Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ainon Mosquito Repellant Patch

Since the day I became aware about dengue, I started searching for products to keep my kids safe from mosquito bites. Good thing there are Ainon products that will keep us worry free these days. Companies like Ainon know the needs of a mother who makes everything to ensure the safety of their children from dengue.

Ainon Mosquito Repellant Patch


  • Made of high polymer non-weave fabric. Non-toxic and No DEET.
  • Uses pure and natural nanometer citronella essential oil.
  • Patches are individually shaped as cute Ainon Babies
  • Uses US 3M Sticker that does not fall off easily
  • Attaches on clothes, pants, crib, stroller or any material
  • Repels mosquitoes and bugs within 1 cubic meter area for more or less 72 hours
  • Safe, NO harmful side effects
  • Convenient to use and bring anywhere (ideal for traveling, outing and camping)


  • Peel off the patch from its backing and attach on a clean and dry area of clothing or item
  • Do not stick on the skin
  • After opening, keep unused patches sealed in its resealable pouch to maintain product effectiveness

Other Products from Ainon



  • 35 sheets of bio-degradable wipes
  • Made of woven fabric
  • Hypo allergenic with green tea extract that is safe for baby's sensitive skin
  • Handy and ideal for moms on the go

Ainon Baby Superfine Cotton Buds


  • Cottonbuds with superfine tips that is ideal for babies' small nostrils, ears and belly buttons; ideals for adults too.
  • Safe and eco-friendly-no flourescent and with paper stems
  • Buds do not come off from the stem
  • Available at 200pcs/400 tips per pack


  1. Already posted the same thing. Hihi.

  2. i'm interested with the mosquito patch. sound effective an you don't have to apply (stinky lotion )to repel mosquitos, nice!

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  3. Done with my post, too, and grabbed your picture here. Thanks, ha! I mentioned that my picture of the mosquito patch came from you. Salamat!


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