Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Party and Blinds

Our Christmas party will push through as scheduled this coming weekend. The party is being organized for free by a fellow blogger and she's still ironing out the details. She's still finalizing the sponsor for the venue. We haven't finalized yet the complete details of the party. We were also told to bring old items to be donated to a chosen foundation. I am thinking today of organizing the old stuffs in the house and bring those to our party. At least we're holding an event like this party for a good cause.

I am multitasking right now. I'm cleaning the house and at the same time pulling out old items which I think have still value especially for less fortunate. I'm actually cleaning everything and starting to remove all the dirty stuff. I already took down the old curtain and bed sheets. I'm planning to buy new blinds instead of curtains in time for holidays. Cheap woodweave blinds are now available anyway and I think this is the best time to shop online for Christmas.

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