laundry the whole day instead of doing other tasks, besides, my hand got badly bruised. Anyways, cleaning is such a big breather for me. Now, I am thinking on what to put in my bare wall. I was thinking the other day of framing my cross stitch works that has been in my old box for years now and hang it instead. Upon looking and analyzing what best fits inside my house, I came to think of putting up wall sconces instead. My wall is literally clean and I thought of dressing it up the elegant way. I find peace with a bare wall. Maybe simple lightings will do for me. I hope this coming year brings me enough blessings so I can put everything into reality.

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