Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Island Vacation

I received an email today about a vacation offering a big discount. I have been blogging about vacation lately but this one just caught my attention. The cottages are so tempting as attached in my email. Too many choices of vacation whichever you want for a break. I wish I can book myself right now but thinking about other tasks plus the budget makes me sigh and wish I have all the means to grab this offer. Holiday in a cottage is so tempting. For one travel enthusiast, such offer is one great vacation that he/she surely wouldn't want to miss. I wish I could share it here now. You sure will be amazed by the view too. The kind of privacy and peacefulness in one of the cottages are just so inviting. I can only dream of living there permanently because I am sure, I won't be going back home once I set my foot on the island. By just looking at the picture, a three days/two nights stay is not even enough for a package.


  1. woohoooo vacation!!! i want one sana kaso I cant go without husband :P wahahahahh!!! :))

  2. napaka-gregarious ko talaga. nahulog ako don ah. convincing ka talagang magsulat. D: lahat kasi tayo gusto ng mga travel packages na ganyan. lalo na kung


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