Sunday, December 5, 2010

Help Save Baby Ric Andrei

I read this from Kaye's blog this morning and I would like to re-blog this for a worthy cause. My fellow blogger Jade's cousin who is living in Dubai at the moment is in the hospital with her baby because the cousin suffered pre-eclampsia when she was seven months pregnant. The baby was delivered prematurely, and had to be incubated. We hope that through this post, we can secure the help of your kind heart to save the little boy’s life.

Here’s a copy of the letter of the parents to friends and family:

Thank you for those who have prayed, for those who have helped us and who are willing to help us more in the most difficult stage of our life struggling between life and death… Our baby boy Ric Andrei is still fighting in the ICU at Zulekha hospital in Dubai and until now we still don’t have enough money to cover all the expenses which may be up to 1 million in pesos or more… we hope that there are more kindhearted people who will help us and thank you for those who are continuously supporting us…

And we are praying that the baby will be fine sooner…all your prayers are indeed badly needed and any financial assistance even small amount will be a great help for us.

For more details on how to send help, you can read the full post HERE at Jade’s blog.

Thank you so much. Any help would be appreciated. Give love this Christmas and help Save Baby Ric Andrei.

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  1. oh my...hope madami ang mag donate....I knew the feeling...Akesha was 7 month early and she stayed in the NICU for 5 was devastating...glad we have insurance.


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